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…one last thing May-June 2016

By Angel Kane

Behind every successful woman should be a tribe of women who have her back.

“Having it all”  – probably the most analyzed topic of my generation. Scores of columns and books have been written about it. Television dramas have been built around it.  Oprah, undoubtedly, made her fortune by exhausting this subject day in and day out.

From mommy wars to glass ceilings, the point has been belabored for years.

But there is talk and there is real life. And in real life, we do what we need to do to make things work.

At 45, I’m part of Generation X. Our mothers were at the forefront of the fight for equality in the 60’s and 70’s. They went into the workforce at numbers never seen before. Graduated from college at rates higher than the men of their generation and then went on to join successful companies and later built their own. They became leaders and warriors not only at work but in their communities. They learned by trial and error.

We all did. Many of us were the latch key kids. Our mothers preaching that we would one day see the benefit of the trails they were blazing, our young minds not able to comprehend what all this talk was truly about.

FullSizeRender (4)A few Sundays back, many of the ladies in town with whom I often work, got together to celebrate one of our own. Carolyn Christoffersen, the newly sworn in City Judge for Mt. Juliet, is expecting baby number four! A room full of “lady lawyers” who often go to battle against each other gathered to celebrate one of our success stories.

Carolyn and her husband, Marcus, are the proud parents of three beautiful boys and baby boy, Elijah, will make it four. A successful real estate lawyer in Mt. Juliet and now the City Judge presiding over court one night each week, Carolyn, is the product of our mother’s (and father’s) hard work.

As little girls, our generation was taught we could do anything. We quickly became aware there would be sacrifices. Having it all wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Nevertheless, like our mothers and because of our mothers, we forged ahead, but this time, a little differently. Our generation having realized that on the road to having it all, there happen to be quite a few divergent paths worthy of our time and effort.

Sometimes on the way to a dream you get lost and find a better one.

No doubt, little boys and girls can both grow up to be whatever their heart desires. But to have it all takes a community. You need a spouse willing to drive carpool when you can’t. You need co-workers who’ll pick up the slack IMG_4617when you’re out on a field trip with your youngest. You need neighbors to cook for you when your parents are in the hospital and you need a church family to pray for you when you are at your lowest and highest.
As women, our generation has realized that we are not interested in competing with other women, instead we hope that we all can make it.

From the women who have chosen to stay home full-time, to the moms who have formed careers around school schedules, to the women who work 60 plus hours a week building their dreams, we can all have it all. We can all make it.

And make it we have. These lady lawyers are smartest and toughest ladies I am honored to know. And when they are not IMG_1878building businesses, arguing cases, representing clients or making new law, they are planning weddings, teaching bible studies, coaching soccer, volunteering at community events, traveling the world and raising the next generation.

We are all on the road together and when we support each other along the road, incredible things can and do happen.

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…ONE LAST THING Nov-Dec 2015

By Becky Andrews

It’s hard to believe that this issue marks our eighth holiday issue! What started as a simple idea Angel shared with me in the summer of 2008 has grown into the perfect outlet to share the people, places and things that make Wilson County THE place to live to experience the good life. Thank you for taking the time to read each issue!

When it comes to the holidays, there’s several distinctive personalities. But two types stand out.  The first is the Martha Stewart decorating, Batali baking, perfect Elf on the Shelf scene making, lover of any and all things holiday.

The second wants to throat punch the person I just described. They shop last minute, avoid big parties and mostly, keep a low profile from Thanksgiving until New Year’s. Direct descendant of Ebenezer Scrooge? Don’t go judging. While the holidays can be full of good cheer, love and celebrations, this time of year can also induce an extreme amount of stress. So be kind and accommodating to friends and family who fall into the second personality. Give them a free pass on turning down a dinner or party invite. Your understanding may be their favorite gift this season.

If time teaches us anything it’s that it goes on. Our kids will grow out of toddlerhood. Our parents and grandparents may stop decorating for Christmas. No matter how your holiday traditions evolve over the years, as long as it’s spent with family and friends, you ARE living the good life.


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…one last thing July August 2015

What does healthy living look like to you?

Becky Andrews

Whether you subscribe to the practices of Western or Eastern medicine, to experience healing creates an awareness and appreciation once absent. Summer seems to be the optimal time to heal; physically or emotionally. When you choose to live a healthier life, you are healing. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t always look the same for everyone. Some farm honeybees, create environmentally safe soaps or preserve the timeless sound of vintage guitars as a way of sustaining the world for the next generation.

At one point or another, we all need healing. The word healing comes from the Anglo-Saxon word haelen, which means to make whole, creating the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. One common effect of healing is a reduction in stress and anxiety, which in turn positively impacts our bodies in many ways.

Speaking of stress… three years ago my dad started requiring more care. My siblings and I adjusted to a new normal. We soldiered on, often ending conversations discussing dad’s latest health report with, “Love you. Remember, it could be worse.” (((I think it’s called survival mode.)))

One day a few months ago, I’d had it. Not with dad, with myself.  I can’t control his illness or how well my son does on his college entrance exam or the weather. I can, however, change my reaction to stress- inducing situations. For too long I relied on the power of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey to find my Zen. So I started researching the practice of transcendental meditation. A few months after that first inquiry into TM, I’m making the effort to meditate daily.

Taking the time to meditate has also served as the catalyst for a few changes we’ve made as a family. With two active boys participating in a variety of sports, school and church activities, I see the importance of keeping them involved and the impact it has on them. However, hectic schedules mean very little uninterrupted family time. So in the spirit of getting healthy we’ve adopted another habit that’s made a huge impact. Family dinners at the table twice a week. Sounds simple and I’m sure some would say two nights isn’t a big deal. This is just a start. We may go up from there.

The articles in this issue are all written by people who have in some way engaged themselves in a cause—their cause to usher in a new way of living a healthier lifestyle. They freely share their viewpoint and passion. I encourage you to do the same. Whether it’s the food you and your family use to nourish your bodies or the political climate of your state and our nation or making time for daily prayer or meditation, there is room for each person to define their position, contribute to their cause and make a difference. And the end result is positive because it makes life better for all. Be Involved. You’ll be glad you did.

Until next time, keep reading!

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…one last thing May/June 2015


By Angel Kane

A feeling of both melancholy and excitement has prevailed in the Kane household for the last year. Senior year has been upon us and upon many other families that we’ve grown up with and close to for the last 18 plus years.

Each month, each memory, each minute has been cherished like no other, knowing that our job (at least for now) is done. Hoping we taught her all the right lessons, while wishing we had often set a better example.

There has been so much I have wanted to say to her, teach her, show her this last year, all the while understanding that the real lessons in life will come from figuring it out on her own.

And yet, if she were to indulge me, I’d write it all down for her, place a copy in her suitcase and hope that when she came to that fork in the road, she’d pull out my map of lessons learned and they’d help guide her home.


  1. follow site SAY YES! This is your time, say yes to it. Say yes, to staying up all night, eating fattening foods and laughing with friends until tears stream down your face. Say yes, to unknown places, unknown people, unknown ways of thinking. Say yes to opportunities that make no sense, jobs you may not think you’ll like, invitations to events you’d rather not attend. Say yes to roller coasters, dancing on tables, foods you can’t pronounce, trips that consist of only a backpack and a map. Take in all the Yes moments, as those are the ones that’ll teach who you are and who you’re not.
  1. SAY NO! Follow your instincts and if you feel the word No deep within your gut, then be sure to shout it out, as loudly as you can! You’ll be amazed how strong that word can make you feel. Never do anything that feels wrong, hurts others or hurts yourself. There is no shame in not joining with the crowd but there is no greater shame than knowing you did something you can’t be proud of. The word No can be the loneliest word in the world and yet you will grow to be the person you are meant to be, more so in the No moments, than even in the Yes moments.
  1. enter site MISTAKES HAPPEN. No one is perfect and those who profess to be are usually the most flawed. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, the kind that still make me cringe. Don’t dwell on them though. So you said it, did it, meant it at the time and now know to never do it again. Admit it, accept it and move on. Believe me, there is always someone that will follow, that’ll earn an even bigger headline than you did.
  1. SAY I enter M SORRY. I’ve learned this little gem after almost two decades of practicing law. I see it every day. People can save themselves so many headaches and heartaches by saying two simple words – I’m sorry. Say it and mean it. If the person doesn’t accept it, then show them you mean it. If they still can’t forgive you then know that some things can’t be forgiven but forgive yourself and do better next time.
  1. MARRY THE NICE GUY. Boys, boys boys! There are lots out there and you will meet many. Some will have country club credentials, others will be cocky and crazed, some will be stupid and mean but look past all of them and find the nice guy sitting back, taking it all in. Your friends will all like him, your Mother will adore him, your Dad will respect him, he’ll love you even on your meanest, fattest, ugliest of days because he only sees the you, you are meant to be. Marrying a nice guy means a life filled with very few worries. He will always treat you as his equal, he will always work just as hard as you will to make your dreams come true, he will always be as kind to you as he is to others.
  1. NEVER SAY THE WORDS – I WANT TO MARRY A DOCTOR OR LAWYER. Instead be the lawyer, doctor, teacher, social worker or x-ray tech! If I’ve taught you anything, I hope it’s been that girls can do anything. You are smart, composed and brave. Education is more than just learning, it’s the power to create your own destiny.
  1. THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS NO, UNLESS YOU ASK. Believe me, I know it’s hard to ask people for a job, a favor, a piece of advice but you’ll be amazed by what you will learn if you just ask. And then never forget to pay it forward. People are going to help you along the way which means that one day you will be tasked with returning those favors, two-fold, to someone less fortunate.
  1. PICK YOUR TEAM. Nothing gets your old Mom more worked up than people who don’t pick their team. Not everyone will be on your team and not everyone will pick you for their team, but don’t ever sit on the fence. Pick your team and then fight for that team. Stay loyal, be relentless, stay informed, this is your world and if you don’t take a stand for it, then you can’t complain about it.
  1. BE KIND, WORK HARD, LAUGH OFTEN. If you remember nothing else please remember these three things. Be kind to everyone you meet, even your enemies because it’s never about them, but about you. Be kind to people from all walks of life, because, but for a few wrong choices or a few unlucky breaks, you could be them. Work hard. Nothing in life comes easy. You have to work for it, you have to work sometimes till the words on the paper become blurry and your bones become sore. You will come to find, however, that there is no better feeling than accomplishing a goal you earned on your own. Then Laugh. Enjoy this world, laugh out loud, smile, giggle, be funny and have fun. A good laugh can make even the worst of days, worst of experiences, worst of situations, 1000 times better.

And above all else, now is the time to close your eyes and jump!

You may tumble and fall but eventually you’ll stand on your own two feet and those same feet will one day carry you home.

Angel Kane can be reached at


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One Last Thing – January-February 2015



For last year’s words belong to last year’s language

And next year’s words await another voice.

And to make an end is to make a beginning.

-TS Eliot


It’s 2015! The beginning of a brand new year brings an air of positivity. A feeling of LET’S DO THIS!! 

And yet, we do the same thing every year: we make resolutions. We make resolutions to NOT make resolutions. We break both.

Is it worth setting the same goals, year after year, if we know before starting that they are already doomed? Absolutely! It’s time to close the chapter on 2014 and give 2015 its own storyline! Yes, you may fail at losing 50 pounds or paying off your credit card. But if you try new ways to make those changes, you just might succeed this time, or better yet… have fun trying!

Sometimes a simple change can yield the most happiness. Here’s a few that’s on our list for 2015.

1.      Stop being so social! Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest. They are all here to stay. It’s part of society’s fabric. But just like consuming alcohol or sweets, you should make a commitment to using social media in moderation.

           Because don’t you find that sometimes we are so busy getting the perfect Instagram shot, we miss the moment? Make a Commitment to be in the moment. Be part of the party, not just the person taking the photo of the party. (And then be sure to post a photo or two of your having fun once the fun is done…because there’s no harm in sharing.)

2.      Stop working… so much! Whether working at the office, at the store or from home, it’s always tempting to get that extra bit of work done.  Unless it’s truly urgent, force yourself to stop at a normal hour, let yourself relax, and enjoy the evening.

           Once you get back to the routine of not always being “on” for work, you’ll find that all the flavor of life is right there before your eyes… that messy house, that crazy dog, those outrageously funny kids. If you don’t have a specific work project that genuinely needs to be completed over a weekend, don’t check your work email.  In most cases, you’re just opening yourself up to stress that you likely won’t be able to resolve until normal working hours anyway.

3.      Take a break for exercise. Okay, so now you’ve found some ‘me’ time, but it’s still not enough time to go to the gym or meet with a personal trainer.  Your life is still too hectic.  However, everyone can give themselves 30 minutes a day for exercise, even it’s just taking a walk to clear your head. 

           If you’re not a walker, do yoga poses at home.  No exercise is too small or too trivial.  Just make sure you are DOING something for 30 minutes a day, every day.  No exceptions. And if you are like you know who (that would be Angel!), then find someone to exercise with (that would be our resident exercise guru Becky!) and commit to motivate each other to MOVE! You’ll be absolutely amazed how good it will make you feel.

4.      Reconnect. This year, make a commitment to reconnect with old friends or family members.  Make time for a lunch or coffee, book a flight for a weekend visit, or if you don’t have time for physical meetings, at least call and talk on the phone a while (yes, phones for talking do still exist)! This will not only be good for your soul, but good for your physical health, too. 

5.      Enjoy Life. This is it, folks. There are no do overs. Last year is long gone and all the What if’s, Should of’s, and Could of’s unfortunately can’t be found again. But 2015 is wide open. You’ve been given another chance to do it, say it, experience it and be it. Learn from your failures, your broken resolutions and that nagging feeling you had when you didn’t DO IT and then missed out.

So here’s to the start of your 2015 story. Make it the beginning of something beautiful.

Until next time, keep reading!


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Wilson Liiving Magazine Crew - at The Art Mill In Mt. Juliet

Notes From The Editor

Wilson Liiving Magazine Crew - at The Art Mill In Mt. JulietWell, I’m writing this note to you in the middle of high autumn. The transition from October into November is quite possibly the most magical time of year, weather wise.

It’s a near guarantee—you’ll have crisp  temps, crisp leaves underfoot, crisp blazers coming out of the winter closet, and a general feeling of snappiness in everything you do. But what’s really exciting about this transition is the fact that it’s taking you someplace specific: straight into the arms of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanksgiving is absolutely my favorite holiday—no, wait, Christmas really is. No, Thanksgiving. Tied, let’s say. But this year I’m pretty much doubly excited about both of them, and even the dreariness of January and February isn’t going to catch me sunawares.

Here’s why: I’m expecting a little bundle of joy in March of 2015. Even better, my schedule of baby-baking is timed exactly so that just as the weather grows colder, the belly will be expanding proportionally.  Bingo. Extra layer. This means that throughout the entire progress of this winter, I’ll have a perfectly sized personal heater at my disposal.

Do you know how exciting this is? I don’t know if you remember last inter, but I do. I remember it the way we all remember trauma in our lives: a haze of gray, a chill right down into my shoulders, something about a polar vortex, school’s out (again) and cars stranded in driveways. Not even Starbucks would have saved us last winter (although I have to admit, something about the Starbucks arriving in Lebanon has made me feel armed for the season in a new way; it’s like I just bought a pair of winter boots).

So here I am, facing the cold season again with a heightened sense of excitement and invincibility. Let the storm rage on! Just like Elsa (but for different reasons) I’ll be ready to take everything in stride, warmed to the core by the tiny human in my belly. I’m enjoying the changing season for another reason, too, though. Wilson Living Magazine is a great place to be for seasonal aficionados. Getting my feet wet with WLM has been a fantastic opportunity to anticipate the cool weather and two-bestholidays even earlier than usual.

We’ve been up to our elbows in Thankgsiving recipes (check out Brandi Lyndsey’s mouth-watering contributions); gifts galore (Becky put together the 2014 guide for this issue that is to die for); cool artisan handiwork (nothing like cool weather to make a barn sale sound good); gift wrap jobs that literally look too pretty to unwrap (Elizabeth Sruggs strikes again); and scrumptious interiors already decked out for Christmas (the Bruces were overachievers and got theirs up pretty early for us).

I’m not the only one new to Wilson Living and swimming in holiday cheer. Jennifer Whitener, our new Marketing Director, has been tirelessly working to help bring you the best Wilson Living Holiday Expo yet. This year the free event will be spreading out and getting comfy at the Wilson County Fairgrounds. Mark your calendars: November 20-22. And don’t forget the Light up the Night GALA! You’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again: this is one party (Thursday night; tickets at wilsonlivingexpo. com) that shouldn’t be missed. 

Jennifer and I have been working hard together under the watchful eyes and maternal wings of Angel and Becky, and (who are we kidding?) we’ll probably all be having our weekly board meetings (an inch of gossip for every foot of productivity; I’ll put it that way) for some time to come. 

Our most recent meeting was more of a party—a painting party, in fact—at Scott Harris’ Art Mill in Mt. Juliet. That’s where we snapped this picture of the four of us. And we’re not the only ones! This month, one lucky reader will get to paint their own holiday masterpiece with a friend. Enter to win at

In the meantime, we continue to bring you a great product with the greatest of pleasure.

Thanks for turning the page,


notes from the Managing Editor

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Notes from the Founders

It’s here! Our favorite time of the year.

Though summer is always a close second,there is something that feels so good about a comfortable routine and that’s what fall brings – school days, football games, family holidays and the WLM Holiday Expo, of course!

Going into our 6th year, the Wilson Living Magazine Holiday Expo has moved locations to accommodate even more vendors and fun! Scheduled for three days, the event will kick off with our Sneak Peek “Light Up The Night” GALA on Thursday, November 20th, a ticketed evening event at the James Ag Ward Center in Lebanon. This year the famous Chamber Christmas Lights will be turned on exclusively for our guests, a week before everyone else gets to see them! The GALA will include great music, food and all sorts of holiday goodies with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Lebanon/Wilson County Chamber’s Education Fund.

And then on Friday, November 21st and Saturday, November 22nd, the shopping extravaganza will once again be FREE to the public with over 100 vendors in four buildings. Food truck vendors will be set up with hot chocolate and all sorts of tasty treats, Santa will be ready for photos and live holiday music will be performed throughout the weekend. Breakfast with Santa will also be part of the event, once again this year catered by Wildberry Catering. The WLM Holiday Expo has become this area’s kickoff to the holiday season and we couldn’t be more thrilled about our new venue and all the new folks we’ve added to help make the bigger event go off without a hitch. Read all about what’s new at the Expo on … and then be sure to save the date!

Also this issue, be sure to meet one of our newest WLM ladies. After seven years of growing Wilson Living Magazine, we decided it was time to hand over the reigns…or some of them at least. Truthfully, she is going to have to slowly pry them from our hands…but we are taking the big leap!

Interestingly, Tilly found us. A well appointed email as to why we needed her set it all in motion and we couldn’t be more excited to have added another lady to our fun group. Most people who know us, comment on how different Becky and I are, which is one of the reasons the magazine really works. Tilly brings out the best in both of us. She is enthusiastic with a vibrant spirit and ready to join in on all our local happenings, but she also has a professional background in writing as well as being the former editor of the Macon County Times. We are sure you are all going to love her as much as we do. She officially takes over with our November issue but for now, you can read all about her in “Finding Your Piece of the Good Life.”

And while change is always good, there is something comforting about well written, uplifting stories about your neighbors. And that’s what WLM is all about. When Becky and I conceived WLM with our friend Mary Beard, we wanted our content to focus on celebrating the good life we had found right here in the heart of Middle Tennessee. We are proud that all these years later, our mission is still going strong and has expanded to include other counties whose citizens share the same passion.

The future for our area and our little magazine that celebrates it, is wide open and we can’t wait to see what the road ahead looks like.

Until next time, keep reading…

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  • Angel Kane & Becky Andrews – Co-Editors
  • Denise Moore & Bess Anne Warren – Advertising Consultants
  • Amy Rich, Donna Neely, Jana Pastors, Ken Beck & Dan Kane – Photography
  • Donna Neeley – Creative Art Design & Production
  • Carrie Tomlin, Mary Anne Ferrell – Advertising Design
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Notes from the Founders


It’s hard to believe that in just a few weeks the kids will be back in school. So before that happens ask yourself these questions:

What memories did you create?

What special moments will you look back on?

If you haven’t made any yet, the good news is, there’s still time! Sometimes we just need a reminder to take action. Consider yourself reminded.

Now onto our very special summer issue.

Wilson County residents, Brandon and Linlee Allen shared some special family moments with us during our cover shoot this month. The Allens hosted the 2014 Patrons’ Party, Cumberland University’s premiere fundraising event that precedes the Phoenix Ball. Turn to page 16 to meet the Allen family and check out their beautiful home.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know we are in the middle of a very important election season. In fact, early voting begins on July 18. If you want change, there’s no better way to start than voting in your local elections. Not to say our presidential and congressional elections aren’t important, but understanding your local government is the first step to better understanding all levels of government. To commemorate elections, we created a link that gives you an opportunity to learn about candidates and cast a mock vote for your choice. See how your candidates fare on

Residents of Wilson County and its neighbors breathed a sigh of relief when word quickly spread that Lebanon treasure, Snow White Drive-In, would not be demolished. Instead Snow White owner, Billy Wyatt and staff will continue serving up signature dishes and desserts a lot of us grew up with. This good news made Snow White the perfect feature for “Living in the Past.”

In 2011, the first of the baby boom generation reached 65 years old. Since then analysts with AARP (American Association of Retired People) say for the next 18 years baby boomers will be turning 65 at a rate of 8,000 per day. This could be one reason there’s been an influx of adult residential developments popping up across the country. One of those developments is Del Webb Lake Providence in Mt. Juliet. While Del Webb amenities rival five star resorts, residents are serious about giving back to the community by volunteering. In fact, Del Webb’s Lake Providence volunteers have been awarded the President’s Volunteer Servicemaward three times. Learn more about our Del Webb neighbors on page 26.

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot in Wilson County these days. A few weeks ago, Lebanon resident, entrepreneur and star of TNT reality series “Private Lives of Nashville Wives,” Tina Brady, launched her hand crafted jewelry line, Music City Bling.

Since then, MCB has become a hot commodity among bling lovers across the country. Tina was kind enough to share fun facts about her new venture and gives readers a sneak peek at some of her creations in this issues’ Style & Trends section.

So have a seat, put your feet up and enjoy this very special issue.

Until next time, keep reading!


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  • Angel Kane & Becky Andrews – Co-Editors
  • Erin Brown, Denise Moore & Bess Anne Warren – Advertising Consultants
  • Ken Beck, Dan Kane, Jana Pastors, Donna Neeley & Amy Rich – Photography
  • Donna Neeley – Creative Art Design & Production
  • Carrie Tomlin, Mary Anne Ferrell – Advertising Design
  • Shelley Satterfield – Accounts
  • Ken Beck, Dr Roy Harris, Randy Rudder, Sue Siens, Tiffany Cunningham, Amelia Morrison Hipps, Brody Kane, Sabrina Garrett,  Elizabeth Scruggs, Amber Hurdle – Contributing Writers
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Founders Notes – May June 2014


Welcome to our May/June issue – one of our favorites! By the time this issue rolls around, the sun is finally out again, trees are blooming and every one just seems happier.

And why wouldn’t they be, school is almost out, summer vacation plans are in the works and wedding invitations are plentiful.

This issue we did something WLM has never done before, we put a groom on the Cover and chose two very different Cover options! An idea presented to us by our friend and Guest Creative Director of the WLM Bridal Issue, Scott Harris. Scott lent us his eyes this issue as we wanted to re-invent our annual wedding issue. We can’t thank him enough for helping us think outside the box.

If there is anything you want to know about weddings – WLM has you covered this issue with our Wedding Resource Guide. It’s a keeper, so whether your wedding is coming up or hasn’t been planned yet, you will want to keep this issue and read it over and over as the big day approaches.

And while weddings are wonderful, we are not only covering weddings this issue. We are packed full with articles by our fantastic writers. You won’t want to miss meeting your neighbors, the Austermillers, who have just moved into their newly renovated home. Their pictures are out of this world – – probably because their house is!

While we are on the subject of new construction, have you seen the new Joy Church? Joy Church started out less than a decade ago as a small church in Mt. Juliet and this year the church moved into their multi-million dollar facility on Lebanon Road. Be sure to read our Q & A about it.

And that’s just the beginning, we have great articles, great old photos and some great proposal stories to share with you. It was a real joy working on this issue and we can’t wait for you to flip through the pages.

Don’t forget you can also flip through on-line at under our digital edition tab.

So get to flippin’… until next time, keep reading!


Email Angel at or Becky at


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  • Angel Kane & Becky Andrews – Co-Editors
  • Erin Brown & Denise Moore – Advertising Consultants
  • Scott Harris – Guest Creative Director
  • Ken Beck, Dan Kane, Jana Pastors, Donna Neeley & Amy Rich – Photography
  • Donna Neeley – Creative Art Design & Production
  • Carrie Tomlin, Mary Anne Ferrell – Advertising Design
  • Shelley Satterfield – Accounts
  • Ken Beck, Dr Roy Harris, Randy Rudder, Sue Siens, Tiffany Cunningham, Amelia Morrison Hipps, Brody Kane, Sabrina Garrett,  Elizabeth Scruggs, Amber Hurdle & Erin Brown – Contributing Writers
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