Telling Tales – Most People Have Quirks

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Telling Tales – Historical Figures

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Telling Tales – “Where Do Babies come from?” or HAVING THE TALK

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Tim Arnold

By Connie Esh
Some artists use a brush, but not Wilson County’s Tim Arnold. He uses a small, very sharp pair of scissors.
Arnold practices the art of cutting freehand paper silhouettes. It’s an ancient art form which grew out of the miniature movement of the 1700s, and is basically unchanged. However, as he points out, his may be the last generation to practice this complex art.  “I have been cutting silhouettes for over 30 years,” Arnold says. “During that time, I have noticed that more and more of the ancient arts are vanishing. It seems so sad to me that in our high-tech era, so often, the simple things are overlooked.  A few things have changed,” he says. “I use all acid-free papers,” he says. When the art began, artists didn’t know about such things. He also uses off-white paper as a background. “Customers like it better,” he says.
    He learned the art from his mother, Garnett Arnold, who was a natural at it. “She sold the first silhouette she ever made,” he explores. “She made it look simple. I was an art major and I thought I can do that.”  But he was slightly mistaken. It took him about five years to learn the process and most of another five to develop his current style, called “Old European Embellished Style.”
    The detailed silhouettes resemble cameos, which Arnold says became popular at about the same time.  His silhouettes are not big pictures, but each possesses a subtle, sentimental charm of long-ago times.  “It is my privilege to create heirlooms,” he says.  Arnold adds that he has had the honor of being recommended by the Smithsonian for his special skill.
    A few years ago, when some antique silhouettes were discovered in the one of the oldest houses west of the Appalachian Mountains, the Bodley Bullock House in Lexington, a special event was being planned to promote the house and show the silhouettes.  The promoters called the Smithsonian to have the art pieces evaluated, and asked if the Smithsonian could recommend someone to create silhouettes at a reception they planned.  The Smithsonian representative recommended Arnold. “I don’t have any idea how they had heard about me, but I’m pleased to have the recommendation,” he says.
    Arnold has his subject sit for a portrait much as an oil painter would, except his delicate black portraits are complete in minutes, with no need to wait for the paint to dry.  Partly because it’s how the silhouettes are traditionally made, Arnold always cuts two at a time.  “It’s the only art form I know that creates more than one original,” he says.
    Arnold says his artistic hero is Henri Matisse. “Matisse did some beautiful paper cuttings,” Arnold says. In the last years of his life, Matisse was unable to get up and move around, so he had art students paint abstract colors on paper, then he cut out shapes and had them put up on the walls of his studio.
    In 1990, Arnold was invited to the White House to collaborate on a children’s book with Sharon Bush. Arnold had the honor of meeting then-President George H. W. Bush, and cutting silhouettes of three of his grandchildren as a birthday gift for his wife Barbara.  Those silhouettes were hung in the White House.
    Arnold has lived in Wilson County since he married Tina, a Nashville native, several years ago. The Arnolds have five children and seven grandchildren.  
    He also has one other important honor. His silhouettes have been hung on all seven continents.
    He even sent a set of Victorian Ladies to Australia. The customer got confused about the time difference and called him in the middle of the night, Arnold says. She apologized and Arnold accepted the commission to create 24 ladies.
“She wanted them all to be wearing hats,” he says. But he convinced her that it would be nice to see the hairstyles on some of them. That made six continents.
    “About 15 years ago, I had silhouettes on all but Antarctica,” he says. “I never thought that would happen, but then this woman bought a set and she said, ‘You’ll never guess where these are going.’ She was sending them to her son, who was stationed in Antarctica.”


For those who would like to have a silhouette made by Arnold,
you can reach him by calling 615-449-2262.



Tim Arnold is holding one
of twenty-four  custom Victorian Ladies silhouettes, that he sent to Australia.
Arnold has silhouettes displayed in all seven continents.

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Telling Tales – Sophie’s Choice

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Erin Brown

Style and Trends – May-June 2009

Erin Brown is a local resident of Wilson County, she holds a degree in Apparel Design from MTSU. Erin has worked with top design teams like Ralph Lauren, J Crew and her favorite Henri Bendel’s. She has also attended the incredibly prestigious New York Fashion Week numerous times getting to hang backstage at Marc Jacobs, Luca Luca and Vera Wang.Erin currently works as a freelance wardrobe stylist in Nashville. She is thrilled to have another creative outlet, as fashion writer in Wilson Living.

If you have a style question, email Erin at

Active Image 


WLM - Style & Trends - May-June 2009

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Founder’s Favs – May-June 2009

Congratulations to Julia Ash of Mt. Juliet, TN – winner of all the items listed below

S.S. Graham Floral Interiors

April Showers really do bring May flowers especially when you stop by S.S. Graham Florist. Owner Scott Graham’s studio is filled with fresh and silk arrangements that are simply breathtaking. So whether you’re looking for a decorative wreath, table centerpiece, bridal bouquet or a funeral arrangement you won’t be disappointed with the creative touch and personal attention from S.S. Graham Florist.

Stop by their studio located at 1318 West Main Street in Lebanon. Or place and order by calling 615-443-3366

Wiggins’ Jewelers

There is much more to Pandora than the infamous box. It’s also the name of a unique jewelry that is available at Wiggins Jewelers in Lebanon, Tennessee. You can create your own look with a Pandora Bracelet and Wiggins Jewelers is getting you started with this Sterling Silver bracelet and three charms. Celebrate all the events in your life with an individual charm. Stop by Wiggins today and take a look at the incredible selection of Pandora accessories and other fine jewelry today.

Wiggins’ is located at 346 South Cumberland Street*Lebanon*615-444-3975 or log on to their website at


Sun Tan Village

Summer is upon us and everyone wants a healthy glow but not everyone has time to sit out by the pool or run down to the beach. Which ever category you fall into, Sun Tan Village has the answer. If you need to be exquisitely tanned in an instant, you need the UV Free Spray tan. One of Sun Tan Village’s well trained staff members will mist your body with premium bronzers, moisturizers and DHA for a smooth, natural looking, beautiful tan in an instant. If you have trouble tanning the spray tan is right for you. Call Sun Tan Village today and schedule your spray tan.

Sun Tan Village is located at 313 West Main Street*Lebanon*615-453-0083 or log on to their website at

Billy Goat Coffee Café

Located in the Providence Marketplace Billy Goat Coffee Café opened its doors in 2008 with a goal of bringing the finest and freshest coffee this side of Bogata, Columbia. Billy Goat offers warm relaxing environment with free WiFi not to mention some of the best pastries and sandwiches we’ve ever tasted! “The Goat” also offers a customer comfortable seating and a conference room that can be used at no charge! Along with superior coffees they also have a bountiful array of teas. So whether you’re in the mood for a rich cup of coffee, a decadent dessert or just a place to meet friends and catch up, this is the right place for you.

Visit Billy Goat Coffee Café located in the Providence Marketplace at 401 South Mt. Juliet Suite 435*Mt. Juliet*615-773-8272 or log onto their website at 


 Bill Goat Coffee & Cafe
New Image Salon and Spa

There’s no better time of year to give your feet a little TLC than summer. That’s why we choose New Image Salon and Spa’s very special, very relaxing spa pedicure as one of this month’s favorites. You will not be disappointed and trust us, your toes will thank you. And we just couldn’t resist adding a professional makeup application from one of the experts at New Image. You will leave New Image a New Woman after all of this pampering.

New Image Salon and Spa is located at 1501 West Main Street*Lebanon*615-443-5059


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Charlie Daniels at Twin Pines Rance

Charlie Daniels Finds Bliss

Country Rocker Carves a Place for his Cowboy Heart

Hazel and Charlie Daniels snuggle side by side on the couch in their den as they share their story of life and love after 45 years of marriage. The girl from Oklahoma and the country boy/Southern rocker from North Carolina have claimed Wilson County as their home for 40 years. For the past 30 years Twin Pines Ranch has been where they nurture body and soul. Their two-story log cabin with a stone porch and rocking chairs sits atop a hill where the American flag waves high in the wind. “There are two pine trees up on our hill, so we named it Twin Pines,” said Hazel.

Continue reading “Charlie Daniels Finds Bliss”

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Wilson Weddings

Wilson Weddings

Wilson Weddings

“Did you know?” My voice broke as I said the words to my mother on the phone.

“Know what?” she said, her Southern drawl also turning tearful. Continue reading “Wilson Weddings”

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