Telling Tales – Stronger

Wednesday, March 31, 2010  


Many times in life adults will look in the mirror, throw their hands up and whisper — or scream — “that’s it, I can’t take anymore. I give up!” This is usually in response to a situation life has thrown and for one reason or another, you feel overwhelmed and just want to fall on the ground, assume the fetal position and maybe even suck your thumb. (At least that’s what some people do. I prefer dive head first into a big piece of chocolate cake.)

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Wilson Living Magazine - Tutoring

One Tutoring Program is Making a Difference

 Wilson Living Magazine - Tutoring


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Wilson Living Magazine - Shop

It Pays to Stay and Shop in Wilson County


  Wilson Living Magazine - Shop

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Wilson Living Magazine - Dr Adam Huggins

Understanding Endometriosis


According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, nearly three quarters of women with chronic pelvic pain suffer from endometriosis. About seven to ten percent of reproductive-aged women ranging from adolescence to menopause are affected as well.

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Wilson Living Magazine - Bikini Season

She has a Goal

On the Road to a Healthy Lifestyle… and Bikini Season!!

The “Non-worker-outer’s” Diary
Wilson Living Magazine - Bikini Season

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Spray Tanning

Beauty-Tried it: Spray Tanning

By ERIN BROWNSpray Tanning

It’s almost time for spring break vacations and that means minimal layers to wear. Unless you’re Nicole Kidman, think of a tan as a nice accessory to your skin.

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Colors Of Spring

The Colors Of Spring

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Wilson Living Magazine - A Romantic Easter Ensemble

A Romantic Easter Ensemble

Wilson Living Magazine - A Romantic Easter Ensemble

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Wilson Living Magazine - Erin Brown

Styles & Trends – An Interview with Jeff Garner


Hello Lovely Wilson Ladies, It’s almost time for spring. I think spring is one of the best times of the year… Winter is fading Wilson Living Magazine - Erin Brownaway and everything is returning to life. Flowers are just making their way out from their sleepy haze into the sun’s renewing warmth.

One of spring’s highlights is Easter, which is such a renewal-to-your-soul type of holiday. Time to break out your “Sunday best” and possibly enjoy a nice brunch with family. Check out a pretty Easter look on page 43.

With this fresh-start feeling, it is time to begin boxing up all of those heavy winter clothes; now incorporating bright colors and lighter fabrics into your closet. It may be time to buy a few new items to refresh your look in 2010. On page 44, check out some current trends that are big right now. You may need ideas on know how to wear them. We have local ladies, of every age, showing you the best way to pull off these looks. Follow my guidelines and you may have the courage to try something you normally would never consider wearing.

Also, in honor of Earth Day, which falls in the month of April, we have a major designer, Jeff Garner, in our interview chair. His studio is based in Franklin, Tennessee, and he is extremely eco-conscious. Having known Jeff for a little over a year, I can tell you he is such an interesting person. I was so excited to have the opportunity to interview him. A cloak of mystery always surrounds this man. Hearing what Jeff had to say about everything from spring wardrobe selection, to where his ideas originate for his unique (or should I say, somewhat outlandish) shows was a treat.

Lastly, I’m checking in with you, my readers, on that weight loss diary. It’s been an interesting few months trying out a variety of new exercises in hopes of finding something you may never have considered for a workout plan. Many things were tried, from a 12 mile hike in the middle of winter to 104 degree hot yoga class. All of these were super challenging, but very fun. Each activity worked different muscle groups, and left me in a different state of “being” afterwards. It was truly, “the best of times” and “the worst of times!!” Glance through them and find what is most appealing to you.

Enjoy the issue and get ready for an exciting new season!


You can contact Erin at

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WLM - Telling Tales

Telling Tales – Just in Case..


As many know, what first inspired the magazine were Wilson Living Magazine - Angel & Beckythe emails we received each week in response to our “Telling Tales” column published in the Wednesday edition of the Wilson Post.

Our “tongue in cheek” column is about our “normal” life as working mothers and busy wives who go about our days in Wilson county – muddling through it all – but at the end of the day – thankful for every minute of it.

Our favorite part about writing for the local paper, is when we are stopped at the grocery or the hair salon by someone who enjoysreading our columns and they share with us which of them are their favorites.

We will continue to share our most recent tales with you each Wednesday in the Wilson Post. But now you will be able to enjoy your favorites in the magazine.

We hope they bring you a chuckle at the end of your busy day!

Angel & Becky

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