The Bachelors Of Wilson County

Shannon Self

Age: 34

Occupation: Owner of a social media consulting firm.Shannon Self

Your Connection to Wilson County: Worked as a youth minister at Long Hollow Baptist, where many people from Lebanon attend church.

What’s the strongest thing that initially attracts you to a woman? Smile, because no matter what happens, her smile will always be there.

What is something that lets you know she’s a keeper? After I open the car door for her and as I walk around she reaches over and opens my door from the inside.

Any pets? Not right now, but I love dogs.

Favorite activity to do on a date? Dinner, then walking around the Parthenon.

What is the biggest turn on when it comes to a woman? Having a heart for other people.

What’s your best quality? That I really care about people more than myself.

What’s the best thing you have to offer in a relationship? Communication skills.

Meal you could never live without: Italian.

Dream vacation: Atlantis in Nassau Bahamas.

If you were on a game show-any game show – what would be the one you think you would go on as a contestant, and ultimately win? I think I would win Who wants to be a Millionaire because I have a ton of very smart friends…

Do you collect anything? Athletic shoes.

Where do you see yourself in life in 5 years? On the golf course.

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