hit the ground RUNNING

back to school fashion for teens and adults

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This shoot was a partner project with all the following boutiques at Historic Lebanon Square: Classy Chics, Dreams Boutique, Hadley and Finn / Southern Swank, High Cotton, Major Love, Pink Cactus, Posh, and Wilkie’s. A big thank you to all of our models, volunteers, and boutique partners!

Photographer: Caitlin Steva Photography (www.caitlinstevaphotography.com)

click here Location: The Cedar’s Preparatory Academy

Makeup and hair for pre-teen , teen, and adult women: Beauty Boutique and Locks and Lashes

go to link Models: Jacob Andrews, Mackey Bentley, Spencer Burge, Trevor Clay, Jenna Clay, Kaid Clay, Mikey Jones, Zoe Kane, Chaz Lowe, Chayton Lowe, Stephanie Morgan, Mia Scruggs, Macy Scruggs, Laura Tidwell.



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Do I move you?

Spring/Summer 2015 is all about freedom… to stretch your limbs and go


We’re done with all that: sucking it in, tottering around helplessly on a spindle-thin heel, tucking our chins against the cold… Now that the ground has thawed, we have this urge to take some Amazonian strides and get somewhere. So this season we’ll only be wearing things that will help us move forward (instead of slowing us down).



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go to site Credits

For this piece, we partnered with Kalina Neely, Nashville style blogger with Topknotted.com. We featured items from favorite local boutiques: Southern Swank, Dreams Boutique, and Pink Cactus.


Blogger and model: Kalina Neely of Topknotted

Website: www.topknotted.com

Instagram Handle: @top.knotted


Photographer: Chelsea Rochelle of Chelsea Rochelle Photography

Website: http://www.chelsearochelle.com

Instagram Handle: @chelsearoc


Hair/Makeup Artist: Katie Kendall of Beauty by K2

Website: http://www.beautybyk2.com

Instagram Handle: @beautybyk2



Look 1:

Jersey jumpsuit, Dreams Boutique. Lace kimono, Dreams Boutique.

Look 2:

Striped skirt, Pink Cactus. Gray mesh top, Dreams Boutique.

Look 3:

Tunic dress with pocket detail, Southern Swank.

Look 4:

White slip dress, Southern Swank.

Look 5:

Grey sweatshirt with sleeve detail, Pink Cactus.

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Behind the Scenes: 2015 Wedding Shoot

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Tina Brady


By Becky Andrews

It’s been a busy year for Lebanon resident, Tina Brady. For starters, her son, Rush, is getting married and daughter Mia,will be moving to Chicago soon to begin her first year in college. Then there’s managing her home, that includes caring for a menagerie of pets, spending quality time with her husband of nearly 30 years, Dr. Stan Brady, the list goes on and on. Lets not forget the TV show either. Early in the year, Tina, along with six other powerful women living and working in Middle Tennessee, starred in the first season of TNT reality series Private Lives of “Nashville Wives”. Now after years of creating her own signature style, Tina decided to launch Music City Bling, a collection of custom jewelry and clothing she designs. Recently, Tina took time out of her hectic schedule to share details about “Private Lives” (Will there be a second season?!) and gives tips on how you can get your “Swanky Southern Style” on.

Tina Brady Tina Brady

Wilson Living Magazine: What inspired you to start your own line of accessories?

Tina Brady: I have a certain signature style. So many people have commented on the jewelry and accessories that I personally wear so I thought there was a niche for my sort of “blingy” over the top kind of fashion!

WLM: How are your distributing the line? Retail shops, private parties?

go site TB: My line is distributed solely at this time through the internet, specifically through my online store, www.music-city-bling.myshopify.com

WLM: How involved are you in the process?

TB: I’m totally involved in every step. I select all the jewelry and design the custom pieces myself. I name all of my pieces, write the descriptions, and I do a portion of the photography. I do have a fulfillment center that packages and ships all my orders. I love to blog about my style, fashion and jewelry and everything you see on my website, I have personally written. I can’t wait to share more with you soon.

WLM: What are your favorite pieces?

TB: My limited edition pieces. The bigger the better, my statement necklaces are a huge hit. Statement necklaces are shouting out loud once more. With just a short absence from the trend scene, a big bold necklace is a key piece to make your looks ‘larger than life’. They can be a well-planned accessory worn to an event to induce conversation. Mine sure do, and boy, it’s a lot of fun! I recently donated one of my favorite pieces, “Opening Night” to be auctioned off at Cumberland University’s Phoenix Ball. Several of my pieces were recently worn on stage at CMA fest!

WLM: You recently starred in TNT’s new reality series, “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” which has a huge following. What’s the status of a second season?

TB: I had a hoot with the cast and filming the show! Jenny is the first one that nicknamed me ‘The Queen of Bling’ it fit perfectly with my plan for my jewelry and accessories! Right now, there has been no official word from the network about Season 2 but no news is good news. We did hear that Australian television is going to run Season 1 again. We’re all hopeful and we’ll see what happens! I can say that we (the cast) are closer than ever and we’re doing a benefit for Agape Animal Rescue at the Hutton Hotel at the end of July!

WLM: Speaking of Private Lives, how did that happen?

TB: My family and I were vacationing at the Portofino Hotel in Orlando a few years ago and we happened to ‘be in the right place at the right time’… There were several casting agents at the hotel who happened to ‘notice’ me and my family. When they approached me, I was not interested but after thinking about it I decided to contact them when we got back home. One of the Executive Producers flew in for a weekend to hang with us. He loved my style, our home, our animals- He said that TNT would love for us to be part of their family… After that, game on! We had fun with the cameras – My moments were fun, not stressful at all! We filmed lots of blonde moments and had fun with the cameras riding and jumping my horses. After that, the network offered me a contract and we filmed Season 1.

WLM: How was the experience being on a reality TV?

TB: It was a blast. I loved being a part of the cast. It was an amazing experience and as a bonus, I had my own ‘show’ on WANT FM with my fabulous and fun friend, morning personality MJ Lucas. Each week we would have a live segment on the radio recapping the previous week. My favorite segment was having the twins, Ana and Betty on and having my buddy Delaine bring in a live piglet as a surprise. It was a hoot.

WLM: What is the most wonderful thing that’s happened as a result of starting your own line?

TB: Wow, I would have to say the wonderful support and interest in the jewelry that I designed and selected to be a part of my line. It’s so gratifying to know that there’s a whole wide world of ‘bling lovers’ out there!

WLM: You are going to be an empty nester soon with your youngest, Mia heading to college in Chicago and now Rush getting married. This is something that most of our readers can relate to. What›s your advice for parents who will soon face an empty nest?

TB: I wish I could tell you that I’m going to send her off with a smile but I fear there will be a lot of tears. My daughter is my best friend. I take comfort and consolation in knowing that Stan and I made a couple of really great people and that they have taken the completely natural steps toward independence and adulthood. What I would tell anyone else in my position is that this is also a beginning to a renewed relationship with my husband and I’m excited about the freedom that we’re going to have. Just remember that your children leaving home means that you did your job well. That’s what their supposed to do.

WLM: Where can we see more of your designs?

TB: I love to share my sparkle! Get your fab on with my Southern Swanky Bling! 

www.TinaBradyNashville.com – you can read my latest blogs, see what I’m wearing, see my horses and get the latest scoop on the show and my bling.

Click on ‘Music City Bling’ to see my collections.

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Styles & Trends

Local to You

With the new season, brings new “stuff”. Stuff to try on, stuff in new colors, stuff to absolutely fall in love with. That’s the excitement of a new season. Outside of all the “stuff” though, why don’t we just focus on you and your look. One of the first things people notice would be great hair. A gorgeous hair day goes a long way in making a day good ((did I hear an AMEN))? With that in mind, on the next few pages, you will see everything from bright Notice Me colors to the exquisitely natural, subtle highlights that are seriously trending. Our all local team of experts weighed in on what they see as fresh style for Spring 2014!

Lucky us, all stylists are located right here in Wilson County! Peruse what they have to offer, letting them help you find your signature style this season.


! color experts and hair stylists in our hometown get downright gabby on the new trends they see as THE looks to have this spring…

“For this spring there is a color for EVERYONE! From ice blonde, to chocolate browns, to rich reds.” -Alene Gibson Co-owner/A & B Hair Co

Styles & Trends

On Savannah we used a melting technique.
A chocolate brown was chosen and we then
melted the chocolate brown color down the
hair to a Cherry Cola red.

Styles & Trends

For Brandin’s look, we used the “smudged”
technique with the edgy dark roots and
blonde highlights along with a textured cut

Styles & Trends

On Brittany we went with blonde and incorporated
an even mix of golden blonde and bronzey-brown
to give a sun-kissed look

“For Spring 2014, I’m very excited about the ‘tone on tone’ color.” -Jessica L. Dodds Stylist/Trendz Salon and Boutique/Locks & Lashes

Styles & Trends

Various shades of the same color are used, as seen in the picture with violet and copper as the foundation color.
This technique alsoStyles & Trends looks gorgeous with blonde and brown tones.
My favorite color line to use for these looks are Schwarzkopf  and Moroccan Oil as the “at-home” care line.

“We are forecasting lots of highlights for darker hair and blonde on blonde for spring 2014…” -Necole Bell Owner/Beauty Boutique Salon, Spa and Apparel

Of course, most of our clients are not walking the catwalk, so making these looks relative for the client’s lifestyle is key. I recently read that your best hair color is the color your hair is when you were three. Ha!! So natural is essential. Beach highlights are a great look for our brunettes who want to brighten up their natural color.

Styles & Trends
Our model Lindsay Boze (owner of Van Loo’s Traveling Boutique), Styles & Trends
was given low lights and highlightts to complement her skin tone as well as eye color

Lindsay’s hair was blown dry with a large round brush using J Beverly Hills Bodifier at the roots.
Using a wand curling iron, our stylist, Laura Beth, rolled the curls in different directions,
then straightened the ends with a flat iron, giving Lindsay a sexy & relaxed look for evening or day

“What we see for the spring of 2014 in hair color are the cool-toned tips with darker roots. –  
-Lisia Tucker Owner/Aqua Bella Day Spa and Hair Studio

We’re seeing lots of orange-red copper looks in color. Very rich and natural dark colors with beautiful red tones are big now as well. Concerning styling of the hair: messy-wavy with all kinds of braids to enhance the overall look. A simple singular fish bone braid is another way to think outside the box in styling this spring, as inspired by Katniss in the movie The Hunger Games.


A&B Hair Co. – 102 Webster St, Lebanon 615) 444-5900

Aqua Bella Day Salon and Hair Studio – 151 Adams Ln, Mt Juliet (615) 754-7311

Beauty Boutique Salon, Spa, and Apparel – 107 Signature Pl, Lebanon (615) 547-4468

Locks & Lashes – 4110 N Mt Juliet Rd #200, Mt Juliet (615) 754-5274

Trendz Salon and Boutique – 107 Public Sq, Lebanon (615) 449-1555

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Erin Brown

WLM’s Shelley Satterfield Weight Loss Journey


With the theme of renewal this issue, the Wilson Living Magazine team thought it would be the perfect time to highlight ourstaffer, Shelley Satterfield, and the amazing weight loss she has achieved over the past 8 months. Shelley’s weight loss began in April, when she came to the realization she was tired of being tired, and most of all wanted to be a better example of overall health to her children. Crediting her success to change in what she eats, as well as portion control and the guidance of weight loss experts, she now looks and feels better than ever with more confidence and more energy each day.

At the beginning of this road to better health, Shelley sought weight loss expertise from Shirley Lowe at Skin Care Clinic in Lebanon. Skin Care Clinic offers a wide variety of services, but weight loss is what drew Shelley through their doors. They gave her a combination of an eating plan, B12/fat burner shots weekly, along with coaching and a weekly weigh in session. The scale they use at the Skin Care Clinic is special as it calculates more than just weight. It calculates fat in your body and the amount of fat lost each weigh in. With a clear cut how-to plan and the incentive of being a better example of health for her children, Shelley lost 61lbs (as of press time)! That’s a 5th grader!!


Styles & TrendsAlene Gibson – Master Stylist/Owner A & B Hair Co. and WLM model Shelley Satterfield

Alene and Brandin at A & B Salon in Lebanon were kind enough to style Shelley’s hair for our Wilson Living Magazine shoot. Shelley typically wears her hair straight but we wanted to try soft waves and body at the top to pull the eye upwards and highlight her gorgeous face and features.

Also, isn’t it fun to try something new?

Alene tells us that… Shelley’s hair, like many of our clients, is fine in texture with little body. What we wanted to achieve for Shelley was to give her body and loose curls that are trending now in Hollywood. To get the look, we needed a large barrel curling iron, followed by great products with a bit of teasing at the crown to give her some body and lift. Starting with a great cut, we took off 1 1/2 inches of hair and added long layers. We sliced down the front to help frame her face and did some texturing thru her crown to help her have natural lift!

Wanting to grow your hair lusciously thick and full of volume?

Everyone does!

The experts at A & B recommend this::

There are some great products that will help with hair thinning such as Nioxin or Boswell products. These products are used to stop the thinning and there are many testimonies that these products produce new hair growth. Sometimes we reach a certain length and it doesn’t seem like our hair will grow any further.

Some reasons that this seems to happen is that the hair is not getting a 6-8 week trim. Getting a trim takes off the dead and split ends which causes the hair to break and not get any longer. Lastly, a secret of the experts to keep in mind:: panthenol which is a derivative of vitamin B5, or pantothenic, promotes hair growth is found in most professional salon-grade shampoos.

Brandin and Alene opened A&B Hair Co. In June 2012 along with Shirley Daughterty and Brittany Moser these four ladies make up “the trendiest salon” in Lebanon Tennessee located at 106 Webster

Massage Therapist – Angela Wilsdorf, Aesthetician – Marisue Stalker, WLM Model – Shelley Satterfield, Co-owner & Weight-loss Consultant – Shirley Lowe & Office Manager – Laura Reasonover (Not pictured, RN – Julie Wheeler and Co-owner Dr. Kay Mitchell)

Shelley & Skin Care Clinic

Shelley SatterfieldSkin Care Clinic not only played a huge role in Shelley’s weight loss, but they also spiced up her day-to-day make upShelley Satterfield - After routine. All products used to achieve Shelley’s flawless skin and glammy glow were from the Glo Minerals make up line. They also used Revatilash mascara for long, healthy lashes. Shirley Lowe from The Skin Care Clinic notes:: “Shelly’s daytime look can easily flow into a special holiday look just by applying more liner, a mascara touch up, and darkening her eye shadow a touch. Adding her favorite shiny lip gloss over lip liner creates a refreshed look for an evening out!”

You can call Skin Care Clinic to have your own make up consultation or plan to have it applied by a professional for your next special occassion at 449 3009.

Shelley Sample Menu Typical Day

Breakfast:: Egg White Omelet with added roasted veggies

Iced Coffee with unsweetened almond milk and a couple of packs of Splenda to sweeten

Snack:: Pre-portioned pack of almonds, Emerald brand

Lunch:: Chopped turkey salad from Subway with oil and vinegar dressing

Dinner:: Baked Chicken Seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil and herbs. Two low calorie vegetables roasted

Snack:: String cheese

Dessert:: Pre-portioned 100 calorie pack of brownie bites

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S Lowery

Wilson County Style Stars

Style Stars – these ladies know all about what it takes to look good.

Here are a few tips from them on getting a look that simply works!

Susannah Lowery – Wife & “MumS Lowery

How would you describe your personal style? Classic and simple.

Style Motto:: Less is more!!!!!

Where are your favorite places to shop?

I shop at Nordstrom a lot! I particularly love the fact you can walk in there and get an entire outfit top to toe. Whether I’m in a lace wearing mood, or feeling it’s a jeans day with a tailored jacket, I can usually find it there.

One must-have item for you::

My must have right now is my new pair of Rag & Bone booties. They are classic with a rustic edge and perfect with skinny jeans or skirts.

A tip to getting dressed daily::

My biggest tip (and generally this helps me) is to always wear clothes you feel really comfortable in. Whether its a flowy skirt or skin tight shorts -whatever you feel good in you will rock! I personally have a curvier figure so I feel best when I accentuate my waist or legs. Try and dress for your body type and you can never go wrong.

T EllisTara Ellis –TEK Systems Account Manager

How would you describe your personal style? I would describe my personal style as Classic Chic. I love clean lines and simple, polished looks that are comfortable. I like to pair t-shirts and jeans with heels or a fun accessory to give a basic look a twist.

Style Motto:: Keep it simple and dress for yourself! My Granny always told me “just because it’s IN style doesn’t mean it’s YOUR style”. I think of her every time I get an urge to buy highwaisted pants!!

A tip to getting dressed daily:: I always double check for potential wardrobe malfunctions. There are few things worse than having a rip in your sweater, regretting not wearing a tank under a shirt that’s a bit too sheer, or the wrong color undies.

One must-have item for you:: I absolutely LOVE scarves… even in the summer I wear lightweight linen scarves to make a ordinary outfit stand out.

Where are your favorite places to shop? Banana Republic, J.Crew and BCBG’s clearance racks and of course, Target.

What new trend are you incorporating into your wardrobe for 2014? Leather moto leggings are at the top of my list for this winter.

A SmithAmanda Smith – Educator and Learning Leader at Byars Dowdy Elementary

Style Motto:: Something old, something new…a vintage/modern mix, with of course, comfort being the key!

Where are your favorite places to shop?

The Dressing Room, CAbi and Francesca’s but TJMaxx is my “go to” place to find a piece of fun.

A tip to getting dressed daily::

To me getting dressed is like me creating a piece of art…a little of this, a splash of that, and accessories for the finishing touch.

What new trend are you incorporating into your wardrobe for 2014? To me, 2014 is about layers and pops of color.

One must-have item for you:: My must-have is a great pair of boots!

N BellNecole Bell – Makeup Artist/Owner of Beauty Boutique Salon, Spa & Apparel

Style Motto:: I wear the clothes; the clothes don’t wear me. There is nothing like getting out to dinner and realizing that the outfit you have on really wasn’t meant for you. In turn, I don’t make major fashion decisions with my girlfriends, because when I do, I tend to come home with what THEY should have bought!

One must-have item for you:: My must have is a great fitting pair of jeans…even if you have just one great pair. I have mine tailored just a little long so that I can wear them with heels or cuff them to wear with flats. Honestly, I think a great pair of jeans will take you just about anywhere.

What new trend are you incorporating into your wardrobe for 2014? I recently got married and in the move I somehow lost my old leather jacket. At this point, I’m not really sure if it was the style Gods or just bad luck, but my jacket didn’t make the move. I’m thinking that it somehow made it in the Goodwill pile… (Hmmm or did my husband do that as a payback for all his clothes that have mysteriously disappeared?) LOL. I was forced to invest in a new leather jacket. It’s Veda. I love it! Feels like I’ve had it for years. It’s easy and versatile and can be dressed up or down. This time I will keep a tight hold on it…no more hastily packed boxes to Goodwill!!

J BadgerJoyce Badger – Former Curriculum Supervisor for Lebanon School District

How would you describe your personal style?

Simple and casual overall… I do like to make a basic outfit a little fun and funky with my accessories from boot, to belt, to necklace.

One must-have item for you::

Jewelry…I collect an absolute boatload of jewelry!

Style Motto::

I used to worry about wearing the right thing. Now I know once you find a great item that works, just continue to wear it time and time again.

Where to shop::

In the past, I would drive all the way to Nashville to find great pieces for my closet. I liked perusing small boutiques, like when Coco would have a great sale. Now, I really enjoy staying within Wilson County, shopping places on the Lebanon Square like Crystal Couture and Lulus…and also browsing Providence for great finds. I mix my more expensive old pieces with the new to make my classic items seem fresh again!

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Locks and Lashes

An Interview with Locks and Lashes


What better time for fashion than NOW?

This issue is pretty cool because we focused on WLM ladies that Wilson Living readers see as local style icons. They completely dressed themselves for the shoot to let their personal taste shine through.

I hope you enjoy the info on them. Here’s how we found them: we posted on facebook and asked readers to send through their “great style” nominations, and our staff narrowed down choices from there. There were so many great nominations to choose from, that not all who were nominated could be featured at once! It was so much fun, I am planning on doing this again for another season. If you are our friend on Facebook, your input can be heard as well.

Also in this issue, we are featuring a Q & A with a new salon in Mt. Juliet that specializes in eyelash extensions, hence their cute name, Locks & Lashes. I interviewed co-owner, Sandy Herbert, to get the scoop on her salon. 

Read all about it and enjoy!


Locks and LashesStanding L-R: Jessica Dodds & Shannon Steele Sitting L-R: Co-owner – Haley Herbert Co-owner – Sandy Herbert & Brittany Johnson

Locks and Lashes, Barber and Studio is one of Mt. Juliet’s newest hair studios. What sets them apart, aside from their supercute name is the range of services they offer…Eyelash extensions, hair cuts & color, luxuriously long hair extensions, professional make-up application, nails, essential waxing and even personal spray tanning…. (whew-a lot!!) The list goes on and on…. I wanted to know more about the salon, so decided to do a little investigative reporting for my readers with salon co-owner, Sandy Herbert.

I hear you have an excellent staff on hand…can you tell us a little about each of them?

My daughter, Haley Herbert is the manager and an owner of the salon. Brittany Johnson retired from her nursing career and became our certified lash stylist. Jessica Dodds is our color specialist and Shannon Steele is our professional make up artist.

What inspires you in your work every day?

We love the opportunity to not only live locally, but beautify locally!

How do you keep up with current trends in the beauty industry?

Continuing education, attending yearly shows, subscriptions to the latest fashion and beauty magazines

What is the vibe of your new shop?

It’s a style like you have never seen before. Contemporary with a rustic twist. We derived our style by New York inspirations.

What services or products do you offer that no one else does in this area?

We offer Rodan and Fields facials, hair extensions, individual Xtreme eyelash extensions, Norvell sunless tans, and straight razor shaving all at one place.

What product lines do you offer at your salon?

Joico, AG Hair, Norvell Sunless Tanning, OPI, Xtreme Lash, and Performance Cosmetics. 

Lash extensions are still somewhat new to this area…what are your extensions made from and what can a client expect when coming into get her extension?

Brittany Johnson RN, BSN is our certified lash stylist. Longevity of the lash extensions vary from person to person, the extensions will fall out along with the natural lash during the shedding process, we are constantly growing and shedding lashes similar to the hair on our head. Anyone is welcome to come in for a free consultation. The average person comes in every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full look. 

We ask that you give 3 full hours for your first application. Upon your arrival, each client will fill out the registration forms (first time and annual only) so we can collaborate together as to the look you are looking for. Lashes are very customizable.

You then will relax for 2-2.5 hours with your eyes closed while we work our magic! The lash extension is very calming and painless. Our lash stylist will cleanse your eyes/lashes and lay eye patches or medical paper tape under your eyes to protect the thin skin areas. Once the lashes are dry, she will carefully isolate one natural lash and attach an Xtreme lash extension lightly coated in the medical grade adhesive. This is done 65 – 75 times (average lash application) per eye.

Once the lashes are dry, you are free to open your eyes and see what you have been waiting for! After care instructions are crucial to the longevity of your lashes.

Some after care instructions include: avoid showering, wearing makeup, exercising, washing your face, tanning, wearing contact lenses or anything that would result in your lashes getting wet for 48 hours. This gives your lashes time to cure. We carry the full Xtreme lash retail line which includes mascara (for those special occasions), glideliners, eye makeup remover, repairing eye serum, protective coating and many others that are specifically formulated to be compatible with extensions.

615-754-LASH (5274)

Locks and Lashes, Barber and Studio

4110 N. Mt.Juliet Rd

Mt.Juliet, TN 37122

• Stop in to get your doe eyes (done right) just in time for the holiday parties!!

• Book your appointment or purchase a gift card for a friend.

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Styles & Trends

October Playfulness

“Crowns & Stars for a MAGICAL night of beauty…”


Model – Anna


Nail Color: OPI gel polish “Did You Ear About Van Gogh”


To achieve each wave, Trendz Salon used a 2 inch barrel wand, along with Paul Mitchell’s “Hot off the Press” Thermal Protectant Spray



Model – SydneyStyles

Nail Color: Asymetrical sparkle nails make a pretty statement.

 OPI gel polish “Witch is Witch”

Make up tip:

Blue liner is in! Beauty Boutique suggests using a blue liner, citing it gives the illusion of an instant “power nap for the eyes.” A combo of Bobbi Brown Sapphire Shimmer Gel Ink Liner, topped with Jane Iredale Platinum Eye shadow was used to create this look.

Hair Tip!

Jessica from Trendz Salon suggests twisting hair before curling & releasing quickly for a soft, messy wave. Joico power-spray is a great product to use.

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Erin Brown

Styles & Trends


Hi Wilson County ladies!

It is undoubtedly THE BEST season in fashion-fall! It’s my favorite time for fresh clothing and testing out the latest looks when it comes to beauty. The new season brings new color palettes, new ideas, and lots of layering beautiful fabrics atop one another in the perfect mélange.

Break out the best of last year’s clothing from the attic and get prepared to add some new pieces to your shopping list, as I show you the trends this season in wardrobe color and everything beauty for your fall 2013 look.

I want to sincerely thank Beauty Boutique and Trendz Salon, both of Lebanon, for the absolutely flawless applications of all things hair, nails, make up…. under the umbrella term of “beauty” on our models this issue. We are so grateful for their implementation of the gorgeous looks you’ll flip through on the next few pages.

Also included this issue, an interview with Helene Singer Cash of Lebanon’s Crystal Couture Store. Helene has brought a thriving fashion business to Wilson County and has big plans for much, much more. She gave me and now YOU, our devoted WLM readers, a snapshot of what’s soon to come. Enjoy!

Styles & Trends


Trendz Hair & Nail Salon

107 Public Square, Lebanon 615.449.1555
Hair:: Michelle Nicoliello and Jessica Dodds
Nails::Tray Belardo

Beauty Boutique Salon, Spa & Apparel

107 Signature Place, Lebanon 615 547 4468
Make up & lashes:: Necole Bell


Johnnie Q

317 Main St Ste 105 Franklin, TN 615.794.2763
“A boutique for Designer, Vintage, and Statement Jewelry and Accessories for men and women.”

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