Telling Tales – Friends

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Front Porch Memories

From the front porch of our farm house on Franklin Road the world begins at the edge of the sidewalk, grass rippling over an acre to the road, lapping at the curved concrete stairs leading to the deep porch, where one white rocker and one white wicker chair wait, the seats sagging a bit, for us to stumble out early on a Saturday morning…

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Green Hill Church Of Christ Celebrates 100 Years

While the population of Mt. Juliet has undoubtedly grown in the past few years, one Mt. Juliet church has seen enough growth in its 100 years to move from a borrowed one-room school house to a large facility with east and west wings and a new foyer with church library and office added in 2000…

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CASA – Is Helping The Children Of Wilson County

You are standing before a Judge in a court of law while he tries to determine where you and your little sister should spend the next 8 or so years of your life.  You haven’t done anything wrong… 

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Thumbs Up To Athlete and Student, Paige Wright

Alyssa Paige Wright is a 14 year-old brunette with a great, outgoing personality and a disarming, wide smile…

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A Labor Of Love

As you drive down Dunaway Road, you soon leave the hustle and bustle of Highway 70 and in less than five minutes are in the “country.”

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ESC Lab Science is Taking Wilson County Into Tomorrow

Bon Highway 70 in Mt. Juliet stands a white sign with a green maple leaf bearing the name, Environmental Science Corporation.  If you are like many in the area, you have noticed it in passing and wondered exactly what they do there…

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Against All Odds

Making the best out of any situation has become a way of life for Debbie Hobbs. Those skills came in handy when she became a wife and mother to four children…

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A Mayor Who Remains True To His Roots

Mayor Robert Dedman is not what you expect. He is Mayor of one of the fasted growing counties in Tennessee, overseeing county government affairs that affect over one hundred thousand citizens…

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Thank God I Am A Country Boy!

Thank God, I’m a Country Boy

Drive west along Coles Ferry Pike and on the right side of the road about three to four miles from Lebanon, small, neat signs begin to sprout out of the ground…

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