Telling Tales – The audacity of being real

By BECKY ANDREWS, Wilson Living Magazine
Raise your hand if you’re perfect. If you’ve never made a mistake, raised your voice at your children, husband, friend or parent, cursed at an idiot driver, cursed at an idiot driver in front of your children, lied about your age, weight (or in Angel Kane’s case), your height, drank or ate too much. If you did raise your hand, pat yourself on the back.

Liar! Seriously, most of us have made one or more errors in judgment. That is life. And for someone to admit that they are not perfect, well this is the first step to being real. That takes a lot of audacity, being real.

I admit… I, Becky Horan Andrews have made a fool of myself on more occasions than I’d like to admit. And trust me if there were no witnesses to some of my little embarrassments, I would gladly lie and say, ‘No, I would never drink a little too much red wine and call my best friend a Polly Pocket.’  OR… ‘In college we spent those years, reading the bible, praying and eating milk and cookies’. But alas, I’m a little too transparent. If there is something you’re embarrassed about, trust me, I’ve probably got a story that will make you feel better.

I foolishly thought that when I graduated from college, I also earned a degree in adulthood that somehow would guard me from making mistakes or making a fool of myself. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Not long after my husband and I purchased our first home, I wanted to sell it. It was too far from everything, we didn’t have neighbors AND we couldn’t get cable! We were living like animals. But I had no one to blame but yours truly. My dear sweet husband reminded me of this one day after I demanded we sell our home even though we’d only bought it 6 weeks prior. He was right. I remember calling him to tell him I found our first home. He loved the house and location but kept asking me, “Are you sure, there’s not much around?” I thought I’d made the biggest mistake of my life. But then we settled in, had two little boys, made a ton of memories and eventually got cable.

I quit my job in television news not long before I gave birth to my oldest child. I was living in a different state from my husband and really wanted to be home. I couldn’t justify a 3 hour one way commute. When my arrival date approached, I knew my unborn child would have to weigh at least 10 pounds to explain the amount of weight I’d gained. When he arrived, the first thing I thought was not, ‘Oh he is so precious. I love him so much.’ Nope, instead I thought, “He’s not 10 pounds. Oh God, that little twit of an obstetrician was right, potato chips should never be considered a vegetable!”  But it turns out my little boy was just the perfect size, even if his mother wasn’t.

It’s impossible to glide through life perfectly. There’s not much fun in that anyway. What’s the use of gaining life experience and not sharing it? It’s tough when we mess up but, it’s a tragedy when we’re not honest about it. Being real is a beautiful thing… Who knew!?


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WLM - Ms Edna Bennett's first class at Pixie School

Roots & Relationships Reap Rewards for Local Businesswoman

By Susie James

Having recently learned to embrace my age, I was motivated to take a look back and realize how deeply my roots are planted in this little community we call Wilson County.

WLM - Ms Edna Bennett's first class at Pixie SchoolI was born at McFarland Hospital, attended the first class of Mrs. Edna Bennett’s Pixie School, in the basement of her home, and if I close my eyes I can almost smell the peanut butter cookies from the lunchroom and see the big wide halls in the old McClain Elementary School from the late 1960s. I started with the first class of Friendship Christian School in 1973 at the old College Street Church of Christ, a congregation that I have attended my entire life and still do today at College Hills. After attending Lebanon High School for my freshman year, I returned to FCS and graduated back when our only school colors were green and white! I was somewhat shy back then, but I met so many people, both at LHS and FCS and have always treasured those relationships. I still have a lot of the same friends from school and those connections are strong as many of them also stayed here to enjoy the good life.

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WLM - 1958 Kindergarten Class

Kindergarten Forgiveness

By Roy W Harris

Labor Day was once the point of demarcation for all school age children signaling the end of summer fun and the beginning of another nine months of new classrooms, new teachers, new classmates and evenings of homework. School year schedules have changed and many school systems begin classes a month before Labor Day and some continue with extended schedules throughout the year.WLM - 1958 Kindergarten Class

Can you remember your first day of school? I remember mine well. I was a short, redheaded, freckle faced five-year-old little boy on my way to kindergarten. Jerry Swallows, a playmate of mine was also headed on this great new adventure with me. The Simmons boys, who lived two houses up the street from us, had prepped me for the biggest event in my short young life. In great detail they warned me of the horrors that awaited little unsuspecting boys. They alerted me to watch out for one thing in particular. Located on the outskirts of our town was a Reform School, a home for delinquent children as they were called in those days. We passed it each time we drove to the park. The Simmons boys told me that my elementary school officials would pick out certain little boys, make them line up and then follow a woman out of the room. Those boys would then be driven to Reform School and would never see their parents again.

We passed through the front doors of the elementary school and mom dropped me off with the other five-year-olds. We were sequestered in a big room. Well, you guessed it. They announced that if your name was called that you were to get in line and follow Miss so and so. I began to cry and did not want to go. I told Jerry to please tell my mom goodbye for me. What a mean, dirty trick for older boys to play on an innocent, trusting and unsuspecting little boy. Obviously, the school offi cials had so many five-yearolds that they were dividing the group into classes, and each one of us were assigned to follow our new teacher to our new classroom.

WLM - Washington School where Roy spent his first day of schoolYou will never know how wonderful it felt to see my mom walk through the door and pick me up later in the day. I was really scared by the whole ordeal. I didn’t tell anyone about it, but I never forgot it. I’ve gotten over it, but I still have a little chill run down my spine when I enter elementary schools (not really). I moved on, forgave the Simmons boys, and Marcus (aka Bug) became one of my closest neighborhood friends.

All of us can relate experiences about when people have done us wrong. I can remember telling my parents: “that isn’t fair.”

In a perfect world no one would ever deceive, mistreat or hurt anyone else. But unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world, and life certainly is not always fair. One of the hardest things in life to do, is forgive. It seems to come more easily to children. They forgive little conflicts with their siblings and playmates. Within minutes the whole affair is forgotten, and they are playing together again. With adults, it is not as simple. The older we get, the harder it seems be to forgive. Forgiveness is an act that does as much, if not more, for the forgiver as the forgiven.

What does forgiving someone who has wronged us, do for us? It frees us from the control of the inner hurt they’ve caused us. Many times people who’ve mistreated us don’t lose three seconds sleep over the whole matter. We may carry it for days, months and yes, even years. They forget completely about it, but we relive it over and over again. We are captivated in the prison of our own thoughts. A decision to forgive, even though the person may not have asked for forgiveness, frees us from the prison of our own hurt feelings and helps us move on with life.

Forgiveness is an essential part of a warm and happy marriage. It was once said that a happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers. Forgiveness is essential in the work place if we are to get along with people and learn to be content with our jobs. Forgiveness is essential with our neighbors. I once knew of two ladies who didn’t speak to each other for over twenty years because one lady’s chickens strayed into the garden of the other. What a waste. Twenty years of friendship sacrificed over some chickens and tomatoes.

Forgiveness is essential on the highway. I know there are bad drivers out there who cut us off and do inconsiderate things. Forgiving at that moment may keep us from saying or doing something we may regret later.

The scriptures teach us that if we want peace and God’s forgiveness, then we must forgive others. It is not easy, and it sometimes takes us a while to arrive there. But we are the winners when we forgive. We have much to gain when we forgive others and much to lose when we do not. So don’t stay in the prison of hurt and mistreated feelings.

Forgive early, forgive generously, forgive completely and forgive eternally. You’ll be the WINNER. Remember that old saying: “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

Roy is a national Conference, Seminar and Retreat speaker and can be contacted at or view his website at

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WLM - Pryor Dentistry

Pryor Family Dentistry & Associates

WLM - Pryor Dentistry

His roots run deep in Wilson County.  Dr Aaron Pryor grew up in Lebanon, playing school sports, meeting friends at the Martin Triple for a movie, he even met his future wife, Mandy, when they were students at Lebanon High School.  So when it came time to start his professional career, it was no surprise that he and his family decided to move back to Lebanon.  Not long after graduating from Cumberland University, Pryor graduated first in his class from McHarry Medical College, School Of Dentistry.

Upon graduating from Dental School, Dr Pryor served as a dentist in the United States Air Force where he earned more than 500 hours WLM - Staff at Pryor Dentistryof continuing dental education.  While stationed at Elgin Air Force Base, Dr Pryor completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry.  During this time he was trained in all aspects of general dentistry and sedation techniques.  Dr Pryor was also awarded a Meritorious Service Medal while stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base.  His training and experience in sedation dentistry allows Dr Pryor to treat even those who have felt uneasy about visiting the dentist.  The staff at Pryor Dentistry understands the art of sedation as well as gentle, caring and quality dental treatment.  Besides being a dental office for the entire family, Dr Pryor has you covered when it comes to restorative procedures.  In fact he's currently using a CAD/CAM CEREC machine which allows him to complete crowns in a single visit.  Let the staff at Pryor Dentistry help restore your teeth to a dazzling shine without having to endure the stress involving multiple trips to the dentist.  He is a member of the Dental Organization for Conscious sedation.  Visit Pryor Dentistry at their state of the art office in Lebanon, or their location in Mt Juliet.

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WLM - Aqua Bella

Aqua Bella – Day Spa & Salon

WLM - Aqua Bella


If you live in the Wilson County area odds are you’ve heard of Aqua Bella Day Spa and Hair Studio in Mt. Juliet. Aqua Bella is conveniently located across from Providence Marketplace at 151 Adams Lane. As one of Mt. Juliet’s most popular salons, Aqua Bella is owned and operated by Lisia Tucker. Lisia has been in the beauty and skin care industry for more than 29 years.

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Dining with Doc

Dining With Doc.

WLM - Dining With Doc
I have reviewed many great places to eat, but this is by far the most interesting restaurant with the most interesting menu I have encountered. For all of you Thai food neophytes, let me first try to explain what Thai food is. It is NOT just some glorified version of Chinese food or even Indian, though you will see some things at a Thai restaurant that look very similar to each of those cuisines. Yes, there are some familiar looking dishes for the timid, unadventurous diner such as fried rice, lomein noodles and curry dishes. But that is where the similarity ends. Authentic Thai food is in a category all its own, and I challenge anyone who has never tried it, to open their minds (and their mouths), and I promise, you will not be disappointed.

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WLM - Various works on display at the Art Center's Cultural Museum

Experience the Art of Middle Tennessee


WLM - Various works on display at the Art Center's Cultural MuseumThe Middle Tennessee region has a rich history in the arts. From the unique crafts that evolved from necessity, to the sounds of the old-time music passed down through the generations, Middle Tennessee has developed a distinctive style all its own. But, whether you enjoy live stage productions, artwork, or the diverse styles of pottery and jewelry created in the area, there is a place where you can find something for every interest.

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WLM - Kellie Mires

Fall Fashion

WLM - Kellie MiresWLM - Jerri Anne JonesWLM - Lynda Burge

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Age is …. relative

By ANGEL KANE, Wilson Living Magazine
We recently traveled to visit the newest member of our family. Her name is Ana, my brother’s third child. As I held her all weekend, my husband knew what was coming….

…with her baby powder smell, adorable, pink onesies and warm, little snuggles…

…there was no doubt about it.

So, I said it loud and clear for everyone to hear, “She is so precious. I think I should have another baby!” 

To which my sister-in-law responded…

But first – a word about my sister-in-law.

I only have one sibling, my younger brother. Six years my junior, he was really too young to play with, so instead, he became my indentured servant. We did everything together. And he did everything I told him to do… that was… until he married HER.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things I like about HER. She is ultra-OCD. Everything and everybody has its place. In many ways, I broke my brother in, just for her…so she kind of owes me!

And as I was sitting, cooing over her newest baby, and telling everyone within earshot that I was definitely going to have a fourth child,

SHE hollered from the kitchen…“You can’t have another baby! You are too old!”

I immediately looked at my little brother. His mouth was open, aghast, at what SHE had said to ME.  My husband, on the other hand, sat back laughing…ready for the show!   

“What did you say to me???!!!! I am not old! I am only 40, six years older than you! And for your information, there are lots of people my age, who are only now having their first child.”

SHE then made her way from the kitchen to where we were all sitting,

“You traded in your mini-van, turned your playroom into a media room, joined a gym and every time we talk are threatening to botox those wrinkles between your eyes…YOU are now too old to have a baby!”

Later that day, as we drove home, my husband said, “I thought you were going to take her out when she made that “old” comment, but instead you let it go.”

“Well, I figure she is on her third kid, which means she owns a dirty van, her playroom is littered with half naked Barbies and various Uno cards, her only form of exercise is yelling at her kids and those furrows between her eyes will only get deeper with each and every day that Ana doesn’t sleep through the night.

I, on the other hand, am going to spend the money I would have spent on HER Christmas gift, on Botox!”  

To read more of Angel and Becky’s columns, go to and hit Blogs.

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WLM - Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Back To Basics / Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Here’s my “personal stylist cheat sheet” to achieving that coveted effortless chic look:WLM - Fall Wardrobe Essentials


First thing is first. If you don’t have those good staple layers and accessories, the time to get them is now. They stretch your wardrobe in ways you can’t imagine until they are available in your closet.

On my checklist when I visit a client’s closet:

– Shells that fit well in black, white and most importantly, nude
– Thin cardigans to throw over the shells and go (I’m a believer in light layers)
– Great pair of day-to-night dark denim
– Everyday lighter in color, casual denim
– Daydress
– Black dress [for a wedding or a funeral]
– Scarf in a neutral shade
– Scarf in a flattering bold color
– Shoes without any bells & whistles in: black, brown, nude, gold, and a token wildcard pair
– A modern belt
– Wear-with-you-anywhere carryall purse; as well as go-to clutch
– Great jewelry
– Shapewear

That’s not all, but you get the idea!

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