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Think before you speak (to a pregnant woman)

pregnant sabrinaI gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy named J.R. in February of this year.

Becoming a mother has changed my life completely and I’m sure there will be many more blog entries inspired by my new little guy. However, this blog was inspired by the things that people said to me when I was pregnant — things that didn’t sit quite right with me.

I would advise you to not utter these common statements if you encounter a pregnant woman.

Statement 1: “I don’t like that name.”

Well maybe I don’t like your name! Have you ever thought about that? Totally joking. This is not a positive way to respond when someone expresses their disapproval of the baby name you have selected. But guess what? It isn’t their baby to name. This person likely has their own children, animals and plants to name. It is NOT their choice.

You are the one who is pregnant, carrying the baby around for 40 weeks, losing sleep and mourning the loss of your skinny jeans. You have the right to name your child. If you ask someone for their opinion on your name choice, then be prepared for an honest response. But never, ever, ever should someone offer it without you first asking.

click here Statement 2: “I can’t believe you aren’t breastfeeding.”

Breastfeeding is a touchy subject for most women. Those who have had positive experiences and know all of the health benefits (for both mom and baby) are very pro-breastfeeding. Those who have had a negative experience or who have chosen not to breastfeed will tell you about their struggles.

I find it unfair that society paints women who breastfeed children publicly as exhibitionists who need to hide in a closet — and then condemns women who bottle-feed as too career-oriented, selfish or unnatural.

My pediatrician shared with me a motto which I will now re-share: “Whatever works for you, works for you.” We are all aware that “breast is best” and there is a ton of research out there proving this – but sometimes due to health reasons, work schedules or personal preference formula is chosen. Provide helpful information, if you have it – but don’t push.

The last thing a pregnant lady needs is for you to be stressing her out about how she has decided to feed her child.

Statement 3: “Wow, you are huge.”

You should have gone with, “Wow, you are glowing!” That is a much safer statement to make to a pregnant woman. We are pregnant, not overweight. We have a miracle growing inside of us and that should be celebrated. Even if you aren’t trying to be mean, talking about how large and in charge someone is isn’t cool.

I didn’t hear this until after I had the baby. People would say to me, “You looked miserable and ready to pop those last couple of months” — which I interpreted as “Five months ago you looked like a whale/M&M candy hybrid, but today you’re looking foxy.”

Statement 4: “I loved being pregnant.”

It is my personal belief that out of the 10 women who tell you this, five of them are lying.

Pregnancy has a lot of incredible moments – like the first time you feel a kick or see your sweet baby during an ultrasound – but I wouldn’t want to live in my pregnant state. I had severe morning sickness for the first four months. Once my belly popped out and people could see I was pregnant I thought it was super cute; however, the big belly made it hard to sleep comfortably, walk or sit. I remember one day I got down on the floor to do some stretches and I couldn’t get up. I was laid out like a cockroach trying to roll from side to side trying to gain momentum.

My favorite awkward pregnancy story involves my mother. She gained 60 pounds with me and got stuck behind the driver’s seat of her sports car. She had to roll down her window at the grocery store and wait for someone to pass by and ask for help.

The point is, a lot of women don’t “love” being pregnant because it is hard on their bodies. By month 8 I was ready for it to be over and for the baby fun to begin. When I heard someone gush about how they could “be pregnant all the time” it made me feel like I was doing pregnancy wrong.

Statement 5: “Being a working mom is so hard.” Both working moms and stay-at-home moms work. If you work a 9-5, your work is never over. Because once you pick up Junior from daycare or Granny’s house, you are on your next shift as “Mommy” from 5-9. Your downtime is filled with bottles to wash, diapers to change, tummy time, snuggle time and laundry. You are really lucky if you get a chance to do something frivolous like cook a meal for yourself or workout.

And if you do not work a 9-5, you work a 24-hour shift as “Mommy.”I was blessed to have a mother who had time to be a PTO member, Girl Scout Leader and carpooling cheer mom. She was at all of my games when I was a cheerleader and at all of my concerts when I was in choir. Even though she didn’t have to go “into the office” daily, her time was filled up with other obligations – which mostly involved me and my activities. For me, being a “stay-at-home” mom is just as hard because you don’t have the option to clock- out for lunch.


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Model Kali Nolen with Monty Mires, Dustin Alexander and Pamela Garrett at the Lebanon Country Club

Sabrina Out On the Town – Sept/Oct

The last few months I have been, busy . . busy!! I always love seeing our readers out & about. With the weather being warm & sunny there was plenty to see & do. Can’t wait to see everyone of you at all the fun events coming up this fall. Keep those invites coming & the ladies of WLM & I will be there!


Model Kali Nolen with Monty Mires, Dustin Alexander and Pamela Garrett at the Lebanon Country ClubModel Kali Nolen with Monty Mires, Dustin Alexander and Pamela Garrett at the Lebanon Country Club


Sabrina and Becky out and aboutMe and Becky out and about


Maggie Lea with Ms. Senior Wilson County 2014 Jackie TaylorMaggie Lea with Ms. Senior Wilson County 2014 Jackie Taylor


Sue Vanatta, who will retire from her position as Lebanon/ Wilson Chamber of Commerce CEO this DecemberSue Vanatta, who will retire from her position as Lebanon/ Wilson Chamber of Commerce CEO this December


DeAnna Woods, Rhonda Manous, Laura Beth Duncan and Sydney DunningDeAnna Woods, Rhonda Manous, Laura Beth Duncan and Sydney Dunning


Romel McMurry and Memphis Mayor A. C. Wharton JrRomel McMurry and Memphis Mayor A. C. Wharton Jr. at a dinner celebrating 20 years of Heavens View Baptist Church in Lebanon


Ashley Butler and her 4-year-old daughter CallieAshley Butler and her 4-year-old daughter Callie enjoy a carousel ride at the Wilson County Fair.

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sabrina img 2

Sabrina Out On the Town – July/Aug

We had a great time the issue at the Patrons’ Party & Phoenix Ball.sabrina img 2 Cumberland University Associate Vice President & Dean of Students, Stephanie Walker with her Phoenix Ball date, Troy Davissabrina img 1 Sabrina and Dallus get ready to cover the Ball in Style!

So many pretty ladies & gents, we had to add pages

so we could share all the festivities with you.

Thanks for the invite Cumberland University . . .

Until next year,


 sabrina img 4sabrina img 3Kirsten Harris, Necole Bell, and friends were happy to dance the night away at the 31st Annual Ball Kirsten Harris, Necole Bell, and friends were happy to dance the night away at the 31st Annual Ball

sabrina edit imageCU students prep the silent auction before cocktail hour beginssabrina img 7For Linlee Allen the fun didn’t stop at hosting the Patrons’ Party, here Allen is all smiles with Phoenix Ball attendee, Monica Alsup

sabrina img 8Before taking to the dance floor, longtime CU supporters, Troy and Beth Putman and Kim and John Bryan take time out for a quick photosabrina img 9Phoenix Ball

Upcoming Events


10-17 CABA World Series Lebanon, TN

18 – Early voting begins.

19 – Historic Lebanon Tomorrow Tomato Fest www

26 – 2nd Annual Wounded Warrior Run in Watertown to register go to www.watertownwarriorrun. com

29 – First full day of School for Lebanon Special School District

31 – First full day of school for Trousdale County Schools


1- First day of school for Wilson County Schools

3 – First full day of school for Smith County Schools

8 – First full day of school for Macon County Schools

7 – Election Day for County General and State Primaries. Wilson County

9 – Summerfest 2014 at Charlie Daniels Park Mt Juliet Call 415-1740 for more info

15-23 – Wilson County Fair James E Ward Fairgrounds

Go to the calendar tab for details on all events listed

Phoenix Ball

sabrina img 10Rick and Necole Bellsabrina img 11Shawn Smith and Lindsay Beardsabrina image 12Matt and Betsy Pierucki

 sabrina img 13Scott and Denise Jaspersabrina img 14Jack and Susannah Lowerysabrina img 15Jeremy and Genensis Goodman

 sabrina img16Mark Lee and Susan Leesabrina img 17Dr. Edward and Betty Thackstonsabrina img 18Spencer and Kristi Pope

 sabrina img 20Bernie and Mig Christiansabrina img 19Andrea Wilke and Sue Vanattasabrina img 21Camille Burdine and John Walden

 sabrina img 22Bob and Susan McDonaldsabrina img 23Howard and Menda Holmessabrina img 24Robert and Deborah Williams

 sabrina img 25Kirsten and Scott Harrissabrina img 26Sam and Debbie Holmsabrina img 27Nathan and Debbie Massey

 sabrina img 28Danny and Susan Bryansabrina img 29Geoff and Amber Hurdlesabrina img 30Mr. and Mrs. Chris Smith

 sabrina img 31John and Kim Bryansabrina img 32Just one of the beautiful and delicious spreads guests enjoyed at the Patrons’ Party

Patrons Party

 sabrina iimg 33 529x433Patrons’ Party guests enjoy sampling spirits from the Moonshine Barsabrina img 33Moonshine barsabrina img 34 440x422 440x422Rusty & Kathy Richardson at the photo booth provided by the Art Millsabrina img 35 600x493CU President Dr Harville Eaton, Super T and Dr. Eaton’s wife, Lois Eatonsabrina img 36 582x487Super T and the Tyrone Smith Revue belting out the hits and keeping PP guests entertained Rusty & Kathy Richardson at the photo booth provided by the Art Mill Patrons’ Party guests enjoy sampling spirits from the Moonshine Bar Patrons

 sabrina img 37Cumberland University President Dr. Harvill Eaton along with Cumberland University’s, Rusty Richardson, welcome guests to the Patrons’ Partysabrina img 38 600x467 600x467Patrons’ Party host, Linlee and Brandon, outside their home

 sabrina img 39 600x556 600x556CEO of First Freedom Bank, John Bradshaw & his wife, Karensabrina img 40 600x350 600x350Cumberland University development officer, Camille Burdine and Cumberland’s Executive Director of Development & Alumni Relations, Jonathan Hawkins celebrate a job well done with Patrons’ Party guest, John Walden

 sabrina img 41 600x519Rochelle Price and Delaine Smithsabrina img 42 600x425Patrons’ Party hostess, Linlee Allen is flanked by friends and PP guests Beth Scruggs and Susannah Lowery

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Sabrina Out on the Town – May/June


Big thanks to Angel and Becky who have been out on the town for me this issue, since I have been a little busy at home. We welcomed our little boy, J.R., into the world in February and life hasn’t been the same since.

He is such a blessing and we are enjoying every minute with him.

While I’ve been out it sure looks like life has been busy. From school events to senior banquets, to fundraisers and fun parties – – spring has sprung and the events are in full swing again this year. If you don’t see your photo in the print edition of WLM, be sure to follow us on Facebook as we regularly post photos of the various happenings around town. And be sure to let us know if you want us to cover your event by emailing us at

Until we meet again,  Sabrina

SabrinaYancy Belcher and his grandmother, Sarah Russell, enjoy dinner at the 2014 Mt. Juliet Senior Activity Center Spring Gala. Once again the Mt. Juliet Breakfast Rotary and Senior Center Director, Linda McLanahan, did a wonderful job!

SabrinaNot a bad first day back at work! A few stars of the new TNT reality series, “Private Lives of Nashville Wives” JT Terrell, Jenny Terrell, Wilson County residents, Tina Brady and Dr. Stan Brady, stopped by Lebanon’s WANT FM 98.9 to chat with everyone’s favorite morning DJ, MJ Lucas. I can’t wait for Season 2!”

SabrinaAndrew Vogel, Mt. Juliet High School Music Director Sandy Elliott and Ashley McCollum, at the Mt. Juliet Noon Rotary All-Sing.

SabrinaWilson County Alumni Chapter of TSUNNA gives away a scholarship to a student attending TSU every year. For information please contact Amelia Ann Irvin V.P., Wilson County Alumni Chapter of TSUNAA, 615-218-1032 as they are still taking applications. ALUMNI CHAPTER MEMBERS L-R: Russell Irvin, Amelia Ann Irvin, Evelyn McGregor, Aniece McClure, Wade Moxley Sr., Linda Tapley, Tracey Falls, Emma Strafford, J.W. McGuire-Parliamentarian.

SabrinaYouth Leadership Wilson – Selfie with the Governor

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Sabrina Out on the Town – Mar/April

Even though my baby boy is almost here, I have still been out & about with my stilletos & all!

Our town has been hopping with parties, events & political kick-offs. Angel,Becky & I have been to them all. For more photos on all of the area’s events, go to our WLM Facebook page.

Let us know about your events at info@ & we will be sure to come out!

Until we meet again


SabrinaThe Smith County After School Theatre Production under the direction of Bill Reece will perform their annual theatrical production of Oklahoma starting on March 14, 16, 21, & 22 6:30 p.m. Pictured above are the cast and crew from the 2012 production of Grease. Tickets available at Smith County High School (615) 735-9519

                                                                  SabrinaMary Gordon Pawlawski, Amy Baines, Jenni Moscardelli, and Rachel Adams, will again be part of “Eggs for Gregg” April 15, 2014, a fundraiser benefiting a scholarship in honor of Gregg Baines, who lost his battle with cancer in 2011.                                                                               


                                                                                                  SabrinaWLM is now international as Christina Eichler takes all of us around the world on her world-wide mission trip. Follow her on our WLM Facebook page and read her blog at

SabrinaYouth Leadership Wilson, pictured with Dorie Mitchell, Bob Black, Kathy Haskins & Mayor Hutto                                                                                                                                 

SabrinaYours truly at my baby shower. Thank you for all your encouraging advice & support

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Sabrina Out on the Town – Jan/Feb



Wow! We brought 2013 to an end with a big bang!

There were so many holiday events to cover, that the ladies of WLM and I were sooo busy! Loved seeing you all out and about, can’t wait to do it all over again in 2014.


Happy New Year!

SabrinaBreakfast with Santa guests at Sammy B’s, during the 5th Annual WLM Holiday Expo

 SabrinaCongratulations Caroline Corley, a longtime Charlie Daniels Band member, crowned Ms Senior America













SabrinaA Christmas Story at the Capitol Theatre after a sold out showing





SabrinaDalton Teel and Maggie Crowell members of Youth Leadership Wilson, help out at LW’s Dare to Dine










SabrinaWLM Gala Event – Girl’s Night Out – Karen Lane, Angie Downs, Shelley Freeland & Samantha Taylor

SabrinaSabrina with Mayor Phillip Craighead and Tracy Lawrence

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Model Kali Nolen with Monty Mires, Dustin Alexander and Pamela Garrett at the Lebanon Country Club

Sabrina Out On The Town – Nov/Dec


Wow! You guys have sure been busy. With the holidays approaching and the weather cooling off, there have been so many opportunities to meet some SabrinaSabrina with TN Senator, Lamar Alexander at the Capitol Theatrewonderful neighbors. From Watertown to Mt. Juliet to Hartsville and back, the ladies (and men) of Wilson Living Magazine have been trying to hit all the events to showcase all the fabulous people and organizations we have in our community. Be sure to also check out Wilson Living Magazine’s Facebook page as we post photos of events each week. If there is an event you would like us to cover, be sure to drop us an email at and we will do our best to come out!

Happy Holidays and see you all in the New Year!

See you soon!!




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Sabrina Out On The Town

Sabrina Out On The Town – Sept/Oct


This issue saw many of you at the Wilson County Fair, Symphony on the Lawn & CASA Grand Giveaway. Love seeing so many friends out and about.
Can’t wait to see you again soon!

See you soon!!

Sabrina Out On The Town1. Yours truly with friends Charity Cruz and Melody Myers at Symphony on the Lawn. 2. Neely Grace, Taylor, Blakeleigh, Kelsey & Riley Gaines at the 2013 Wilson County Fair. 3. Kids enjoying the Frog Hopper at the 2013 Wilson County Fair. 4. Ashley, Chris & Shelbey Gaines enjoying corn on the cob during the Fair.

Sabrina5. WLM Contributor, Brody Kane (center), a graduate of Watertown High School and his team at the Watertown Wounded Warrior 5k.

 Sabrina6. CASA Director, Laura Swanson, at the CASA Grand Giveaway. Nine ticket holders split the grand prize of $10,0000 after donating $1000 dollars back to CASA.

Sabrina7. Lebanon Mayor Philip Craighead, Senator Bob Corker and Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto pose for a photo at the Lebanon-Wilson Chamber of Commerce, where Corker served as a special guest speaker

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Sabrina Out On The Town – July/Aug

Sabrina Out on the TownWhether they were dressed to the nines for the Phoenix Ball or decked out in Titans blue to meet their favorite football players during the caravan stop – our readers are always stylin’ when they get out on the town. Lucky for me, summertime and the social heat wave are just beginning! I can’t wait to see you all at upcoming fundraisers, weddings, barbecues, and pool parties this season!Sabrina Out on the Town

1. Cedars Prep students perform at the school’s end of year program
2. Wilson County Administrator of Elections Phillip Warren catches up with State Rep. Mark Pody at the Friends of Historic Lebanon Membership Dinner.
3. TN Gov. Bill Haslam with Clark Boyd at Lincoln Day Dinner in Smith County
4. Students participate as jury members in Teen Court.
5. Trey Marshall and family at Taste of Mt. Juliet
6. Tennessee Titans Michael Griffin and Andy Levitre with Kroger employees Sandy Bell and Jamie Grice.
7. Krys Midgett, Kim Draper and me got to hang out with Mark and Jason Sutton of the country duo Brother Trouble during the second annual Christmas 4 Kids Golf Tournament.
8. Brooks House Director Liz Reese with Leslie Satcher, Larry Gatlin, Heidi Newfield and Rivers Rutherford at the Hits for the House benefit concert. The event raised funds for the upcoming Brooks House expansion.

Sabrina Out on the Town

9. Ruth Snell arrived in-style at her 100th birthday party at the James E. Ward Agricultural Center – on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle driven by Terry Hubbard.
10. Sports Village owner Peggy Keel along with friends and family celebrate the 3rd Annual Go Johnny Go 5K and 10K run.
11. Ms. Senior Tennessee Wilson County Carolyn Corlew proved that she has beauty and an impressive golf swing during the Prospect, Inc. golf tournament. She is joined her by Amy Harris and Tressa Bush.
12. Mt. Juliet Police Chief James Hambrick and Trish Mundy at a remembrance ceremony hosted by Wilson County law enforcement to honor her late husband, Sgt. Jerry Mundy, during National Police Week.
13. Historic Lebanon Director Kim Parks with special speaker Dr. Carroll Van West of MTSU’s Center for Historic Preservation and Lee Waddell Curtis of the Tennessee State Department of Tourist Development


Friends, alumni and students of Cumberland University enjoyed festivities at the 30th Annual Patrons’ Party and Phoenix Ball all in an effort to raise money for Cumberland’s Scholarship Fund. Dr.Scott and Jean Ellen Baker hosted the Patrons’ Party at their beautiful home where guests feasted on gourmet fare prepared by Two Fat Men. Two days later, guests enjoyed dinner, a silent and live auction, then danced the night away at the inaugural Phoenix Ball After Party.



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Sabrina Out On The Town – May/June


Spring was all about socializing here in Wilson County and I cannot wait to see what fun happenings this summer has in store. We loved catching up with1. Sheriff Robert Bryan presents service award plaques to Lt. Phillip Tomerlin (Ret.) and Detective Bonnie Wells (Ret.) at Heroes Behind the Badge. 2. Look who ran into Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line at Jonny’s Trivia Night in Nashville. 3a. Former Senator Bob Rochelle and Rep. Susan Lynn at the Library Roast. 3b. Hale Moss was a good sport as the 2013 Roastee of the Wilson County Public Library Roast. 4. Mayor Hutto as Willie at this year’s Books from Birth Dinner. 5. Seventh graders were ready to run at the 2nd Annual FCS Commander Run. 6. The Moms Club of Mt. Juliet and Lebanon went all out at the always fun Books from Birth.
our readers this season at the 23rd annual Wilson County Public Library Roast – where Wilson County Promotions President, Hale Moss, took comedic punches for a good cause. Many of you were also seen out and about having a great time at this year’s Books From Birth dinner event. And, can you spot anybody famous in our pictures? That’s right, you guessed it, none other than the infamous Mayor of Watertown, Mike Jennings, with another pretty famous guy, Willie from Duck Dynasty.

We also ran into friends at the FCS Commander Run and the Mt. Juliet Senior Center Spring Gala, enjoyed fine dining at The Standard at Smith House, oneof Nashville’s premier restaurants and private clubs, and met Voice of the Tennessee Titans, Mike Keith, at the Habitat for Humanity Luncheon in Lebanon.

And this last month we also paid tribute to our local law enforcement at the Heroes Behind The Badge event. We’re very lucky to have these men and women taking care of us here in Wilson County! Of course, I also need to mention that the always entertaining EMTAR Awards Banquet was held recently and many of our local realtors and title companies celebrated another great year.

Be sure to also check out my new, “younger” friends – this local team is about to rock the world as they have been asked to compete in the World Tech Championship in St. Louis. It’s quite an honor to be one of the 128 teams invited from 2000 worldwide! Look for more about these special, young men in an upcoming issue.

See you soon!

7. Our local robot team is ready to compete! (L-R) Chandler Bastin, Ryan Baxter, Josh Freiberger, Josh Ganto and Chance Ferguson. 8. Local TV personality and D.T. McCall spokesman, Tom Grant was the Emcee for the Mt. Juliet Senior Center Spring Gala where Judge John Gwin and Mac McCluskey were also in attendance. 9a. Jason and Dana Loggins enjoyed a night out at the EMTAR Realtor Awards Dinner. 9b. Amy Hamilton and Lyndon LaFevers were spotted at the EMTAR Realtor Awards Dinner. 10. Eric Thompson, Susie James, Voice of the Titans Mike Keith, Brody Kane and Romel McMurry at The Habitat Humanity Event. 11. Judge CK Smith, Delaine Smith, Pamela Garrett, Allen McKendree, David Castello, Nashville’s 2012 RAW Musician of the Year BREE, Gary Ashton, Gail Childress and State Rep. Curry Todd at The Standard at Smith House in Nashville. 12. Watertown Mayor Mike Jennings with the “real” Willie from Duck Dynasty. The Duck Dynasty family were in Watertown for a music video shoot.

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