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Meet the Prom 2013 Models

Meet the Prom Models - Wilson Living Magazine Megan Holtgraewe (pictured right) is a senior at Lebanon High School. Sorry guys, she already has a date for prom.

Maleigha Oldham (second from right) isn’t quite ready for prom. At 13 years old, Maleigha is not only our tallest model, she’s also the youngest. She can’t wait to begin her high school career beginning fall of 2014 at Lebanon High School.

One of our most animated models, click Payton Bush (left) is a Sophomore at Lebanon High School. She was the life of the party.

He’s one lucky guy! 17 year old Wilson Central junior, Nicholas Rich was our sole Male model for the prom shoot. Nicholas was a great sport and kept the humor going throughout the entire day.

Get the Perfect Prom Hair

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Megan Holtgraewe - Wilson Living Magazine

Get the Perfect Prom Hair

Megan Holtgraewe - Wilson Living MagazineMegan Holtgraewe

The Vintage Wave

For Megan’s hair, Ashlie used Aquage Shine Spray for shine and heat protection, then used a triple barrel curling iron that creates medium waves in the hair. In 2 inch sections Ashlie started at the crown and ran the iron all the way down the hair shaft. To set, Ashlie fi nished off with a spray of Kendra Super Hold hairspray. All the products used can be purchased at Aqua Bella Spa and Hair Studio.

Maleigha Oldham - Wilson Living MagazineMaleigha Oldham

Classic Chic Up-Do

Prom is the perfect occasion to sport an ‘up-do’ but Maleigha’s up-do is a work of art. Master Hair Artist, Jennie Walpole used Minardi Glisten Drops before styling, then set the look with Joico Power spray, followed by a generous amount of Joico Humidity Blocker. All products can be purchased at Asante Salon and Spa. Adding a hair accessory to coordinate with her dress completes Maleigha’s look.

Payton Bush - Wilson Living MagazinePayton Bush

Old Hollywood Sweep with broach

Master Hair Artist, Kim Bush used Joico Kpak Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil for shine and Joico Power Spray Fast Drying Finishing Spray for hold. To get the style, Kim wrapped sections of Payton’s hair around the outside of a 1 inch curling iron. For added effect, Payton is wearing hair extensions, a specialty of Kim’s. Call for pricing on hair extensions.

All hair accessories and broaches can be purchased at The White Room


Joico Power Spray allows up to seventy two hours to rearrange your hairstyle without losing its fine shine and humidity fighting ability. Get touchable styling with this hairspray. $16 at Asante Spa and Hair Studio


Ultra-light silicones give brilliant shine. Emollient technology helps silken and also smooth curly texture. $25 at Aqua Bella Spa & Hair Studio


A must for unpredictable Tennessee weather. Finishing spray forms a protective shield to lock out humidity, eliminate frizz and provide longlasting, light hold. $20 at Asante Spa and Hair Studio


Maximizes gloss and color reflection. Sweet almond oil, antioxidants and natural conditioners create a luxurious shine elixir. $24 Asante Spa and Hair Studio


With Crest 3D White 2-Hour Express Whitestrips you’ll have noticeably whiter teeth in just two hours. Great for unexpected events! Apply once for two hours and get noticeable results that last for months. While Crest White Strips is an acceptable ‘quick fix’ for better and longer lasting results, Dr Aaron Pryor with Pryor Family Dentistry recommends custom teeth whitening trays. Call 615-444-7999 for pricing.

Make-up Tips from the Experts

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Lipstick and gloss - Wilson Living Magazine

Make-up Tips from the Experts

 “Keep it light and fresh! Use neutral colors and shimmery mineral eyeshadows. If you wear a heavier eye makeup keep the lips nude with a little gloss or if you wear a bolder lip shade, lightly dust the eyelids with a neutral shadow. Instead of wearing a heavy liner on your eyes, add a set of strip eyelashes to create defi nition for your eye and length for your lashes.”

“If you have a fair skin tone, use a mineral foundation with pink undertones. For even coverage use a foundation brush to apply base. To set the makeup for all day wear, I recommend Mirabella perfecting powder.”

Lipstick and gloss - Wilson Living Magazine


High-pigment fashion shades go on smoothly and stay put with no bleeding. $24 at Aqua Bella Spa & Hair Studio


This shimmery, high-quality gloss adds instant eye-catching color to the lips to make them stand out for hours. $25 at Aqua Bella Spa & Hair Studio

Powder - Wilson Living MagazineMIRABELLA PERFECTING POWDER

Perfect for setting your foundation for long lasting, melt-proof staying power. $26 at Aqua Bella Spa & Hair Studio


Brush - Wilson Living MagazineThe synthetic wide foundation brush minimizes waste of product and gives even coverage. $38 at Aqua Bella


The blender brush provides lightweight application of foundation. Also works well with cream and powder foundation, blush and bronzer. $42 at Aqua Bella Spa & Hair Studio

We Need Your Help… Donate Your Used Prom Dress

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We Need Your Help - Donate Your Dress

We Need Your Help

Attention girls, we need your help! Do you have dresses in the back of your closet that you have worn once and will never wear again? Do you know those people that have dresses upon dresses in a closet? What about the girls with a closet full of shoes they will never use? Well, we have a solution for you to take those items out of your closet and put them into a girl’s hands.

We Need Your Help - Donate Your DressSeveral Youth Leadership Wilson students have volunteered to make prom dreams come true for everyone. Those include: Ashlee Agee (FCS), Brittany Petry (FCS), Amelia Haddock (FCS), Sam Anasky (LHS), Sarah Griffi th (MJHS), Eleese Huddleston (Lebanon), and Sydnee Steverson (WCHS).Youth Leadership Wilson is teaming up with Friendship Christian in “Operation Prom” to collect any items a girl may need for prom: dresses, shoes, jewelry, makeup, hair accessories, etc. These items can be new or used, big or small, it doesn’t matter, we accept it all. Our mission is to help girls from Sneedville, Tennessee have the necessitates they would need to go to prom.

This has been done for a couple of years now, but not many are aware of it. We hope that this will become a topic of conversation around Wilson County and that it will gain a lot of support. We need your help to spread the word!

If you or anyone you know would be willing to donate items for these girls, we would greatly appreciate any item and the girls would too. There are two locations where these items can be dropped off:  Lebanon Chemical and/or Friendship Christian School. The deadline to turn in items is April 1, 2013. Please join us in making this an experience the girls will never forget.


  • DCA Junior/Senior Banquet is April 13th
  • Middle Tennessee Home Education Association’s
  • Banquet is April 19th
  • Friendship Christian School Prom is April 20th
  • Mt. Juliet High School’s Prom is April 27th
  • Mt. Juliet Christian Academy Prom is April 27th
  • McClain Christian Academy Prom is April 27th
  • Middle Tennessee Home School Prom is May 10th
  • Lebanon High School’s Prom is May 11th
  • Watertown High School’s Prom is May 11th
  • Wilson Central High School’s Prom is May 11th

Host a Post-prom Party

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Host a Post-prom Party!

Host a Post-prom Party

Host a Post-prom Party!

The after-prom party has taken a twist in recent years as parents have teamed up to sponsor alcohol-and drug-free celebrations in their home or other venues. The challenge is to make the party so entertaining that teens will want to attend. If you are planning to host an ‘After Prom Party/Breakfast’ here’s a helpful list of Do’s and Don’ts a few parents offered Wilson Living…


  1. Buy LOTS of food
  2. Talk to as many parents ahead of time to reassure them you will be there and to get their expectations
  3. Get their (the parents) phone #s (home and cell) and email addresses
  4. Label all car keys before having the kids put them all in a basket (and take ALL keys even of kids who didn’t drive– they sometimes “trade” keys)
  5. Go over the ground rules with the kids before the party begins. It is a NO-ALCOHOL party, and any found/seen will be confiscated, parents will be notified to pick you up from the party
  6. Have lots of pillows and blankets
  7. Have fun! Be a parent but not a policeman
  8. Have only one brand of water bottles that you put out with your sodas, and make it an off brand
  9. Carry the kid’s overnight bags into your house. The unduly heavy ones (with contraband) can be easily identified
  10. Have the adults sleep in shifts, so you can get a little sleep and always have an adult awake


  1. Expect to get any sleep
  2. Put out orange juice early that is meant for breakfast (it may get spiked)
  3. Turn down any offers of food from other parents
  4. Turn down any offers from other parents to keep you company during any part of the night
  5. Rent any movies or videogames without your kid expressly asking for it or they will think whatever you got is lame
  6. Let them close any doors, except for the assigned boy/girl sleeping areas (and check them)
  7. Embarrass your kid too badly! (No matter how hard you try, something is bound to embarrass them)
  8. Be surprised that the kids think they can pull one over on you. They forget we all were young once
  9. Be surprised to find out that it is sometimes the girls who try to sneak in the contraband
  10. Run outside barefoot the next morning without watching out for rocks or garden edging (‘spoken from experience!’ said one Wilson Living reader)

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Friendship Christian - The Future

Friendship Christian School – A look back and… into the future

Friendship Christian - The FutureFriendship Christian School has come a long way since 1973 when it was founded with 58 students, in borrowed classroom facilities, at the old College Street Church building in Lebanon. Today, the school has more than 550 students from Pre-K through 12th grade and sits on 50 acres on Coles Ferry Pike.

Over the years, the school has added several student complexes, outstanding sports facilities and a Performing Arts Center and stands as one of the area’s most prestigious Christian schools. Jon Shoulders has been President of FCS since 2002 and couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for the school.

Continue reading “Friendship Christian School – A look back and… into the future”

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