The Bachelors Of Wilson County


Jeff Gains

Age: 50
Current Residence: Lebanon, TN.Jeff Gains
Occupation: Personal Trainer.
What’s the strongest thing that initially attracts you to a woman? Attractiveness. Looks.
What is something that let’s you know she’s a keeper? If she is a good listener that doesn’t have to talk too much about herself.
Favorite activity to do on a date? Going on a jog at a park together on a nice day.
What’s your best quality? Very honest.
Meal you could never live without: A good burger.
What can you cook? A lot of stuff , I’m a pretty good cook.
Favorite tv show you are currently addicted to: Madmen.
Are you more of a dreamer or practical? Practical.
If you were on a game show-any game show-what would be the one you think you would go on as a contestant, and ultimately win? Survivor.
Do you collect anything? I keep silver coins when I find them.
Favorite Actress: Katherine Heigl.
Favorite Quote: “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…” Matthew 7:12.

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