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Founders’ Favorites – Nov Dec 2010

For a chance to win all of our Founder's Favorites from the Nov – Dec 2010 Edition: 
CLICK HERE to register.  Entry is FREE.

Congratulations to Jeannie Mitzenberg of Lebanon, TN. Jeannie won all the items shown in last month’s issue and you could be next.

For Founders’ Favorites suggestions contact Lynda Burge at lynda@wilsonlivingmagazine.com.

Perfect for holiday cards, birthday cards, party invitations and gifts. Sue Seins received a Send Out Card and was so impressed she became a distributor. This online service provides an easy 4 step process to send out customized cards. Create your card online, add photos and graphics, add gourmet foods or gift cards and hit the send button, its that easy! Send Out Cards will print, stuff and send it out for you!

Contact Sue at 615-557-7838 or rangekid1@yahoo.com. Visit the website at www.sendoutcards.com/sharing.

WLM - Send out Cards



Dona Smith truly loves her home-based business Just Jewelry and says, “If you enjoy what you do, then it is no longer work.” Just Jewelry offers quality jewelry at affordable prices with great hostess benefits. Parties are always casual and guests go home with their purchases. Along with offering in home parties, Dona also can create a unique fundraising opportunity for your group.

Visit Dona’s website at www.itsjustjewelry.com/donasmith to view the current “Redefining Style” catalog or by phone at 502-245-9644

  WLM - Just Jewelry



Holidays are just around the corner and with Wildberry Cakes and Catering, you can be assured to have a successful party or event. Along with providing catering services for weddings, luncheons and large dinner events, owner, Brandi Lindsey says she especially enjoys doing small intimate dinners with parties as small as 4 people. Services include providing the entire meal, service and clean up while in a client’s home. “Its my passion to cook great food and see people enjoy that food” says Brandi, which has made her catering business such a success.

Contact Brandi at www.wildberry.catering@gmail.com or 615-812-1724 to plan your in home private dinner or your next party or event.

WLM -Wildberry Cakes and Catering



Your Life…Your Story…Your Way…“A way to meet new people and make new friends” along with using the product for 15 years is why Janie Wilkerson decided to become a Creative Memories consultant. With so many options to display your photos, Creative Memories gives you options such as software, photo albums, frames and much more. An easy to navigate website also allows you to place orders with quick shipping. Scrapbooking has changed and Creative Memories allows you to do it with less time and better results.

Contact Janie at www.jwilkcmc@earthlink.com  or 615-335-6962.

 WLM - Creative Memories



Personalizing everything from soap to luggage, t-shirts to boxers! Lydia Banks started Hat’s Creek in her home 6 years ago and now has grown her business into offering monogramming, signs and nanners, and their newest addition is vinyl wall art. Gifts for all ages including; bottle cap necklaces, baby items, and wedding gifts. They also offer monogramming parties for 8 or more guests, where the shop is open for you and your friends or co-workers to have hors d’oeuvres & beverages and private shopping. The hostess receives 10% of the total sales towards a credit for their monogramming order!

For more information www.hatcreek@ymail.com or call 615-547-4191.

  WLM - Hat's Creek
For Rules and Guidelines – Click Here  


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wlm founders

Notes from the Founders – Nov Dec 2010

Wilson Living Magazine Founders - Angel Kane & Becky AndrewsWOW! Another year has zoomed by and I know we’re not alone in wondering where it all went. As promised, this holiday edition is packed full of valuable, informative and entertaining content you are sure to enjoy.

Most of us love decorating for the holidays. If you don’t, you love looking at someone else’s beautiful decorations. Wilson County residents, Bill and Carol Dotson, invited Wilson Living to photograph their beautiful home all decked out for Christmas. If you’re looking for holiday decorating ideas, Carol’s home is full of inspiration.

Wilson County is home to all sorts of interesting people, young and old. And, Wilson Living loves introducing you to some of those people. In our premiere issue you met former NFL player and Wilson County resident, Mike Jones and his family. This issue, you will get to meet one of his children who has dreams of becoming the ‘next big thing.’ Coco Jones is an unbelievably talented musical artist. So talented that Radio Disney took notice and selected Coco along with a handful of other contestants to compete on the reality show. Disney’s ‘Next Big Thing’ is now in its third season. We’ll show you how you can help Coco win. If you haven’t seen her perform, you can attend the Wilson Living Holiday Expo on November 20 to watch this future star in action.

Everyone loves fashion tips from an expert. That’s why we’re glad Style and Trends Editor, Erin Brown, will be sharing style tips for holiday parties and events. Erin will also show us her top picks for holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Would you like more personal attention from Erin? You can get information on Erin’s personal styling services by emailing erin@WilsonLivingMagazine.com.

The Wilson Living Magazine Holiday Expo is almost here. We are so excited about what we’ve got in store for you. For starters, Santa will be visiting. Wilson Living contributor, Ken Beck sits down with the jolly one and finds out everything you wanted to know about what he’ll be up to this year.

Besides decorating, fashion and the holiday expo, what else do you look forward to most during the holidays? Why, eating of course! Our own, Stacey Meadows, will be dishing up some mouth watering recipes that will tempt your family and party guests.

It’s hard to believe Wilson Living will be entering its 3rd year of publication. We couldn’t have done it without our faithful readers and advertisers. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing us into your homes and hearts to bring the very best that Wilson County has to offer. We hope you have enjoyed Wilson Living as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

Until Next Time, Keep Reading!

Angel Kane
Becky Andrews

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WLM - Contents page

Contents – Nov Dec 2010


WLM - Contents page

Upcoming Nov/December 2010 Features

6      Notes From the Founders

8      Founders' Favorites
10    Calendar Of Events

        Meet Your Neighbor
12    Call Me Claus     
        Wilson County is the Place to Be
    Shop Wilson County this Holiday Season

         A Shining Star
     Coco Jones pursues a dream

         Miracles Do Happen in Wilson County
     Surviving Life's Trials

Getting Fired Up in Wilson County
26     Telling Tales

         Short Story
     Lasting Inheritance, the Final Legacy

         Business and Industry
36     Treasures can be found in Watertown 
         Home and Garden
     A Holiday Home


Upcoming Nov/December 2010 Features

        Styles & Trends
46    It's beginning to looking a lot like Christmas
47    Upcoming Events
48    An Elegant Affair
49    Winter Whites – Try It!
50    Top Gift Pics
53    An Evening with the Experts

    Nationally showcased Potter calls Lebanon home

        Health and Well Being
    Saving Your Sight

    Mingle and Jingle

        Country Living
 The Bird Woman of Mt. Juliet

        Pay it Forward
Empty Bowls to Feed the Hungry

74    The Leader of the Pack

        Living In the Past
76    Santa Pays a Visit

        Finding Your Piece of the Good Life
78    White Gloves 


Santa Claus enjoys a glass of milk, a sugar cookie and reading his copy of Wilson Living Magazine.  See Page 12

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Call Me Claus

Meet Your Neighbor – Call Me Claus

Call Me Claus



Lebanon’s hometown Santa Claus is about as real as real can be. From the seven-inch snow-white beard surrounding his chin and cheeks to his genial disposition, there’s nothing phony about this Santa’s helper with a Southern accent. Continue reading “Meet Your Neighbor – Call Me Claus”

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Telling Tales – Tower Of Terror


I’m a risk taker. That’s right. You know it.  After years of reading about my fear of flying, fear of germs, fear of public displays of affection, fear of Becky getting me into another “fine mess”, I know that you might have  pegged me differently.

But I’m here to tell you that for one brief moment last week, I was that bold and courageous girl, I always knew I could be!

So, much to my dismay, after years and years of avoiding Disneyworld, for the sake of my children, who aren‘t spoiled enough, …we took the plunge!

And I’m sure it will come as quite a shock to you to learn… I don’t like rides, heights or anything that goes fast, drenches me in water or spins me round and round.

As I see it, you are just one loose bolt away from a devastating spinal column injury.

So as I said “no way” to each and every ride and sat on the bench with all the purses, hats and old people wearing Mickey ears, I started to rethink my position.

Of course, it didn’t help that within the first three hours of sitting on the benches, I had already been inappropriately touched by the likes of Goofy, Donald Duck and those two, odd, little chipmunks.

Therefore, as we approached the “Tower of Terror”, something inside me stirred.

I mean, its just an elevator that drops 20 stories. Surely it can’t be that bad and if I die – well at least my Disney nightmare would be over.
As everyone started handing me their jackets and purses to get in line, I amazed them all when I said,

“I’m going to ride this one.”

And you would all be so proud of me.

Not once in that line, did I think of turning back.

Not once in that line, did I cry or scream out.

Not once in that line, did I bury my face in my 13 year old’s shoulder and yell out (repeatedly) “we are going to die!!”

Nope…I saved all of that for the ride from hell!

That’s right, it drops 20 floors – three different times  – and each and every time, the doors swing open so that you can see your life flash before your eyes – before Disney kills you.

Needless to say, for the next three days, I sat on every bench the park had to offer and let those Disney characters have their way with me.

To read more of Angel’s and Becky’s columns go to www.wilsonpost.com and hit Columns & Blogs. 


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Telling Tales – Busted


I freely admit a reality show addiction. Not of the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or ‘Big Brother’ or even ‘Survivor’ type reality. Nope, my shows aren’t that classy. In fact, there’s not even a cash prize awaiting some of these folks. Just a lifelong reminder of how they behaved- good or bad- forever in minds of America.

It started innocent enough. The very first season of ‘The Real World’ started airing my freshman year of college. While I watched the show occasionally, it wasn’t until the second season of the MTV franchise that I would make sure my class schedule didn’t interfere with the latest episode. My roommates and I would loudly discuss each episode. Throughout the week leading up to the next installment, we’d discuss how we thought it should play out.

I was clean for years but then one day as I was folding laundry I caught the tail end of an episode of a brand new reality series, The Real Housewives of Orange County. At first I was appalled. These plastic women looked nothing like housewives I knew. They had trainers, Botox parties, homes as big as some mini malls and of course they had ‘help’ to make sure their home was properly maintained. And these housewives were sporting enough silicon to supply inserts to Victoria’s Secret entire fall line of push up bras. It was a sad display and I pitied those women.

So much so that I began religiously tuning in every week. I reasoned that everyone deserves a little Botox and silicon in life even if it’s indirectly through cable. Before long Angel and I were discussing these women as if they sat in the carpool lanes with us during pick up. This was an even sadder display.

When New York City entered the Real Housewives franchise all bets were off. My friends and sisters (and a few of those friends’ husbands) were all addicted. But I took it one step further, I started reading their blogs (I know, I’m a loser). My secret was safe until one day when I was telling Angel about how Bethany and Jill are no longer best friends because they apparently had a falling out over the summer.

She said, “Where did you hear that?” Before I could think up a believable lie like, ‘Well,Bethany told me’ I blurted out, ‘It’s on her blog, duh!’ Initially she balked but I knew the following week when Angel told me she heard Bethany was pregnant that she’d been reading those blogs too.

When you find out someone you know watches these shows it’s like you’ve found a long lost relative. I was getting my eyebrows waxed last week and the technician and I were talking about how we both couldn’t wait for the Real Housewives DC reunion. I asked her assistant if she watched it and she said she only watched Jersey Shore. She asked if I watched it and I softly said, “NO! I watched it once for a few minutes. It was just awful. I mean the only nice one is Pauly D. I think Sammie is the cutest girl.

But what about The Situation? I can’t stand him or Snooki. She’s a mess. And why are they so hard on Angelina. I can’t believe she left the show. I think Ronnie is on steroids. What is with the GTL. I get the gym and tanning but why don’t they get a washing machine and dryer at home? What’s so cool about the laundry mat?” When I finished with my little commentary, I looked up and noticed both women looking at me in disbelief.

 OK, I’ll admit I’ve watched more than one episode of Jersey Shore but I DO NOT read their blogs (because I can’t find them online).

Becky Andrews can be reached at becky@wilsonlivingmagazine.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Telling Tales – Tardy – who says?

I didn’t grow up in a house where punctuality was a virtue. In our household, the start time of any event was more of an unrealistic expectation thrust upon us by people who were obviously not as busy as we were.

Then I married my husband who believes 8:00 means 7:50 and so on . . .

Over the years, its been a source of contention, to the point where my husband has repeatedly informed me “studies show that always being late, is a sign of arrogance.”

To which I respond, “I can’t help it if I’m better than everybody else. Now, stop honking that #^$&*@ horn at me, I will be ready in another 5 minutes!” 

(I know what you are thinking … he’s a lucky man, isn’t he?) 

But, honking is not the only means by which he has attempted to “encourage” my punctuality.

A few years back, I realized that none of my favorite television shows were starting on time. The clock would say 7:00 but the show wouldn’t start until 7:10. This went on for days as I checked and rechecked every clock and watch in the house. Then it dawned on me –

“Do you have nothing better to do than to go around and turn every clock forward – including the one in my car!”  

To which he responded with a smile, “It’s been a good week for me! You’ve be on time for everything.”

I can only say that his course of action is only slightly less horrible than another husband’s I know of, who would pierce a tiny hole in his Wife’s straw each and every time he bought her a soda at the movies.
“Do you have any idea how much a drink costs at the movies? I‘m just trying to slow her down.” he admitted with a grin on his face. Followed by a high-five, amongst all the men who heard about it his trickery.

(I know what you are thinking…she picked a winner, didn’t she?)

So last week, my dear husband went out of town. As he always does before he leaves for a trip, he asked only two things of me.

“Get the kids to school on time. Feed my dogs.”

The dogs survived. The kids…well…not so much.

As we left the house at 7:40 Monday morning, my eldest was already harping.

“School starts at 7:45. We are going to be late!” 

Day Two – didn’t go better. And Day Three – I swear – I had car trouble.
So, when my middle one informed me on Day Four, “One more tardy and we get Saturday school,” I had to ask,

“How many tardies can you have?”

“Four and you got us three this week!”

Needless to say, Day Four and Five, I delivered them to school before the doors opened. So, actually, in my book, it all evened out. Three days late, two days early…we were good.

Their father didn’t like my math. To which I responded….

(I know what you are thinking … isn’t marriage grand?)

To read more of Angel’s and Becky’s Columns go to www.wilsonpost.com and hit Columns & Blogs.


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