WLM - White Gloves

White Gloves

WLM - White Gloves

The road to finding your piece of the good life can be winding, with all sorts of forks along the path. The question is which fork do you take as you keep walking forwards?

In 2005, I was the wife to a wonderful husband and mother to two adult children. We were living in Duluth, Georgia and my life was very settled. We had raised our children, I’d been working as a legal assistant for many years and we were now sitting back to enjoy all life had to offer.

In December of 2005, however, tragedy hit our family. My husband, of over 30 years, was diagnosed with brain cancer and died eleven weeks later. Life as I knew it was over, and to be honest, I didn‘t think I had it in me to keep walking on this road by myself.

Several months later my daughter and her husband approached me about their plan to move to Tennessee, in order to open a chiropractic business. The catch, they said, was that they would only move, if I moved with them. At the time, my son was in college out of state and I looked around at my life in Georgia and decided to follow this new fork in the road …to Tennessee.

At first when we moved, I did what many people would do, I sought out a similar, comfortable routine. I found work in the legal field and forged ahead in my new community. But I was restless for something different. Being in a new town, with new people, sparked a fire in me to start life completely over.

As a mother, I’d always had a passion for children and good manners. Almost once a week, I would find a reason to tell my children, that “courtesy is contagious.”

And so I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could completely start over with a new business centered around something I truly loved? Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if everyday I woke up and worked my passion? And there it was, another new fork in the road that led me to my new business venture…White Gloves.

Within weeks I was able to launch this new business and to be honest, a part of me couldn’t quite believe I had done it!

Since establishing this business, we have held etiquette and manners workshops for hundreds of children in the area. I have had the opportunity to work with local school systems and Girl Scout programs and am tickled each and every time a child comes up to me, after a program or a tea party, and gives me a hug and a very polite “thank-you.” I focus my classes on teaching children proper manners and communication skills with a strong emphasis on respect, value, integrity and leadership. Children are our future and need a strong foundation as they journey ahead.

Five years after my road dramatically changed, I look back at the good life I have found in Wilson County and am so happy to be here. The road I’ve recently traveled is nothing like the one I’d planned for myself as a young wife and mother. And yet, this road has led me to a new community that has welcomed me with open arms. I wake up each day feeling blessed to be part of so many young lives and hopeful that I am making a difference in my new hometown.

Finding the good life and your passion for it, can take time and effort but when you finally reach your destination, you realize that you are home.

White Gloves offers etiquette and manners workshops for young children and teen-agers. They also assist in pageant coaching and self-esteem programs. Recently, they also began hosting children’s tea parties, baby showers and bridal showers in “Hagar House”, a two hundred year old historic cabin at Fiddler’s Grove. To learn more about Sandy Palmer, who is a certified children’s etiquette trainer, and her business, you can contact her at www.whiteglovestn.com or at (615) 598-4675


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WLM - Images of Santa

Santa Pays a Visit

 WLM - Images of Santa


In December of 1980, Mary-Margaret Farris and Caroline Farris Walker, were both on hand, as Santa paid their family a visit. Santa Claus was a dear friend to their father, Carter Farris, and would often spend a few days in the “country” visiting the family in Lebanon. Each morning on the farm, Santa would check on his reindeer that accompanied him on these visits.WLM - Santa

Santa would sit in the living room where the girls and their mother, Jane, would often find Santa hard at work on his “naughty or nice” list.

Recently, Mary-Margaret and Caroline came upon these photos and shared them with Wilson Living.

To our amazement, Santa hasn’t changed one bit!

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WLM - Leader of the Pack

The Leader of the Pack

WLM - Leader of the Pack 


“O beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee; and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.”

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WLM - Empty Bowls

Empty bowls to Feed the Hungry

WLM - Empty Bowls 


Times have certainly gotten harder locally with the downturn of the economy and recent flooding. During these times it is all too easy to focus on our own situation, what we’ve had to cut back on or give up, without thinking of those who are suffering even more. Were you able to send everyone off for the day with full stomachs this morning? Are you already trying to decide what or where to eat tonight? For most of us the thought of hunger comes during a strict diet or on a busy day with no time to swing through a drive-thru. When our thoughts do turn to people without food, we picture the child with sad eyes on a dirt road in a distant poor country. Unfortunately, many people right here in Wilson County have empty bowls at breakfast and wonder IF they will eat tonight.

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WLM - Dr Gallaher conducting an eye examination

Saving Your Sight

WLM - Dr Gallaher conducting an eye examination


When it comes to saving your sight, making the commitment to get screened is your best defense. “At least every couple of years everyone should have an eye exam,” insists Dr. John Gallaher, optometrist. A child may be nearsighted and unable to see far away but not realize it because they have not seen differently. A businessman may be farsighted or have a stigmatism from straining his eyes at the computer and not realize that he could use help. “Eye problems can happen to anyone,” finds Gallaher.

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WLM - Potter Lee Marshall

Nationally Showcased Potter calls Lebanon Home

WLM - Potter Lee Marshall


Nestled atop a hill on Chicken Road between Highway 231 and Trammel Lane, you’ll find Silver Ridge Pottery, home and studio of Lebanon transplants, Bill and Lee Marshall. The couple retired from corporate life 15 years ago and found a home and a haven in Pulltight, where Lee now spends most days enjoying her creative passion-turned second career.

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WLM - An Evening with the Experts

An Evening With The Experts

WLM - An Evening with the Experts Continue reading “An Evening With The Experts”

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WLM - Winter Whites

Winter Whites

TRY IT! Wearing White in Winter Used to be a fashion faux pas…WLM - Winter Whites

NEW RULE: Winter White is the most luxe basic of the season.

A few tips from your stylist:


Go a shade off from the pure white. “White out” white looks best only with tanned limbs in the summer. The first key to wearing this trend in winter starts with a creamier white or ecru.


Don’t bring back that bright white strappy top from summer. Even if you layer a cardigan over the shirt, it will look cheap. Be mindful of the fact that it is still chilly so….


Wear something soft and cozy when pulling off this trend in the winter months. In short: no linen allowed. Think rich and warm cashmere; wools, heavy cotton, satin and silks.


There’s absolutely nothing more beautiful in my mind than a perfect (slim fitting, funnel-necked) winter white coat. It not only shields you from the harsh elements, but wraps you instantly in style.

If you don’t want to look like the evil Snow Queen from The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, weight the look down with tall sturdy brown boots. Almost knee height or over will pull together your look perfectly. Let’s repeat the leather color in your clutch or handbag for fluidity’s sake. In addition, I like to throw on an oversized pale colored scarf to accent the face and add a brush of color to the look.


Stacked suede round toe heels would be ideal to top it all off. This look reminds me of Eddy Sedgwick or Twiggy from the 60’s. It is timeless, but so now.


Keep those white shoes tightly sealed in their box for next Easter. To be frank, I don’t believe in white shoes…ever!!

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WLM - Top Gift Picks

Top Gift Picks

WLM - Top Gift Picks
WLM - Top gift Picks


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WLM - Elegant Affair

An Elegant Affair

WLM - Elegant Affair

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