New York Fashion Week Diary

On  Wednesday, September 10, 2009, I boarded an American Eagle jet headed to Manhattan for Fashion Week 2010.  Fashion Week is an event and celebration that the entire fashion world looks forward to every 6 months.  Very few people are able to attend and you must have an invite or camera crew to get in.  Luckily, I was producing a show called Fashion News Live with Rocco G.  This was not my first Fashion Week, but it was my first in the role of producer.  It was scary, exhilarating, frustrating, inspiring, exhausting and immensely rewarding all wrapped up into eight days.  I scribbled some quick notes along the way to share with my Wilson readers.  Here goes…

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Wilson Living Magazine - Wilson County's Ham Man

Wilson County’s Ham Man

Near the heart of the burgeoning community of Mt. Juliet, there remains one small spot by the side of Lebanon Road that never changes: Rice’s Country Hams. Connoisseurs of salt-cured ham continue their steadfast prayers that it never does.

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WLM Style & Trends - Erin Brown

Style & Trends – November – December 2009

Hello again, Wilson Ladies!

Just returned from a whirlwind of craziness at New York Fashion Week*, Spring 2010. Current Status: feet are absolutely ruined, I’m sporting a killer sore throat, and feverish. Basically, my entire body is shutting down. Despite all of this, I’m extremely happy right now and feeling quite accomplished. Flip to page 44 to read my Fashion Week diary and all the juicy details of what went down, both on and off the runways!!

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The Mill At Lebanon, TN

The Mill At Lebanon Is Open For Business

“The story of the Lebanon Woolen Mills is the story of a woolen thread. A thread that has entwined itself into the hearts and lives of thousands of persons; one that has bound the people of Lebanon together through prosperity and depression, through gladness and sorrow.”
– Excerpt from the 50th Anniversary Yearbook 1958 – Lebanon Woolen Mills

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Telling Tales – The honey “please” do list..

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Telling Tales- Friends

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Telling Tales – Road Trip….

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Telling Tales – Out of the Mouth of Babes

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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