Girl singer

Girl Singer

Girl singer

Wilson County’s Lacy Jay Syler debuts country album at 14

Kitty Wells, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton. Back in the day, they called ’em girl singers.

Girl SingerOf course, they were all women, but some of them really were girls: Brenda Lee, Tanya Tucker and LeAnne Rimes rocketed up the country charts as teenagers. And now Mt. Juliet’s Lacy Jay Syler, freshly turned 14, has notched No. 1 hits on CMG Radio charts with “That’s What Girls Do” and “Troublemaker.” (CMG Radio, based in Burkburnett, Texas, has 150 online stations, which play the songs of country singers on independent labels, and is associated with an international network of radio stations.)

With her debut album, “Livin’ My Life,” produced by Lebanon’s T. Jae Christian, just released on CD, Syler, a Wilson Central High School freshman, proves that she was born to sing country songs.

“Music has always been in my family. Since I couldn’t read, they taught me songs by singing them to me, and I was memorizing them when I was 2. It was pretty much mostly country,” said Syler, who lives on a Mt. Juliet farm.

The teenager inherited her flair for country music from her grandparents Buck and Connie McCarty, whom she calls “Oompa” and “Meemee.” The two performed as Buck McCarty and the Buckskins, along with Syler’s mother Jodi and her uncle Matthew (nicknamed “Uncle Bubba”) also playing in the band.

 In mid-November, Syler performed three of the songs from her album at a songwriters’ roundup at the Commodore Grill at Holiday Inn Express in Nashville. “That was really great,” she recalled. “My uncle played the guitar for me since he wrote six of the songs on my album. . . . I am learning guitar. My Oompa and my brother and my Uncle Bubba and everybody is teaching me to play. T. Jae, my manager, gave me his guitar as my early Christmas present. It’s beautiful.”

Syler’s mother Jodi McCarty Woloszyn decided about three years ago that her youngster was earnest about wanting to pursue a musical career.

“She really, really loved to entertain and had shown interest in the family shows we did and picked songs and practiced. She said, ‘I really want to be a singer.’ When she was 13, T. Jae Christian with Universal Sounds had gotten a hold of my mom and dad and asked about her,” Woloszyn said.

“My brother had songs he had written a long time ago. Then he wrote ‘Country Boy’ and ’Dear John’ for Lacy. With Matthew’s writing ability and Lacy’s singing ability, there were no holds barred.”

Mom said her daughter’s voice is diffiicult to describe: “She’s got her own sound.” Syler added, “It’s original. It’s different than everybody… I’ve learned some stuff just comes to me. I don’t even try and it comes out, and it’s like, ‘Whoa,’ how did that come out? It’s really bred into me. I’ve got country roots.” 

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Jack Pratt with his parents on the farm

Farm Raised

Life is peachy-keen for Jack Pratt, Jr.

Jack Pratt with his parents on the farm

Story by Jack Pratt, Jr.

The road that leads to my piece of the good life is not lined with gold. It is neither in a major city nor does it lead to the hub of global influence. It doesn’t even have curbs. It just has a double yellow line and many hills and curves. But if you take Trousdale Ferry Pike east of Lebanon for about five miles you will find where my good life starts and ends each day

Continue reading “Farm Raised”

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Angel & Becky

Notes from the Founders – Jan Feb 2013

 Angel & BeckySo, if you are reading this, you can safely conclude the Mayans were wrong! We survived and 2013 is here for the taking.

To get us ready for all that 2013 will bring, we asked a group of local professionals to impart their knowledge on finances, estate planning, health, nutrition and organization. Be sure to check out these informative pages as their advice will prepare you for the wonderful year ahead.

Music is in the air. Can you hear it? And it sounds like it is coming from Mt. Juliet. Both Randy Rudder and Ken Beck wrote wonderful pieces this issue about up and coming musical artists. It’s amazing the talent we have here in Wilson County and you will enjoy getting to meet your musically inclined neighbors this issue.

Recently, I invited Jack Pratt and his lovely wife, Kalee, over for dinner. When they arrived, I asked Jack if he had any trouble finding our house. Jack laughed and said “I’m the Property Assessor, I know where everyone lives!” In an instant, he made everyone feel like we had known him for years and years! Jack and his family are well-known in the area because of their down-to-earth attitudes and their willingness to support this community. We have always admired Jack and were thrilled when he agreed to share how he found the good life in Wilson County with all of our readers.

Valentines Day is around the corner, do you have any special plans for the day? Well, here is something out of the box – how about taking the Excursion Train to Watertown. Watertown continues to amaze us with its constantly changing and improving square. If you haven’t ventured that way lately, then you need to. Brody and I spent a wonderful Saturday in Watertown exploring the square, visiting with old and new friends and trying out their new restaurants. Everyone is so friendly in Watertown and the local artisans showcase some amazing products. We will be trying the Excursion Train ourselves, we hope to see you there!

And be sure to check out Roy’s Reflections this issue. Roy inspires us to say, ‘thank you’to everyone from our past who shaped us to be who we are today and who we want to be in 2013.

Until Next Time,

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Angel Kane
Becky Andrews

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Ken Beck - Wilson Living MagazineKen Beck – Ken is a seasoned journalist with more than four decades of experience. He spent 31 of those years as a feature, entertainment and travel reporter as a Tennessean staff member. Ken has written numerous books including more than a half dozen about his favorite subject, Andy Griffith.


Randy Rudder – Randy has a MFA in creative writing from the University of Memphis. Currently, he works as a writer/ producer for the Christian Broadcasting Network and a freelance entertainment writer. He is also the author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music Edition”.


Sue Siens – Sue has a long career in communications. She worked in healthcare, public relations and marketing, economic and community development, and has enjoyed many years of writing for a multitude of publications and audiences in both the public and government sectors.


Brody Kane – Brody is a Wilson County attorney practicing with law firm of McBrien & Kane. He is past President of the Wilson County Bar Association, past President of the Lebanon Breakfast Rotary and is currently on the Board of Directors for Wilson County United Soccer League and is a Commissioner for the Water & Wastewater Authority. 


Roy W Harris – Roy is a writer, journalist and published author. Roy writes a regular inspiration column for Wilson Living Magazine and is a published writer in One Magazine. His book Caring for the Caregiver; a book designed to help those providing primary care for terminally ill loved ones, is now available in 27 countries around the world.


Erin Brown – Erin holds a degree in Apparel Design from MTSU. Erin has worked with top design teams like Ralph Lauren, J Crew and her favorite Henri Bendel’s. She has also attended the incredibly prestigious New York Fashion Week numerous times getting to hang backstage at Marc Jacobs, Luca Luca and Vera Wang


Dr. John Gallaher – Dr. John Gallaher keeps us in the know about all the fabulous places to eat in and around Wilson County. John has been writing his restaurant review column, ‘Dining with Doc’ for nearly two years. Dr. Gallaher is an optometrist and owns and operates Gallaher Eye Care in Lebanon, TN.

Elizabeth Scruggs
Elizabeth Scruggs – Elizabeth is a mother, business owner and entrepreneur. Elizabeth is a general contractor and owner of Superior Construction and Design. She is also a master organizer and decorator. Elizabeth is Wilson Living’s newest contributor. Get ready to read all about design, organization and remodeling in upcoming issues.

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“How’s That Workin’ For Ya??”

This now famous phrase Dr. Phil coined when he first began on television was what was going through my head as I looked at my little wallet that I use for gift cards and such.  The answer was- it’s NOT!

This is what I had:

Notice the rips at the seams…

which is the result of trying to cram too many cards into one sleeve. 

Now mind you, when I started using this as my way of keeping up with gift cards and such, it was before children and before every store in the world started offering a reward card.  Now I have so many that when I do remember to use them, I can’t find them, or worse- they have expired or I have lost my points, etc.  It was time for a change.

I decided to take my own advice and implement one of the tips I posted on my Facebook page months ago.

All you need is a simple coupon binder- $1 at our local dollar store.

Separate your store cards, refunds, coupons, gift cards, etc. by category however you’d like.  Label your sections and wa-la!  A perfectly organized place for cards and coupons of all sorts- with room to expand!

Now you can get really crafty and make colorful labels and such, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.  But this simple fix took me all of 15 minutes, and I have everything in one place.  Also, the very last tab I made for receipts, which will come in extremely handy this time of year!

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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