Will You Marry Me?

The good life starts for many on the day they find their true love. And like many things in this changing world, proposals have gone from simple occasions to spectacular, well-thought out, family affairs. This issue we gave out a Facebook challenge – in 100 words or less tell us your proposal story and we will pick our top one to feature in WLM. Problem is, we couldn’t just pick one! So we picked a few of our favorites to feature instead. Every single one touched us and we wish you all much happiness as you . . . find the good life . . . together

marry1Dale Donoho & Makenzie Blaike Tomlinson

Wedding date May 17, 2014

My fiancé’s proposal was so surprising and romantic! He told me that he committed to help his friend put up hay all day on a Saturday in August. It was the  week of the Wilson County fair so we had plans to attend the fair that night. He worked all day to move almost 100 bales of hay to spell out “Will you marry me”. I was upset that evening when he was late picking me up and said that he was too tired to go to the fair. Little did I know how hard he had worked that day! He made arrangements for a pilot and a plane to take us for a spontaneous afternoon flight on Sunday. While up in the air looking down at the ground beneath us, there it was! I turned around to find him with the ring in his hand. When we landed, all of our family was waiting to congratulate us.

I am marrying my best friend and the one I want to spend the rest of my life with on May 17, 2014.


 Josh Stanley & Kelsey Thompson

marry2I got engaged last night. I am a childhood cancer survivor and yesterday was 14 years from my bone marrow transplant. My boyfriend and I had planned a weekend trip to Nashville to celebrate my 14th anniversary. Little did I know that this celebration would end with a proposal.

I woke up Monday morning to breakfast cooked for me and I was presented with a list. I love Dr. Seuss, so the page said, “you’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.”

Then there were various words listed. My instructions were to check off the list while going on a scavenger hunt throughout Nashville that celebrated being a cancer fighter and my bone marrow transplant. We took a total of 16 plus pictures and posted them throughout the day on Facebook and Instagram so our friends and family could follow the story. It was perfect:) I had no idea that this was ending in a proposal!

Some of the tasks on the list included: find a piece of your legacy, breakfast, daily paper, your fondest memory, funny face, stunning selfie, two straws, make a difference, get a little nostalgic, act like a child again, do something great at, lunch, make a difference, etc. it was a perfect day:) I got to revisit all of my favorite places that held such a special meaning to me from when I was sick with cancer. Towards the end of the day we ended up at my favorite park which was in between Vanderbilt and Ronald McDonald House ( 2 places that I marry3spent a lot of time at).

He stopped me under this awesome sculpture and it placed us right in the middle of RMH and Vandy. He talked to me for about 5 minutes telling me everything that a girl wants to hear on her engagement day then proceeded to get down on one knee! I said YES and of course the ring is beautiful!

However, the surprise doesn’t end there. We later went on to eat at P. F. Changs. After dinner he then presented me with a folder full of emails from past and current nurses and doctors, my parents and my bone marrow donor. There was even a letter in there from my favorite medic student who lives in Texas.

Josh worked really hard on getting that email! I opened this folder and bawled my eyes out as I read through each one. Perfect ending to my perfect day:) I am soo blessed and I cannot wait for the future


Jonathan Harrison & Bethany Powell

Wedding date June 20, 2015

Jonathan’s family owns a 200 year old farmhouse out in Alexandria. He and I, along with his mother and grandmother, had been renovating it over the past year in hopes that one day we would start our lives there together.

One morning before church he called and told me one of the doors had blown open and we had to go repair it before church. Once we got to the farm, he got his tool bag and we went on the front porch. He turned and looked at me, hugged me, and with tears in his eyes began to tell me all of the things he loved about me and how much he wanted to spend his life with me. He knelt down, unzipped the tool bag, and pulled out a Tiffany and Company box all tied up in a little white bow. I immediately started crying and of course, said Yes!

marry6Justin Johnson & Baleah Randolph

Wedding date September 20, 2014

The night I said I DO:

On a fall cold moonlit Tennessee night we were off for a date night… little did I know my life was about tomarry5 change forever!

We arrive at a corn maze and begin to find our way thru the corn field, turning this way and that way….we stumble upon ….. Candle lit pumpkins on hay bales with WILL YOU MARRY ME? …as he got down on one knee and proposed to me as a photographer, Allison Cox captured our special moment with our parents hidden in the corn field to see our special moment!

Blaine Whitaker & Megan Bryan

Wedding date June 14, 2014

marry7My engagement day started early Saturday morning, May 11, 2013. It was graduation day at Cumberland University. I had been a nursing student at Cumberland for the past two years and walking the stage at Memorial Hall to receive my diploma was the main thing on my mind that day.

Nursing school is tough. It takes determination and dedication and it takes your time. Blaine and I met on our senior trip to Panama City Beach Florida back in 2009. He is from Selma, Alabama and to say the least, our relationship was a long distance romance. Long distance relationships take time, too. Going to college and studying nursing while maintaining a boyfriend some five hours away was challenging. I think it made us stronger and it paid dividends during the last few semesters of nursing school.

The years of seeing each other only on weekends helped us during the times I had to devote most of my time to studying and concentrating on nursing school. You can imagine how excited I was to finally have extra time to spend with my boyfriend after finishing my last semester.

My parents had planned a graduation party at their home after the graduation Saturday morning. Blaine’s parents andmarry8 grandparents as well as my family and several friends were all on hand for the party. It was a beautiful May day. We were just about ready to eat as my dad called everyone together to offer thanks to God for our food. He asked us all to bow our heads and then he prayed.

I don’t remember much about the prayer, but I noticed Blaine had kneeled down right in front of me. I was puzzled and thought he was maybe tying his shoe, but then I remembered he was wearing his boots. Then I noticed he had a ring in his hand and about the same time my dad said Amen, everyone was focused on Blaine.

He took my hand, removed his golf hat and placed the ring on my finger as he asked me to be his wife. Of course I said yes as tears rolled down my face!

I graduated from nursing school that morning and was engaged to be married to the love of my life that afternoon! What a day!

Tons of camera flashes and many hugs later we enjoyed a great meal and fellowship with family and friends. It’s hard to believe we are less than 90 days out from our wedding day. We chose to have the ceremony at my parent’s house and plans are slowly but surely coming together. June 14 cannot come quick enough.

That’s my engagement story…a big day in May of 2013. Our wedding is scheduled for June 14, 2014.


Johnathon & Jennifer Maxwell

My husband took me on a surprise trip to Atlanta, Georgia. I had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. We ended up at the Georgia Aquarium where we got to get in the water with the Beluga whales! When we were playing with the whales the trainer had the whale bring over a yellow inflatable ring that said Jennifer will you marry me? – Johnathon. It was a dream come true in so many ways!

Dustin & Jeri Ann Robersonmarry12


I had never had any desire to run. Within months of dating, I was hooked. After many running dates, Dustin talked me
 into running a half -marathon with him in Nashville. On 11/13/2011, our training paid off. As I approached the last mile , I spot my husband standing on the sidewalk as he had already finished. He ran the last mile with me and we crossed the finish line holding hands. With tears and shaky hands, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Two special goals were achieved that day.

marry14Scott & Kirsten Harris

Kirsten always said she did not want to plan a wedding while she was in college, so I asked her the day she graduated frommarry15 college. I planned a graduation luncheon for our moms at The Magnolia Room in Murfreesboro. While she was in the restroom I showed her mom and my mom the ring but asked them to keep it a secret. Later that evening I planned a dinner with our dads at Mere Bulles restaurant downtown. I scheduled a horse and buggy ride to arrive half way through dinner.

For many weeks I had been asking her how much she loved me and she would reply.. “this much” with arms stretched wide. At the halfway point of the horse and buggy ride I again asked… “how much do you love me?” She responded with holding her arms wide open. I responded by getting on one knee in the buggy and presenting her with a ring and I said… “I love you this much!” When we returned to the restaurant, Kirsten’s dad had ordered champagne for everyone around us and we were greeted with a big CONGRATULATIONS from the entire restaurant.

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A Love for the Ages



There is something special about southern women; classy and graceful, imbuing manners and tradition, while at the same time, known for being smart, sassy and tough as nails.

The day young Joe Frank Bryant first laid eyes on Ms. Patsy O’Neal, he knew he was done for – with her dark hair, broad smile and infectious laugh – whoLove wouldn’t have been. They were high schoolers, in the early 1950’s, in the heart of Mississippi and they were in love. Times were so different then and yet, when it comes to young love, not that different than now.

Wanting to be together and not about to wait for anyone to tell them differently, at 17 and 21 they eloped. The young couple from the little town of Dyersburg, Tennessee chose the big city of Memphis as their honeymoon destination, at the time not knowing they would soon return and make Memphis home, for a time.

Together they embarked on a life of love, family and community that would take them across the globe, the memories of which have lasted a lifetime.

“We didn’t have much money,” chuckles Mrs. Bryant rememberingthe early days fondly. “But we didn’t know it and thought we would be just fine, and you know, we were. Joe always made sure of it.”

From Dyersburg, to Martin, to Memphis so that Joe could finish college and then UT Medical School, Dr. Bryant made education a priority, as well as service to country.

“Morocco was one our favorite places that we called home. Joe was a Naval Lieutenant and we were stationed there when Laura was born. We were two young people from Tennessee in the middle of such amazing culture. That’s when we first realized we would be traveling forever.”

Adventures would take them to many far away places including Africa, England, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, China and India (to name a few) but they would always return to their final home of Lebanon.

“We came here because of Joe’s medical practice, but stayed because it felt right. It felt like home. There is something about southern people, be it those from Tennessee, Alabama or Mississippi, they know how to make you feel at home. We quickly realized Lebanon was the perfect place to raise our daughter, Laura and son Frank, and in my younger days being a homemaker was my top priority.”

Love“That’s one of the many things I love most about Grandmother,” notes Patti,  Frank’s daughter. “She’s always so kind and family has always been her first love. And she has always created such a comfortable home. She is an excellent cook and caregiver. Yet, she makes everything she does look effortless.”

And while Joe’s career as a surgeon and later as owner of the local television station, was always at the forefront of the young family’s life, Mrs. Bryant had her own aspirations.

“In the 70’s I received my BA from Cumberland in History and Geography and then my BS in Geography at MTSU. I have always believed there isn’t anything a woman can’t do – raise a family, run a business, run the country even. Women are strong like that, we just manage to do it all, sometimes not all at the same time but when we can, we do.”

“Statements like that,” Patti remarks, “are why I admire her so. Grandmother has always had so much energy and determination. She’s always on the go, involved in the community while at the same time, knows how to savor the important things, tending to her flowers, visiting the sick, sending a kind note to someone for no reason at all. And my grandfather, he just adored her.”

“My grandparents were always very affectionate towards one another. They would hold hands, laugh and joke. When I was little my grandfather would always ask me ‘how did you get so smart or pretty or sweet,’ and when I would say ‘I don’t know,’ he’d say ‘Granny!’

As I got older, he would ask me the same question, but instead of saying ‘I don’t know,’ I would say ‘because of Granny’ and he would just smile.”

It was this type of love that Patti was looking for when she happened upon a southern gentleman of her own, Jeff Stinson. “We are doing what grandmother and grandfather did, eloping, but instead of just the two of us, we are taking the whole family to Las Vegas, getting married at the Little Chapel of the Flowers. And no, Elvis won’t be officiating!” she laughs. “After the wedding, we’ll celebrate with a small reception at the Venetian Hotel. Before we leave we’ll take photos inside the chapel in Lebanon, built in honor of my grandfather, who passed away last year.”

Many remember Dr. Bryant as both a surgeon and television station operator, but very few are aware that Dr. Bryant was a strong supporter of all LovePatti Bryant and her grandmother, Patsy Bryant standing inside the Bryant Chapelpreachers, regardless of their denomination. He was a firm believer that they should each have a new suit and new tires for their cars, and he insured they had just that. At his funeral, four different preachers spoke, each wearing the suit they had been given by Dr. Bryant.

“The chapel seemed the perfect way to honor his memory. Grandfather’s grandfather was a preacher and built “Bryant’s Chapel” in Newbern, Tennessee, that later burned and was rebuilt.

My grandfather always had such a deep respect and love for the church, that we knew this was the best way to remember him. Taking pictures in that chapel, with mygrandmother by my side, would have made him so happy. He may not be able to be at the wedding in person, but no doubt, he will be there in heart.”

“You know,” Mrs. Bryant remarked listening to Patti discuss the upcoming article with WLM, “I just don’t understand why you want to write about us, we are not special, we had difficult times like everyone else, but we did love each other to the end and we were happy.

That’s all I want for Patti and Jeff; love each other and be happy. It can be that simple.”

And that special.


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The Venue


Bellwood Chapel Offers Charming Event Venue in Beautiful Country Setting



BellwoodThe groomsmen are anxiously awaiting the beautiful bride and bridesmaids outside Bellwood Chapel.Bellwood Chapel is a hidden jewel, located at 4124 Old Rome Pike just outside of Lebanon, only 9 miles from the Lebanon Square off US Hwy 70 North (Carthage Hwy). It is owned and operated by local business woman Donna Odum, also owner of Henderson’s Flowers on West Main Street in Lebanon. The quaint and historic chapel, built in 1906, was originally a Presbyterian church. It was later used by a Baptist church, then nondenominational congregations, and is still used by a small church for services today. The chapel is a perfect location for an intimate wedding or other events of 100 people or less for seated guests, and 60 or less seated at tables. There is a dressing room for the bride and groom, and they also have a large white tent available for outdoor receptions and parties.

Donna says, “I wanted to own an old church for years, and I was so happy to buy this building. I love the old building,VenueFor informal or formal weddings, Donna can arrange all the details, even a minister for the nuptials the serenity and the peaceful location.” Bellwood Chapel is the perfect place for Donna to utilize her many years of experience in floral arranging, event and wedding planning. You might say she grew up in the business, working with her mother, Joyce Draper, who purchased Henderson’s Flower Shop in the 1970’s. As a teen, Donna delivered flowers, and then learned to do flower arranging, and all the tasks necessary to run the shop. When her mother retired, Donna took over the business. For a few years, Donna also owned another wedding chapel, giving her experience for the full-service operation she offers today. Donna provides a memorable experience, with artfully designed floral arranging and decorations, and many other services that her clients need.

Bellwood Chapel provides not only the chapel building and grounds, but can also service all the needs for the perfect wedding, rehearsal dinner, anniversary party, or other special occasion. Donna can arrange for flowers and decorations, music and entertainment, catering, cakes, photography, videos, and even a minister for the ceremony. The chapel is also used for all kinds of parties, birthdays and holiday events, family get-togethers and reunions, club meetings, luncheons, church functions, and ladies groups.

“Sometimes it is easier for the clients to be able to work with one person, to help them and coordinate all of their planning needs,” Donna said. “I can provide the building, and any or all of the other services they may want. It takes a lot of stress out of planning the event, and we can work with tight timelines when necessary.” One recent example was a couple who decided to marry and needed immediate assistance. The groom, a serviceman, was on leave, and they wanted to wed before he headed off to military duty. “Because I own the facility, I have more flexibility to work with the clients’ schedules,” Donna noted.

For more information about Bellwood Chapel:BellwodThe chapel is perfect for smaller intimate weddings and events.

visit online at or call (615) 466-7075.

This wedding party looks lovely for photos on the front steps of the chapel. 

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The Planning

For the Perfect Wedding



In the spirit of “something old, something new,” here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to your wedding. Some things are so “old” (as in you always send thank yous), that they will never go to the wayside, but with the popularity of social media there are so many “new” things you can do now too!


  • have a budget! (and then realize it will probably be more.)

• hire a wedding planner. This can be the best money you spend – you will have something go wrong at the event, but with a good planner, you will never know it.

• research vendors and check references.

• let your family and friends know FIRST when you become engaged. You don’t want Aunt Sue finding out about it “on the Facebook!”

• create a wedding #hashtag to be used at all wedding related events.

• consider using a site such as Eventstagram to show social media pictures in real time at the event.

• consider live-streaming the event for those who live far away.

• send thank you’s promptly; NO later than three months. Never use pre-printed or fill-in-the-blank cards, and never send email thank yous. The note should acknowledge the gift, but never the amount. It should be personal and sincere.

• breathe and enjoy your day


  • put your registry on your invitations. This is just a no-no.

• be bossy with your wedding party! We are all too familiar with “bridezillas,” and the chaos this can cause.

• plan a difficult destination wedding. Things can get out of hand quickly, and expecting your guests to accommodate your travel wishes and expensive budget can be just plain rude.

• Rely on Pinterest for everything. Although a great resource, most couples don’t have the time or budget to implement everything.

• fall prey to “wedding envy.” You may not be able to have every single thing the latest web site says is a “must,” and that’s okay.

• Skip a tasting with your caterer- you just never know!

• Over schedule on the wedding day. Have all salon appointments, etc. the day or week before.

• forget your fiancé! This may seem silly, but in all the excitement, you may forget that there are two opinions that matter.

Thanks so much to my dear friend Jacki Wickersham of Jacki Lynne Events in Gallatin for her input on this subject. Find her on Facebook

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Gifts for Groomsmen

The Perfect Gift


Gifts for Groomsmen

Men’s Leather and Silver Bracelets

and Cuff links by Chisel

$45 – $80

Available @ The Jewelers of Lebanon

Brushed Stainless Steel Flask

with Monogramming


GG’s Jewelry & Gifts (615) 449-8594 

Corsair Small Batch Liquors

produced in Nashville, Gin, Red

Absinthe, Quinoa Whiskey & Triple

Smoke Malt Whiskey



Volunteer Traditions Hats, Visors,

Bow Ties, Neck Ties & Belts

$25 – $70


GiftsPicture Frame, Gifts On Main/Monograms Plus $34.95

So cute with the bow and wooden frame can be monogrammed with “Bridesmaids” or a special sentiment
from you to your bestie. This is truly a sweet gift. *Personalization price varies on this item.

Terry Cloth RobeGifts with Monogramming $39.95

Gifts On Main/Monograms Plus

Love this. Wrap your girls up in coziness! Another luxe, pampering,

option to wear while having hair and make up applied!

GiftsAssorted Colored Clutches with Monogramming, Posh on the Square $29.00

While you may be hitched, chances are, some of your girls are still single and out hitting the town. Let this cute & colorful clutch not only complement their style, but serve as a reminder during their Saturday night searches for Mr. Right, if you found your perfect soul mate, they will too!


Oversized Crisp Boyfriend Sleep Shirt with Monogramming,

Gifts On Main/Monograms Plus

Price Upon Request

You can gift these while they are having hair and make up done, so they can just button it off without ruining their look. Love it.

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Boot Camp

The Bridal Boot Camp

The Wedding Weigh Down & Workout Plan


Amber, I want my fiancé and I to look AMAZING in our wedding photos, but I have no idea how to start a fitness program, let alone one that I’ll want to do while dealing with the stress of planning a wedding. I heard you used to be a certified personal trainer, so I figured I would take a chance of writing in to ask where to begin.

–Barbara, Lebanon

A: Congratulations!

There is not a bride in the world that doesn’t want to look (and feel) her absolute best on her big day. Just know there is not a one-sizefits-all bridal boot camp plan. Lucky for you and your new workout buddy there are PLENTY of options right in your backyard that you might just be willing to say “I do” to!

Let’s dive in with a solution that addresses the stress of wedding planning AND provides a solid, full-body workout focused on strength and flexibility.

Artwork or Unity Yoga Room in Mt. Juliet offers Hot Yoga classes that are great for both beginners and the more seasoned yogi. If you like to feel the sweat of Boot Campyour labor while engaging every muscle, ligament, tendon, and organ in your body in a heated room, you should schedule a class with your honey immediately.

You’ll be so centered that when your maid of honor suggests an animal print bridesmaid dress, your response will be, “Namaste.”

Unity Yoga Room:

Now, if your wedding invitations just came in printed with the wrong monogram, maybe it’s best you go take out some frustrations in a mixed martial arts class or a good ol’ CrossFit session! IMA CrossFit in Lebanon offers functional training (meaning it mimics movements you find in everyday life), taking cues from weightlifting, gymnastics, track and field and more to create short, yet intense, daily workouts designed to get you results FAST. In a CrossFit gym, you compete against yourself while enjoying the encouragement and energy of your fellow classmates. Need a room full of fitness maniacs reminding you of the date of your final fitting? This gym is for you!

IMA CrossFit:

Of course, if you want to feel (and look) like it’s back in the day at the club, you should probably give Barry’s Bootcamp in Nashville a try! Every class combines intense cardio with strength training to the beat of the hottest new music under nightclub lighting. Who knows, even your mild-mannered future hubby might find some reception dance inspiration.

After all, the vibe at Barry’s is all about FUN, so you can let their super star trainers whip you back into shape using their easy-to-operate equipment…only this time it’s going to have to be without cosmopolitan or ultra-light beer breaks!

Then again, maybe reminiscing about your wilder days doesn’t quite provide the best conversation material for the future mother-in-law you’re spending a lot more time with. Perhaps a more elegant path to fitness would show her just what a catch her son has. If that’s the case, Mt. Juliet’s Serenite Fitness offers barre classes that are sure to give you the beautiful body of a ballerina. Combining elements of Pilates, Yoga and an emphasis on Classic Barre isometric moves, this fitness method lends to the sculpted, lean body your bridal portrait is begging for. (And it’s mother-in-law approved!)

Yet NONE of these options will truly get you traction if you and your fiancé aren’t committed to a wellrounded, clean nutrition plan. Why did I say you AND your fiancé? Well, because you need to support each other in making the best decisions (including your nutrition) as you prepare for the wedding (and marriage) of your dreams. The key is to ramp up your whole foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and whole grains) while eliminating processed food. Dramatically decreasing the unhealthy fat, sugar and empty calories in your diet is also a must for success. If you are unclear on what this means, meeting with a nutritionist is a GREAT idea to get on the fast track to understanding what foods best fuel your bridal body.

I always recommend that you consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise routine. Likewise, a wellness coach can help hold you accountable to your overall goals, while guiding you through the process and supporting you through the challenges you face along the way. When you have a coach, neither of you are forced to play the bad guy, but there is still someone to give the tough love if either (or both) of you start slacking.

Now, go out there and just start taking action!

Try something new and embrace the experience of working towards a goal with the love of your life. Before you know it you’ll both be wedding picture perfect all about FUN, so you can let their super star trainers whip you back into shape using their easy-to-operate equipment…only this time it’s going to have to be without cosmopolitan or ultra-light beer breaks!

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Peel Experience

The Big Day

Beauty Tips

Whether a bridesmaid or a bride, Necole Bell, owner of Lebanon’s Beauty Boutique has some great tips to have your skin absolutely radiant before the big day!

“Planning most weddings start months ahead with every detail laid out … however, most brides don’t start thinking of their skin and make up until those last few weeks. That’s where the professionals step in.

Beauty Boutique offers a Micro Peel a.k.a. “The Red Carpet Peel”. This 3 step Medical Grade Peel leaves our clients absolutely glowing!! The peel is a combination of dermaplaning (a highly efficient, safe procedure used to clear away dry, dead skin layers), a peeling acid (depending on a clients sensitivity and skin concerns they will determine which strength and acid will be used), lastly followed with CO2 Therapy (CO2 therapy is a clinical skin freezing procedure that increases cellular turnover, and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. You are getting three levels of exfoliation in one session!!

$125-$145 per peel

Erin’s Red Carpet Peel Experience:

“The peel was painless and did not take more than 45 minutes from my day, which was fantastic. Afterwards, my skin felt remarkably smooth and literally glowed. I moisturized intensely the week following the peel and noticed little to no flaking.

Peel Experience

SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay MasqueClay Masque

The Clay mask made up of natural earth clays along with 5%
hydroxy  acid gently exfoliates and decongests clogged pores.

UV Defense

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 

We love this sunscreen because it doesn’t feel or smell like
regular sunscreen instead its super lightweight, mattifying
and is infused with translucent color (tint) so it’s not chalky white.


SkinCeuticals Retexturing Activator 

This resurfacing and replenishment serum exfoliates, hydrates
and promotes new cell migration to the skins surface…
diminishing surface lines and giving skin a softer more radiant glow.

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The Jewels

The Jewels

All things that Sparkle


The JewelsShawn Smith, is owner of The Jewelers in Lebanon. He is incredibly knowledgeable on high quality jewelry and making gorgeous custom designed pieces. He graciously accepted when I asked if he would do a quick Q & A as a favor for our readers.

Straight from the jewelry expert to you:The Jewels

Q: The newest trends in rings…

A: One thing we are seeing is a huge trend towards rose gold and halo variations. Rose gold adds a warm copper tone to the ring. Another trend we are seeing is that our clients are moving toward pieces that are specially designed. They want their ring to be as unique as they are.

Q: Advice to guys on custom designing a piece she’ll like…

A: Custom designing a ring isn’t just for the rich and famous. At my store, we can design about anything. The trick is “what does SHE want?” We can come up with a ring that combines just what she wants, without spoiling the surprise.

Q: What is the cut of stone that will sparkle the most on her finger?

The JewelsA: The sparkle of a stone is directly related to how it is cut. If the proportions are not right thenthe light just dies inside the stone, instead of bouncing back. Certain cuts of stones offer more than others-no matter what. Round brilliant, princess cut, radiant cut and cushion cut are all great stones for sparkle. They have numerous facets that love to reflect light!

Stop by to peruse the store and speak with Shawn or any of his down-to-earth, professional staff on the ring perfect for your engagement, anniversary or any occasion that calls for a token of affection.

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Wedding Fashion

The Fashion

Wedding FashionHere Alex is wearing a crepe wedding dress with raglan sleeves and Chantilly lace back. V-neck draped from the waist. Mocha floral sash-sold separately. On Nick: Khaki Suit from The White Room, Lebanon; Shirt, Tie & shoes, Belk Cool Springs

Wedding FashionCrochet wedding dress with gemstone embroidery and tulle. Sweetheart neckline with narrow crochet straps and plunging V-back. Mermaid, Gown and hair piece, The White Room-Lebanon tulle skirt with crochet strip appliqués. Bracelets: Silpada, Ramona Welch; Faux diamond stud earrings, The Beauty Boutique, Lebanon. Flowers by Henderson’s Flower Shop, Lebanon

 WeddingA formal wedding is ideal for those couples who value elegance and tradition. When it comes to gown elegance, less is more. The clean design of an A-line is always suitable. However, one acceptable area of apparel excess is the train. The more formal your gown, the longer the train. Trains can range from a length of three feet up to nearly eight feet. Alternatively, a ball gown with a full tulle, silk, or satin skirt is a perfect formal look sans train. A long tulle veil (in a length that complements your train) with a “blusher” (the part over the bride’s face as she advances down the aisle) adds to the drama. If you don’t care to wear a veil at all, an up-do is your best bet, especially when worn with a tiara or a beaded comb. Her: (left): Gown, The White Room, Lebanon. Unique pale pink trumpet gown, sweetheart neckline, textured bottom, with button lined back. All Jewelery, The Beauty Boutique, Lebanon Him: All Clothing & Shoes, The White Room, Lebanon

 WeddingFor an evening wedding, the groom may wear a tuxedo (black-tie) or tails (white-tie). Another option is the white tuxedo jacket (very James Bond). When it comes to the formal wedding, you can’t go wrong with a black tux. The “rule” that tuxes should only be worn after 6pm is no longer true. Do yourself a favor and check on the difference between renting and purchasing a tux. Sometimes you might pay only $20-$100 less to rent versus buying. We chose to shoot in-studio for this look with the extremely talented, award winning, Amy Rich owner of Amy Rich Photography in Lebanon. Some couples may choose to shoot their more formal shots inside a studio if the wedding location is small or doesn’t fit the aesthetic they envision for portraits. For flowers, you can’t miss with roses, red or white. Or consider rich colored peonies.

 WeddingHer: (below) Pale pink strapless ballgown featuring layers of airy English net covered with lace applique. Faux diamond stud earrings, The Beauty Boutique, Lebanon. Flowers by Henderson’s Flower Shop, Lebanon Him: All Clothing & Shoes, White Room, Lebanon

WeddingFlowers: Henderson’s Flower Shop Brooches: The White Room, Lebanon

Local wedding venues can help you pull together the perfect ceremony…formal or bohemian.

1. Capitol Theatre Lebanon, TN

2. Lebanon Golf and Country Club

3. Five Oaks Golf and Country Club

4. Wedding Woods, Lebanon, TN

 WeddingThere’s nothing like a classic. From the satin lapels to single breasted jacket with buttoned cuff, the classic black tuxedo embodies the essence of sophisticated style.

Wedding Pink is the new White! More and more brides are choosing blush and pale shades of pink gowns instead of traditional white.WeddingWith all the focus on the dress, sometimes the veil can be an afterthought. A single-tier veil with pencil edge completes Alex’s look and helps create a memorable photo of the couple. Earrings & veil, The White Room, Lebanon.

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Wedding Resource Guide

Styles & Trends – Wedding Resource Guide

We wanted to things a little differently with our 2014 Bridal Issue. First, we gave our bride a groom. Lucky for us our “cover couple,” Alex and Nick, are real life lovebirds. So the chemistry you see on the following pages isn’t just good lighting, it’s real. Second, because we shot in two locations, we decided to print two totally different covers. Whether you want to wear a tiara or a flower wreath, veil or no veil, we hope our coverage helps you find some inspiration before walking down the aisle.

Wedding Resource GuideCredits – Becky Andrews-Shoot Director & Concept

Coordinator – Erin Brown-Wardrobe Stylist and Creative

Contributor – Scott Harris -Guest Creative Director


Amy Rich- Photographer, Indoor Shoot- Amy Rich Photography, 615.335.5529,

Jana Pastors -Photographer, Outdoor Shots

Kindred Moments Photography, 615.818.4646,

Clothing & Jewelry

The White Room, Lebanon –Thank you to ALL of Their Knowledgeable Consultants:

Bridal Gowns, Veils, Accessories, Menswear, 615.449.9756, Belk, Cool Springs Galleria -Menswear–-Frank Giardina, 615.771.3200

Bride’s Bracelets, Contact Silpada Representative Ramona Welch, 615.633.8426

Classic Truck and Car – Randall Clemons & Ray Byrd

Flowers – Henderson’s Flower Shop,, 615 444 3084


Beauty Boutique and Skincare Spa-Thank You to Their Entire Glam Squad: Hair- Laura Beth Ray and Kaitlyn Graves, Spray Tan, Make up & Lashes-Necole Bell, Aesthetician-Sarah Chatley, 615.547.4468, *find them on Facebook!

                                                                                         Wardrobe – Brittany Gargis-Stylist’s Assistant

                                                                                         Models – Alexandria Eva, Nick Mitchell

Boho Chic

We shot our bohemian look on location in Granville, TN. Granville is a beautiful lake community just 30 minutes outside of Wilson County. Our host for the day was Granville native, Randall Clemmons. Randall and his good friend Robert Byrd, even let us use a couple of their classic cars to capture some amazing photos. The shoot was a fun combination of two popular styles-boho, with lots of cool, vintage touches.

Conceptualized and planned by Wilson Living Style and Trends Editor, Erin Brown and our Guest Creative Director, Scott Harris then, photographed by the talented Jana Pastors of Kindred Moments Photography, you’re sure to be inspired by all of the lovely, freespirited details incorporated throughout. We’re in love with the simple, yet incredibly beautiful floral design by Henderson’s Flower Shop in Lebanon.

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