The Bachelors Of Wilson County

Mark Harrison

Age: 22Mark Harrison

Current Residence: Lebanon, TN.

Occupation: Student.

Your Connection to Wilson County: I play soccer at Cumberland University.

What’s the strongest thing that initially attracts you to a woman? Looks.

What is something that let’s you know she’s a keeper? She will let you watch football (soccer) anytime with no complaints.

Any pets? Miniature schnauzer called Rory.

Biggest turn-on with opposite sex/turn-off ? Turn-on: Sense of humor, Turnoff : Self-obsessed.

What’s your best quality? The charm 🙂

What’s the best thing you have to offer in a relationship? Full of surprises.

Meal you could never live without: Indian Curry.

What can you cook: Give me a cook book and the world is my oyster.

Are you more of a dreamer or practical? Bit of both.

Favorite Actress: Megan Fox.

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