Founders Notes – Mar Aor 2014


Come on spring! 

I don’t know about you but I’m done with freezing temps and ready to open my windows, put on my flip flops and start enjoying sunshine again.

March is almost here and it looks like 2014 is off to a great start. Our website numbers are through the roof because of our digital edition and we couldn’t be more excited to once again offer it. Check it out at and watch the pages and advertisements come to life.

And while our digital edition is great, we are still paper gals at heart and are proud to bring you some amazing features about your neighbors in our print edition.

One that really knocked our socks off was written by Sue Siens about local food ministry, Joseph’s Storehouse. It’s hard to believe that people go hungry every single day in our county but the truth is they do. But those who know the soul of our area, know that if there is a neighbor in need there is usually another neighbor willing to take care of that need. That’s the case with Joseph’s Storehouse Food Ministry. You will be amazed by how God has blessed Joseph’s Storehouse and the people it serves.

Then we turn to another amazing man who served so many. A few months ago, this area suffered a great loss with the sudden death of Jere McCulloch. Those that knew him say this gentle man truly found the good life each and every moment of his day. He is dearly missed but his legacy won’t be forgotten.

Another tribute this month is to our local women paving the way for our future generations. We thought a great way to celebrate Women’s History Month was to celebrate the women in our area who have taken lead roles in government.

Check out our website, Facebook and Twitter for a video of the behind the scenes making of the Cover shoot. Then read all about these women, with their firsthand accounts as to what led them to politics and how they are afraid of nothing now.

Until next time, keep reading…

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Table Of Contents – Mar Apr 2014


         Mar/Apr 2014 Features

6       Notes From Founders  

10     Sabrina Out On the Town

11     Calendar of Events
         Meet Your Neighbor
Joseph’s Storehouse Feeds the Hungry

         About Town
18     Donelson Christian Academy

         Hometown Heroes
21     A Comforting Constant in an Ever Changing World                                                             
         Styles and Trends
28     Local to You

         Spotlight On
32     Women in Politics 

         Mar/Apr 2014 Features

         Celebrate Home
38     Cash in your Closet

         Q & Amber
40     Your Emotional Closet

 Grieving with Hope

         City Between The Lakes
 Cure For the Common Cookie

         Around the Bend
 Dessert Queen of Pleasant Shade 

         Living in the Moment
51     Made In the Glade

         Finding Your Piece Of the Good Life
In Memory Of Jere McCulloch

         Susan Bowman Story
         Out of the Ashes Rise the Angels

ON THE COVER: Celebrating Women

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Jere McCulloch

Jere McCulloch

Jere McCulloch


“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others”  – Pericles

For some men, we erect monuments to mark the achievements of their lives and to remember their passing.  These monuments can take many forms — 

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Lessons Learned…

A feeling of both melancholy and excitement prevails in the Kane household as letter after letter arrives for our oldest, from colleges near and far. As I watch her open each one, I distinctly remember being her age, knowing very little about life, yet believing I knew everything.

As she readies for her journey into this big, wide open world, there is so much I want to be sure I say to her, teach her, show her before she takes off, while deep down I know the real lessons in life will come from figuring it out on her own.

And yet, if she were to indulge me, I’d write it all down for her, place a copy in her suitcase and hope that when she came to that fork in the road, she’d pull out my map of lessons learned and they’d help guide her home.

1. SAY YES! This is your time, say yes to it. Say yes, to staying up all night, eating fattening foods and laughing with friends until tears stream down your face. Say yes, to unknown places, unknown people, unknown ways of thinking. Say yes to opportunities that make no sense, jobs you may not think you’ll like, invitations to events you’d rather not attend. Say yes to roller coasters, dancing on tables, foods you can’t pronounce, trips that consist of only a backpack and a map. Take in all the Yes moments, as those are the ones that’ll teach who you are and who you’re not.

2. SAY NO! Follow your instincts and if you feel the word No deep within your gut, then be sure to shout it out, as loudly as you can! You’ll be amazed how strong that word can make you feel. Never do anything that feels wrong, hurts others or hurts yourself. There is no shame in not joining with the crowd but there is no greater shame than knowing you did something your parent’s can’t be proud of. The word No can be the loneliest word in the world and yet you will grow to be the person you are meant to be, more so in the No moments, than even in the Yes moments.

3. MISTAKES HAPPEN. No one is perfect and those who profess to be are usually the most flawed. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, the kind that still make me cringe. Don’t dwell on them though. So you said it, did it, meant it at the time and now know to never do it again. Admit it, accept it and move on. Believe me, there is always someone that will follow, that’ll earn an even bigger headline than you did.

4. SAY I’M SORRY. I’ve learned this little gem after almost two decades of practicing law. I see it every day. People can save themselves so many headaches and heartaches by saying two simple words – I’m sorry. Say it and mean it. If the person doesn’t accept it, then show them you mean it. If they still can’t forgive you then know that some things can’t be forgiven but forgive yourself and do better next time.

5. MARRY THE NICE GUY. Boys, boys boys! There are lots out there and you will meet many. Some will have the better cars and country club credentials, others will be cocky and crazed, some will be stupid and mean but look past all of them and find the nice guy sitting back, taking it all in. Your friends will all like him, your Mother will adore him, your Dad will respect him, he’ll love you even on your meanest, fattest, ugliest of days because he only sees the you, you are meant to be. Marrying a nice guy means a life filled with very few worries. He will always treat you as his equal, he will always work just as hard as you will to make your dreams come true, he will always be as kind to you as he is to others.

6. NEVER SAY THE WORDS – I WANT TO MARRY A DOCTOR OR LAWYER. Instead be the lawyer, doctor, teacher, social worker or x-ray tech! If I’ve taught you anything, I hope it’s been that girls can do anything! You are smart, composed and brave. Education is more than just learning, it’s the power to create your own destiny.

7. THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS NO, UNLESS YOU ASK. Believe me, I know it’s hard to ask people for a job, a favor, a piece of advice but you’ll be amazed by what you will learn if you just ask. And then never forget to pay it forward. People are going to help you along the way which means that one day you will be tasked with returning those favors, two-fold, to someone less fortunate.

8. PICK YOUR TEAM. Nothing gets your old Mom more worked up than people who don’t pick their team. Not everyone will be on your team and not everyone will pick you for their team, but don’t ever sit on the fence. Pick your team and then fight for that team. Stay loyal, have their back, stay informed, this is your world and if you don’t take a stand for it, then you can’t complain about it.

9. BE KIND, WORK HARD, LAUGH OFTEN. If you remember nothing else please remember these three things. Be kind to everyone you meet, even your enemies because that totally wigs them out. Be kind to people from all walks of life, because but for a few wrong choices or a few unlucky breaks, you could be them. Work hard. Nothing in life comes easy. You have to work for it, you have to work sometimes till the words on the paper become blurry and your bones become sore. You will come to find, however, that there is no better feeling than accomplishing a goal you earned on your own. Then Laugh. Enjoy this world, laugh out loud, smile, giggle, be funny and have fun. A good laugh can make even the worst of days, worst of experiences, worst of situations, 1000 times better.

10. GOOD GUYS FINISH FIRST. I promise you they do! Yes, there are awful, untrustworthy people in this world and sometimes it seems they rule the roost. No doubt, mean girl clicks and good ole’ boy networks do exist. So what? Create your own. There are always more of us than them. Find those others, stand together, and you’ll be amazed what good people can do when they join forces.

And above all else, close your eyes and jump! You may tumble and fall but eventually you’ll stand on your own two feet and those same feet will carry you home.

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Miracles do happen, you just have to believe…

I’m not sure if I should be offended or rejoicing, considering I’ve just been disinvited to my son’s soccer tournament. Our youngest has been playing soccer since as far back as my 40 something year old brain can remember.  

First we played on recreational leagues, then moved up to travel leagues and now we play soccer year-round with indoor leagues as well. I say “we” because “we” have either coached, driven to, or attended soccer games for the last million years. And while “we” always means Brody, “we” has sometimes included, myself, as well. And while I admit I’m not as avid a fan as some unnamed, super parent whose name rhymes with Frody, I’m still there in body…most of the time.

Do I love my son? Of course.

Do I love that he loves soccer? Well, of course.

Do I love soccer. Nope, I don’t. (See, Brody, I said it and lightening didn’t strike!)

Nothing against the sport or my son, but I would rather do about anything than watch people play soccer. Up and down the field, up and down the field…it’s maddening.

And then there have been times, where I’ve just been sitting there, minding my own business, playing on my phone and WHAM!!!, been nailed in the head by the ball. A fact that greatly amuses Brody and the other soccer parents, since I’m the only parent this ever happens to. For this reason, over the years, I’m the first to volunteer to take another one of our children to an event, or wait for the cable guy to arrive, anytime between eight and midnight, instead of going to yet another game.

So this past weekend, a two-day long tournament was scheduled to be played in Whitehouse. That’s right, Whitehouse. For those unfamiliar with Whitehouse, it is a long way away. And as far as cellular service, are you kidding? Indoor soccer in Whitehouse is like the circus coming to town and I’ve been there, done that, twice, one of which I got nailed in the head by the soccer ball much to the delight of Frody and his soccer loving parent posse.

So as I was trying to think of a million reasons (or at least one decent one) to somehow extricate myself from another Whitehouse weekend adventure, I noticed Brody and Neill were exchanging looks. Finally my youngest blurted out,”I don’t want you to come.”

What???? – I thought to myself. You don’t want me to come? Are you kidding me, I birthed you, fed you and have spent countless hours of my life sitting on hard as a rock bleachers for you and you don’t want me to come! Brody could tell I was on the verge of losing my soccer hating, ever loving mind, when he said, “Don’t get upset, he doesn’t want you there because he thinks you’re bad luck. He noticed that the last few times you came, they lost, then you didn’t come to the last game and they won.”

And just like that….the heavens opened up, I could hear the angels singing and the light shining down on me was blinding…absolutely blinding. I can no longer attend soccer games because if I do, my son that I adore, will lose. Honestly, I couldn’t have written a better ending if I tried.

Who is the super parent now? Oh hello…that would be me!

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Miracles do happen, you just have to believe…

I’m not sure if I should be offended or rejoicing, considering I’ve just been disinvited to my son’s soccer tournament. Our youngest has been playing soccer since as far back as my 40 something year old brain can remember.

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