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Telling Tale – White Chairs

As many know, what fi rst inspired the magazine were the emails we received each week in response to our “Telling Tales” column published in the Wednesday edition of the Wilson Post.

Our “tongue in cheek” column is about our “normal” life as working mothers and busy wives who go about our days in Wilson county – muddling through it all – but at the end of the day – thankful for every minute of it.

Our favorite part about writing for the local paper, is when we are stopped at the grocery or the hair salon by someone who enjoys
reading our columns and they share with us which of them are their favorites.

We will continue to share our most recent tales with you each Wednesday in the Wilson Post. But now you will be able to enjoy your
favorites in the magazine. We hope they bring you a chuckle at the end of your busy day!

Angel & Becky

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Telling Tales – Can an exterminator kill a stomach bug.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Continue reading “Telling Tales – Can an exterminator kill a stomach bug.”

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Erin Brown

Style & Trends – January – February 2010

Hello again, Wilson Ladies!

How exciting is New Years Eve?? Icing on the cake, having just been through Christmas. The reality is, we just made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas, eating much more than normal; now it’s time for us to pack into the gym (yes, this should include you!). If you currently
don’t work out, decide to begin now, making a commitment to your new healthy lifestyle. My plans are to begin today, with the help of Sports Village Fitness Center. See page 47, to read about the New Years Resolution I’ve taken on. Hopefully, it will inspire you to try some new workout classes and mix up your routine, for your own taste of personal success.

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Lisa Patton

Speaking About The Weather

Lisa Patton reminisces about one of her first weather forecasts. Right after being hired by a Knoxville TV station, she predicted “wet” rain.

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Telling Tales – That Darn Elf On A Shelf

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Telling Tales – Just in Case…

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Telling Tales – All Lit Up

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