Here’s to Love and Laughter & Happily Ever After!

  • This year’s styles definitely are stunners. From princess capes to off the shoulder dresses, to halter necklines, ball gowns, and high collars, this is definitely the year to find the perfect dress for your personal look! All dresses, veils, and jewelry pictured are available at The White Room with locations in Lebanon & Murfreesboro.

We love weddings. Two people, two families, coming together surrounded by those special people in their lives, to celebrate commitment, faith, and a future of hopes and dreams.

So, of course, weddings are a big deal and should be! This year, all the buzz surrounds the royal wedding. What will the American Princess-to-be wear? Who will be her bridesmaids? What fashions will they wear?

Wedding styles have come a long way from when Princess Diana stepped out of the royal carriage in a huge taffeta dress of bows and frills to marry Prince Charles. Today’s bride is a little older, a little more sophisticated and more determined than ever to insure her wedding dress fits her own personal style!

This year, Wilson Living Magazine, set out to find two brides-to-be that embodied this new, independent style for our wedding dress shoot. Nominations were taken from our readers and we were over-run with potential candidates. Ultimately, we chose two girls that were strikingly different to showcase all the latest 2018 wedding trends.


see Shelby Pomeroy

This gorgeous raven-haired beauty has been dating her fiancé, Evan Shelton, for three years, but they were friends for
two years before that. A hairstylist at Aqua Bella Day Spa & Hair Studio, she definitely knows what her own personal style is. Evan, a mechatronics engineering student at MTSU and employed for Johnson Technologies knew she was the one! The couple were engaged at a Christmas party where everyone was in on the surprise but Shelby. They were playing Dirty Santa where it had been arranged that Shelby would draw the highest number, and go last. She unwrapped her present to find a box that contained a bottle of wine and a note asking her to marry him. When she turned around, Evan was on his knee with a ring. And the rest, as they say, is history . . .

click ABOVE: Shelby and fiance’ Evan Shelton plan to wed in 2019.  

Rachel Eatherly

A blonde, brown-eyed stunner, Rachel Eatherly grew up in Wilson County and met her fiancé, Will Painter, while at UT Knoxville. The couple first met in a conservation class, freshman year, but it wasn’t until Sophomore year that they began dating. After graduation, both returned to middle Tennessee, where Rachel is now a UT Extension Agent & Master Gardener Coordinator for Rutherford County and Will is opening, All Things Solutions, in Wilson County. ATS is a maintenance, landscaping and construction company. Flash forward to the summer of 2017, Will had taken Rachel fishing. It was a hot day and nothing was biting. Rachel was ready to go home! Will convinced her to keep fishing just a little longer and said, “try this one”. She turned around to get a different fly to tie on her fishing pole, and instead found Will down on one knee. And so the adventure begins . . .

ABOVE: Rachel Eatherly and Will Painter were married in May 2018.



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Urban Mills Boutique introduces new bridal registry and must haves for the bridal party!

You’ve set the date and picked the dress. You’ve reserved the venue and paid the deposit. You’ve even created the perfect wedding day hashtag (How does #happilyeverandrews sound?). Getting ready for your big day is quite a planning process. If you’ve taken care of the BIG to-do items on the matrimonial must list, now is the time to start thinking about the registry. The registry is a big deal. After all, you’ve never made a wish list this broad and sometimes pricey. And what if your taste isn’t all KitchenAid stand mixers and Martha Stewart cupcake carriers? That’s why one of Wilson County’s hippest boutiques has introduced their new bridal registry.

Urban Mills Boutique, is located on the Historic Lebanon Downtown Square, carries items that will help you set up housekeeping in style with a registry that makes it convenient for your guests to purchase a gift they know you’ll love.

Brides can choose from many home decorating items for their registry including pillows, candles, candlesticks, picture frames, serving pieces, throws and quilts, canister sets, lamps, art, wall décor, topiaries, succulents, cow hide rugs and poofs, and so much more.

For those brides who haven’t found the perfect dress, Urban Mills also carries one-of-a-kind BoHo Wedding dresses made by The Morgan Factory. These fabulous creations would be perfect for your bohemian themed wedding, engagement photos, bridal showers, etc.

Urban Mills Boutique is located at 126 Public Square, Lebanon, Tn. 615-466-5288 Instagram: @urbanmillsboutique Facebook: @UrbanMillsPromotions&Boutique

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Custom Styles

Find custom clothing, gifts and more at Lebanon’s Urban Mills

Some outfits and accessories make people feel like they were made just for them. That’s a special feeling Urban Mills Promotions & Boutique in Lebanon strives to create for its shoppers with exclusive items and customizable pieces.

But if you had asked owner Ramona Welch a few years back if she would one day have a boutique, she might have laughed. It’s been an unlikely journey for Welch, who taught for 15 years and always had a passion for helping children. After leaving the school system, she worked in sales for a couple of years before venturing out and starting her own business in April 2015.

Welch opened Urban Mills Promotions located in The Mill at Lebanon, offering custom screen prints, embroidery and promotional products.

Her daughter, Carly Lee, was the one in the family with the passion for clothing. She was studying fashion merchandising and design at Tennessee Tech when she began telling her mother she should add clothing to her store.

A year later after graduating from TTU, Lee came to work for the shop. They began offering clothing and moved to a larger location in The Mill. They both brought their expertise to Urban Mills and said they loved working together.

“It’s the best of both worlds because she’s my best friend and my mom,” Lee says of her mother.

Continuing to grow, Urban Mills moved to its current location on the Lebanon Square in April. “It’s been wonderful. It’s twice as big as what we had,” Welch says. “We love it here, and I think it’s the perfect spot on the Square.”

Their shop is on the corner of the Square connecting to the Capitol Theatre, with plenty of windows for people to get a glimpse of what’s inside this stylish boutique. They say they’ve had visitors tell them the location reminds them of Franklin Square — but better.

Shoppers will find boutique clothing (sizes X-Small to 3X), baby items and clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, local artwork, gift items, home décor pieces and more. They also carry Decohides cowhide rugs that have been especially popular and can be seen hanging up in the store. “We can’t keep them in the store,” Lee says of the quick-selling hide rugs.

There are also plenty of Christmas décor and clothing pieces to get people in the spirit, including festive baby clothing up to 4T, ornaments, towels, scarves and more.

To set Urban Mills apart, the mother-daughter duo look to carry brands that will sell exclusively to them, keeping their customers from seeing their outfits worn by dozens of others around town.

One of their most popular brands is Bed Stu, which offers leather items like boots, purses and belts, Lee says. They also carry pieces from Tempo Paris, Molly Bracken, Mud Pie, Aratta and others.

“We want it to look different every time you come in the shop,” Welch says, “and see something new that you like.”

For truly one-of-a-kind pieces, Lee creates shirts, hats, jackets and more for their in-house brand, UM Design. Being able to showcase her creativity through her brand has been a neat and rewarding experience, she says.

They say they enjoy helping shoppers find items that match their styles, budget and fit. “When people come in the store, we try to help them with their own unique style and create an outfit that makes them look and feel good about themselves,” Welch says. “Our top priority is taking care of our customers.”

They encourage everyone to stop by and check out the store, even men. “We have stuff for guys, too. We also have a lot of men come in, and we love helping them pick out that special gift for their significant other,” Welch says. “We want everyone to know we have something for everybody at every price range.”

Urban Mills also offers screen printing, heat transfer, digital prints, promotional items and embroidery in the back of the store. Their items are perfect for businesses, schools or individuals who want a custom item.

“We can put your name or logo on just about anything,” Welch says.

The pair says the business has been made possible with the support from both of their husbands. Welch and her husband Andy have been married 33 years and also have a son, Cal — who has two children, Emery and Andrew, with his wife Lauren. Lee and her husband, Blake, have a 19-month-old son, Tritt.

Urban Mills is open Monday and Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are located at 126 Public Square in Lebanon

Follow them on Facebook, or email for more information.

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Wish 86

Van Loo’s Traveling Boutique morphs into a brick and mortar shop to remember


Story and photos by Tilly Dillehay

Lindsay Boze

Lindsay Boze is one of those people that other people want to imitate. One of the first things you notice about her is her California good looks, coupled with an innate sense of style and an attitude of sweet and gracious hospitality.

She was also the first person in the middle Tennessee area to successfully get into the truck boutique business.

Food on wheels has long been a business concept that we can all recognize. Whether it was the ice-cream man in our neighborhood or a gourmet grilled cheese food truck on Music Row, we’ve been used to seeing people peddle those kinds of wares out of the side of a moving vehicle. But boutique clothing? Well, that’s something that we only saw for the first time in 2012 around these parts. Suddenly, in Smith County, Trousdale, Macon, Wilson, and Sumner, we occasionally encountered a pink traveling boutique called Van Loo’s. Parked in the parking lot of a hospital, a restaurant, or a grocery store, a young lady named Lindsay Boze was selling cute clothing and caring for her first baby.

Now, four years later, that truck has spilled over into a charming brick-and-mortar shop in Carthage called Wish 86. She’s selling the same cute clothing items, along with housewares, jewelry, and some furniture. Her business partner in the new storefront, Lindsey Underwood, is selling adult pieces with a slightly more preppy feel, as well as infant and children’s clothing, some home items, and a whole lot of adorable monogramming.

One wonders exactly how a small town girl from Hartsville progresses through the steps that lead to retail. Before the truck, Lindsay was a 4th grade school teacher who loved her job and had worked since the age of 16.

“I loved it,” she says. “I loved every day of work. But then I had [my son] Van Dallas and I didn’t want to go back to work every day. So I was just laying bed trying to think of what I could do that I loved, to not go back work every day. So it just hit me: ‘I could sell clothes’.

“Because that’s all I collect, my husband makes fun of me; I have no hobbies. But I love to go shopping, try things on, all that.”

She did a little research and found out that Apparel Mart—one of the boutique clothing retailers’ biggest events, in Atlanta—was about to take place two weeks later. So she packed up, along with her mother and infant, and headed to Atlanta. She bought just a few racks’ worth of clothing. It was the style she liked for herself—boho chic, vintage inspired stuff.

Boze started setting up at local schools, in teachers’ lounges. She started doing home parties. Eventually she started setting up at fundraisers and other events.

“So my vehicle was full of floor racks and all these clothes… we knew we needed to do something else, so my husband said, ‘Why don’t we just get a big truck and I’ll help you fix it up, and we’ll fix the inside like a big closet’. And I thought ‘I can do that’. So he actually surprised me with the truck, and went and got it in Alabama. It was an old FedEx truck.”

Her husband, who is in the family business of farming, had a background in auto body repair (his own shop just opened this year, also in Carthage: Hwy 25 Tire). That background, and the buddies he knew from the auto body business, helped him to fix the interior and exterior of the Fed-Ex truck. Soon it looked the way it still looks today—the whole outside a wash of baby pink, with black lettering announcing the name: “Van Loo’s Traveling Boutique.”

When her husband first brought the truck home, ready to use, she sat in the front seat and realized she had no idea how to drive a FedEx truck.

“I sat in it and was like ‘I can’t drive this thing’, so he said ‘Well, you have to! It’s ready!’ So I drove it just down the road as a practice run, and then my first show in it, in Gallatin, was that same day. So Daniel followed me to my first show, scared to death.”

Lindsay had three good years before there were any similar trucks doing what she did. In that time, she built up a following in the all of the towns where she set up shop on regular days. She also started at just the right time to do very well at a burgeoning expo and barn sale scene throughout middle Tennessee.

She might never have made the transition to a storefront, if it weren’t for the fact that, early last year, her work started coming home with her.

“I was actually just looking for an office space to work out of– to go do orders, and social media, and all that. So then I found this building, and I fell in love with it.”

She encountered the building’s owner one day as he was headed into the building himself. Marvin Baker, a Nashville business man (Baker-Gillis Productions), had fallen in love with Carthage himself while scouting music video locations. He’d purchased the store on Carthage square, which had formerly been a well-known furniture store.

Boze begged him to let her come in and look around, although he had no intention of either selling or renting the space. He showed her the bottom floor, which was empty, and the top, which he’d turned into an apartment where friends of his in music would come to get away from the city. The lower level was still much as it had always been, with original tin ceilings and original wood floors. He’d built two partition walls in the main space, and chipped away some of the wall plaster to expose the original bricks. Besides that, the place was just waiting for something to come and fill it.

Eventually, he became convinced to let her rent the space, because he believed that she could create a successful store out of it. With his wife suffering from ALS, he knew he wouldn’t be doing anything else with it in the immediate future.

Lindsey Underwood

All Boze and Underwood had to do was purchase the inventory to fill the new space, add some décor and racks, and then open their doors. The atmosphere was already there.

Now, Boze still takes the truck out on occasion, for special shows. She still loves it. But she also loves running her store, and shares shifts with Lindsey Underwood and one other employee.

“I love to be here,” she says. “I just love to come to work every day.”

Wish 86 is open on Carthage square Tuesday-Friday, 10-6, and Saturday 10-3. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram to see what’s new.

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3 ways to wear a Nikibiki

Nikibiki is a brand that offers layering items. Camisoles, long sleeve liners, bandeaus, bralettes, and leggings… in a myriad of colors. Simple items like these always come in handy when it’s layering season, and you’ll find a selection of them in almost every boutique you enter in Lebanon and Mt. Juliet. So we asked three local boutiques to put together a full outfit utilizing the Nikibiki.

Like any good undergarment, you may not always be able to see it, but you need it just the same. Used in this shoot were the black Nikibiki bralette, and the nude Nikibiki crew neck top.


Model: Mattie Post

Hair By:  Erika Glaskox for Beauty Boutique Salon, Spa & Apparel and Kevin Murphy

Makeup By:  Necole Bell for Beauty Boutique Salon, Spa & Apparel

Photos: Lisa Rubel Photography,

see Outfit #1: Faux-suede miniskirt, crew neck Nikibiki in nude, safari jacket, suede choker, shoes, and knee socks by Dreams Boutique (extra necklaces by Southern Swank).




Outift #2: Maroon minidress, black Nikibiki bralette, denim jacket with inset, hat, necklaces, and shoes by Southern Swank.



Outfit #3: Blush tunic dress, jean leggings, and earrings by Aqua Bella. Choker and cuff by Beauty Boutique. Nikibiki bralette by Southern Swank.



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Lifestyle: Backyard Getaway Step 1

By Tilly Dillehay


My husband and I live in the little rural town of Hartsville, TN. But we live on a street, like real city folk. No winding gravel roads and gorgeous green woods behind our house. We’ve got a cute little landscaped front yard that we inherited, and a backyard that looks invitingly onto a rusty shed and the back of a church building that abuts our property.

This back yard has been a quandary since we moved in. What to do with it? It’s ugly, bare, and useless. Well, this year I’m doing something about it. In addition to planting a little veggie garden on the back edge of this yard, I’ve decided to create a little oasis right in the middle of it.

This is something I’ve seen online that is just the tiniest bit redneck, but seems to really do the job: canopy tents as stand-in for actual covered porch. So when I saw this burgundy 10 x 10 pop-up tent at my local Fred’s last week, I just bit the bullet and brought it home.

Then, to inaugurate the search for outdoor furniture, I purchased a lovely antique cot from a store in Gallatin. The cot looks like maybe early- or mid-20th century, made of canvas and wood. Not only that, but it lays very comfortably, and as soon as I set it up under the tent, my daughter toddled over, laughed, climbed on, and plopped there like it was the best thing she’s ever sat on.

It was $45–a chunk of my very low budget for this project–but it answers for a bench, and now I only need two chairs. I plan to make my own little table out of pallet wood.

Let me know what you think!

The cot folds into a cunningly small shape, but when opened up, could seat 3-4 people comfortably. Here, Norah looks very sunburnt but this is all due to our new cheap burgundy tent:)
Recipe for this green smoothie we shared outside to celebrate: *almond milk *banana *lots of spinach *a bit of local honey *stevia *chia seeds *hemp seeds








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Raised in a Barn

The romance of a rustic wedding in the stables of soon-to-be unveiled Tucker’s Gap Event Center

Photos by Jana Pastors, Kindred Moments Photography

DSC09606 DSC09601 DSC09591 DSC09570 DSC09566 DSC09550-B&W DSC09547 DSC09539 DSC09526 DSC09513 DSC09507 DSC09503 DSC09502 DSC09499 DSC09493 DSC09481-B&W DSC09476 DSC09470 DSC09436 DSC09433 DSC09431-B&W DSC09426 DSC09423-B&W DSC09409 DSC09379 DSC09372-B&W DSC09366 DSC09363 DSC09348-B&W DSC09347 DSC09342



Photographer: Jana Pastors

Venue: Tucker’s Gap Event Center

Models: Kenzie Gaines, Libby Nave, Noah Baker, and La-Tanya Greene

Hair: Locks and Lashes

Makeup: Beauty Boutique

Wardrobe & Accessories: The White Room

Cake/Tablescape: Oh Crumbs Bakery

Flowers: Gardens on Main


About Our Venue

For this shoot, we were fortunate to partner with Tucker’s Gap Event Center at 2900 Callis Road in Lebanon. Although the shoot was in and around their equestrian barn on the property, a large event center is currently under construction scheduled for completion this summer. The brand new event center will mirror the rustic charm of the cedar, stone and ironwork style of the barn in this shoot. Tuckers Gap Event Center will be a 5000-square-foot climate-controlled venue, featuring indoor and outdoor spaces, formal gardens, suites for the bride and groom, a separate bar area, and catering kitchen. For booking, contact Event Center Coordinator Nancy Baker: (770) 906-0489.

About our Tablescape

Kitty Waters, owner of Oh Crumbs Bakery, created a four-tiered wedding cake with custom sugar roses and baby’s breath. The side desserts for the table were elegant sugar cookies decorated with royal icing, strawberry cupcakes, dainty pink raspberry macarons, and lemon cake pops. They all were decorated in white and tones of pink and burgundy, each easy for guests to pick up and nibble upon.

About Our Models

Kenzie Gaines is a dental hygienist from Mt. Juliet, TN. She is a real-life bride-to-be, and will be married to her sweetheart Wacey Russell in June at Tomlinson Family Farm. She met her fiancé at church in Lebanon , Tn. She thought he was really handsome and knew he came from a great family, so she introduced herself one day and they have been inseparable since. Together they like to go to church, exercise, and hang out with their friends.

Libby Nave is a junior at Friendship Christian School. She plays volleyball, tennis, and is involved with Youth Leadership Wilson.  She is considering sports medicine when she finishes high school. This was her first time modeling for a magazine spread, but nobody could have guessed: she was such a pro. In her free time, Libby likes to go to concerts, hang out with her friends, and participate in travel sports.

La-Tanya Greene is a student at MTSU studying Childhood Education. She has been modeling regularly in the Nashville area for the last few years.  She is originally from San Fernando, Trinidad. She likes shopping and eating everything she can get her hands on!

Noah Baker is Junior at Friendship Christian. He is an avid tennis player and a member of USTA (US Tennis Association) since he was 10. He loves to snowboard, wakeboard, and play and watch sports of call kinds; he also loves sports trivia and is a great cook (specialty is dessert – makes a mean molten lava cake). He attends Providence United Methodist Church and is involved in Service Club at FCS.

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Baby, it’s Warm Inside

fashion for the winter months

[slideshow_deploy id=’10726′]



This spread was a partner project between Wilson Living Magazine and The Lady & Rock Photography and Styling, as well as three of our local boutiques: Classy Chics, Dreams Boutique, and JeweLL Boutique.

Photography, Creative Direction & Styling: Genese Gigi Trèmel / The Lady & Rock

Models: Aubrey Vorderberg & Sungeun Park

Hair & MUA: Anais Shiba & Chelsea Esquibel

Assistants: Jessica Ives, Molly Slemp, & Zoe Keller / The Lady & Rock

Clothing: Classy Chics, Dreams Boutique, and JeweLL Boutique



Look 1 

Aubrey wears: green top, pants and necklace – JeweLL Boutique

Look 2 

Sung wears: top and denim bottoms – Dreams Boutique.

Look 3 

Aubrey wears: tan sweater and bow top – Classy Chics, pants – JeweLL Boutique.

Look 4 

Sung wears: white cardigan – Dreams Boutique, green dress – JeweLL Boutique.

Look 5

Aubrey wears: burgundy top, grey cardigan, and scarf – JeweLL Boutique. Hat, model’s own.

Look 6 

Aubrey wears: denim style shirt, taupe wide leg pants, jewelry – Jewell Boutique; Sung wears: long gown – Classy Chics, vest – Dreams Boutique, necklace – JeweLL Boutique.

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Not Just another Christmas Party

6 Tips for dressing your table this holiday


WilsonLiving-10182015-071By Elizabeth Scruggs, Superior Construction and Design

Photos by Chesley Summar Photography

We all drool over Pinterest worthy tablescapes and dream of having a perfect holiday home, but when it comes down to it- who has the time OR money to create such lavish spreads?

It’s fun to flip through the pages of your favorite magazine to find inspiration for the holidays, but what I’m looking for- and what I hope we’ve created for you here- is something real, something easy to duplicate, and something that uses items you already own.

I put this table together for Wilson Living’s holiday party using greenery from my yard, my big boys’ childhood sled, and assorted holiday decorations I already own.  When decorating, think outside the box using items you own in a different way- and when in doubt, always use fresh foliage.  It adds color, texture, and even aroma- and that’s something you can’t buy!



Tip No. 1

Use a minimum of colors to keep things simple and unified.  This table featured classic red and green, punctuated with black and silver.

pic 1



Tip No. 2

Add sparkle with candlelight and hang glistening ornaments from the fixture to help reflect light.pic 2


 Tip No 3

Ice skates and a sled help make a winter table festive.

pic 3



Tip No. 4

Details are so important!  Wrapping the chair backs with wide strips of felt provided the perfect place to add Christmas picks with snowflakes and mittens to carry out the winter theme.pic 4


Tip No. 5

Using a chalkboard, you can change the message to welcome guests for different events during the holidays without changing the tablescape.pic 5



Tip No. 6

Simple chargers and white plates were dressed up a bit with chalkboard paper featuring a different holiday greeting at each setting.pick 6



















From our Wilson Living Family to yours, we wish you the most wonderful time of year!

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Hey! Wait for me!

Back to School fashion for kiddies and tykes

[slideshow_deploy id=’10532′]



Photographed by Jessica Klingler with The Perfect Touch Photography

Location: Gravel Road Traditions

For this shoot, Wilson Living Magazine partnered with boutiques Hadley & Finn, Major Love, and Posh all located on Lebanon square.

Models: Bella Klingler, Major Klingler, Max Scruggs, Chayton Lowe, Jemma DiCicco, Kaid Clay, and Norah Dillehay.

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